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  1. Well, I can honestly say that I would love to be on a road trip with you. A really long road trip with plenty water to drink 😲😍
  2. Wow, I would have been over the moon to see that!
  3. I don't think anyone here would call you the boring one, Sophie. I am sure we've all read your stuff and loved it
  4. I was out getting some shopping this evening, I didn't need that much but I went anyway. Afterwards I decided that it was a bit early to just go back home so I decided to drive out to a secluded spot and piss, I wasn't desperate but I wanted to have a pee. My chosen spot however was full of campervans whose owners saw me drive in, so I turned and drove back down the road a bit and found an empty area so I parked up and got out. I decided I wanted to capture it on camera, so I put the torch on on the phone camera and got my extendable equipment out πŸ˜‰πŸ† over the top of my joggies and tried to capture the scene as best I could. I pulled back my foreskin a little to get a bit of distance. I hope you enjoy these photos. I have to admit that considering how cold it was and my obesity that I was fairly impressed with my dick, it ain't the biggest but given the opportunity it will be quite operational when the girls arrive 😘 in the mean time I believe an urgent delivery needs my attention courtesy of Pam and her five sisters πŸ–οΈ πŸ’§πŸ†
  5. I have been even hornier since lockdown and so I went on a walk which has a toilet on it and was planning to check it out and deal with my bladder and my hard cock in there. Unfortunately it was locked so I held it until I got home where I gave myself some needed relief and then I took a piss. I did the walk again another night and I now knew the safest but still fairly public to piss, so I went into a tiny cave, pulled my member out and added a river. Also seeing neighbours enjoying weather in more revealing clothes and a hot neighbour (mid to late 20s) in flat below out at the bins in a tank top which was threatening to release her boobs as she leaned forward. Wow. Lockdown has certainly made me feel hornier and my lack of a lover means I must remain with my hand as a source of relief 😌 πŸ† πŸ–οΈβ¬†οΈβ¬‡οΈ πŸ’¦
  6. Here are 3 stories of pee experiences I had. I will change names of people for their own security. Story 1 - Camping The first story is actually from my days in secondary school. There were 6 of us, 4 boys and 2 girls, on a camping trip all of us about 15 or 16. We were camping on a hill just above a beach. A secluded beach about 5K away from the main road and even further from nearest toilet. Despite this the girls were very discreet about needing to pee and the only time it was made aware of was this once. We were all down on the beach that evening. We did some truths and maybe some dares earlier but now we were enjoying the sunset and being on the sand. Then one of the girls, we'll call her Izzie (blonde hair, nice figure) , announced that she needed to pee. She left her shoes in her tent and asked if she could borrow someone's shoes, one of the boys offered her their pair and she struggled putting them on. She put on one shoe and the other one was being held between her thighs (halfway between her knees and funland) and, said kind of jokingly but kind of desperately and maybe the perfect position of the second shoe, "can i just pee in the shoe?" She asked me to show her where the designated pee place was. I tried to give directions but she said just show me. At this point my friend who I was sharing a tent with said that he would show her. And off they went, she turned back to the owner of the shoes and said, "I'll try not to get pee on them." Story 2 - Abi 1 This is a story about Abi. She's a redhead, nice figure. Great boobs. A group of 4 of us went a road trip and parked in a beach car park. Beach was about 1K from carpark. Abi said that she didn't want to walk down and back and said she would have a nap in the car. The car must have locked itself when the key was out of range . The rest of us walked to the beach. Spent a little time there and went back to the car. We were about 5 mins away when a friend's phone rang and this was Abi saying she really needs to pee and she can't get out of the car. When we got back to the car the driver door was open and no sign of Abi. We waited a couple of minutes and out of the little forest patch next to the car park came Abi looking relieved. She explained she couldn't wait any longer and she climbed into the driver seat and tried the handle and was able to get out. We stopped at some toilets for everyone else to pee. Abi and I were alone in the car and I tickled her side and she giggled and pushed my hand away so I said, 'ew you touched me without washing your pissy hands' , then she replied that she didn't need to