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  1. Great story. Regarding writing it was good too, can't be easy to type with a vibrator doing its job 😉
  2. Wish I had been with you 😘❤️ great story
  3. Amazing @Bacardi - well done! Next time give me a shout and I'll hold the container for you 😘😍
  4. Amazing! Such a hot video, I'm not usually a fan of carpet pees but damn that was hot. Loved your little play at the end and I hope you carried on playing after the video ended! Wish I'd been there in person! Same goes for the bathtub pee!
  5. You certainly got my attention (and stand to attention) with that description
  6. Amazing! What I would do to be there and watch! What I would do to help you... And what I would want to do to you 🔥
  7. Wow, I would have been over the moon to see that!
  8. I don't think anyone here would call you the boring one, Sophie. I am sure we've all read your stuff and loved it
  9. I was out getting some shopping this evening, I didn't need that much but I went anyway. Afterwards I decided that it was a bit early to just go back home so I decided to drive out to a secluded spot and piss, I wasn't desperate but I wanted to have a pee. My chosen spot however was full of campervans whose owners saw me drive in, so I turned and drove back down the road a bit and found an empty area so I parked up and got out. I decided I wanted to capture it on camera, so I put the torch on on the phone camera and got my extendable equipment out 😉🍆 over the top of my joggies and tried to cap
  10. I have been even hornier since lockdown and so I went on a walk which has a toilet on it and was planning to check it out and deal with my bladder and my hard cock in there. Unfortunately it was locked so I held it until I got home where I gave myself some needed relief and then I took a piss. I did the walk again another night and I now knew the safest but still fairly public to piss, so I went into a tiny cave, pulled my member out and added a river. Also seeing neighbours enjoying weather in more revealing clothes and a hot neighbour (mid to late 20s) in flat below out at the bins in
  11. Here are 3 stories of pee experiences I had. I will change names of people for their own security. Story 1 - Camping The first story is actually from my days in secondary school. There were 6 of us, 4 boys and 2 girls, on a camping trip all of us about 15 or 16. We were camping on a hill just above a beach. A secluded beach about 5K away from the main road and even further from nearest toilet. Despite this the girls were very discreet about needing to pee and the only time it was made aware of was this once. We were all down on the beach that evening. We did some truths and maybe so
  12. Wow if I had seen all that in one go I would have lost my load 😳 💦 🍆 🍑 🥥 You are one lucky guy
  13. I wasn't desperate but I just didn't want to have a boring piss in the toilet. It's not much to look at really - it is a cold night and I do have what the comedian Peter Kay would call a bit of a 'veranda over the toy shop!' 😉😂🍆
  14. I found this video once but not sure where or what I searched to find it - which is rather annoying! I will try describe it for you all. The girl's hair is dark maybe black, believe she is wearing a hoodie. She is in the bathroom and we are the camera and she is desperate to pee but she's telling you to leave so she can pee. We are defiant and she keeps asking us to leave, we obviously try to bargain in some way. She sits on the toilet lid and refuses to pee until we leave, apparently we threaten to hurt her little kitten and then she agrees to let us watch her pee. So then she pees in t
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