put her hands near the plumbing. Story 3 - Abi 2 This story is also about Abi. The two of us were on a road trip out in the sticks, during her first year and my second year at uni, we were on a really long single track road, full of bends. She said she needed to pee. We carried on and when she saw the opening to a carpark she asked me to pull in so I did. She was really desperate now. We both got out of the car. We were the only ones there except for one empty car, whose owners would have been climbing the mountain. Abi asked me to help her find a spot to pee in the grassy and general brushy area., but the ground was so boggy and where it wasn't was too close to the walking path. She was getting really desperate and we went back to the carpark. I suggested opening her car door and the back door and going between them. She refused because she didn't want me to hear her pee. I reminded her my car engine was still on and the CD player but she refused. I went with her towards the entrance to the car park trying to find her a spot to pee. She stopped and I turned around and she said for me to go back to the car. I was a bit puzzled. But she had her hands on the waist of her dark jeans. She then said, 'hurry up! Go!' So I went back to the car and turned around and there she was squatted with her back towards me and her pussy facing the entrance of the car park, drip drying at this stage. She came running back to the car and we carried on with our trip. *** Thanks for reading this far down and I hope you enjoy these as much I did experiencing them and writing them. I need to relive these again right now... Shouldn't take me long πŸ˜‰ πŸ† πŸ’¦
  7. Wow if I had seen all that in one go I would have lost my load 😳 πŸ’¦ πŸ† πŸ‘ πŸ₯₯ You are one lucky guy
  8. I wasn't desperate but I just didn't want to have a boring piss in the toilet. It's not much to look at really - it is a cold night and I do have what the comedian Peter Kay would call a bit of a 'veranda over the toy shop!' πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ†
  9. I found this video once but not sure where or what I searched to find it - which is rather annoying! I will try describe it for you all. The girl's hair is dark maybe black, believe she is wearing a hoodie. She is in the bathroom and we are the camera and she is desperate to pee but she's telling you to leave so she can pee. We are defiant and she keeps asking us to leave, we obviously try to bargain in some way. She sits on the toilet lid and refuses to pee until we leave, apparently we threaten to hurt her little kitten and then she agrees to let us watch her pee. So then she pees in the toilet while we watch. It is maybe a long shot but I know if anyone has a chance of finding it or watching it then it would be you fabulous people πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œeven with just description to go on!
  10. I mean if you climb her Mons veneris and make your way down by the valley, you might by spending some time on the smaller peak of clitoria bring about an eruption πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸŒ‹
  11. Please send to me too xx ❀️
  12. Here was me this morning. Very hard not to have a wank when your cock is standing to attention throbbing. So I was watching these videos to help me get off https://m.zedporn.com/videos/redhead-by-the-river-takes-a-hot-piss/?promoid=AlexZ https://m.tubewolf.com/movies/teen-lifts-her-skirt-for-a-quick-piss-in-public/?promoid=AlexZ https://m.tubewolf.com/movies/hot-redhead-under-the-bridge-to-take-a-piss/?promoid=AlexZ Going to try post a pee pic somewhere else once I have finished up here
  13. So the second story is from around the same time. It was a Friday night and we were out at our hang out. We went to the shop and bought our usual rubbish. Sweets, crisps, chocolate and, of course, fizzy juice. We were all having a laugh and being silly. Messing around in general. One of the girls, Angie we'll call her, was standing, wearing a denim skirt that reached halfway to her knee, on the riverbank. She was a bit lower down than everyone else. There's the river, then a bit with pebbles where she was which was about a foot drop from the grassy bit. We were just laughing away and messing around and she just said, "I need to piss!" Immediately she squatted while pulling her panties down and pissed where she was. I didn't see anything, unfortunately girls I have seen piss have been good at hiding their pussies from view so I have never seen many pussies. But Angie, I think had I been brave enough, would have shown me hers if I asked.
  14. These are two experiences I have seen, or at least partly seen, from when I was about 11 years old. Myself and some friends had a little place we used to go to hang around near a river. When we first started hanging out there we had to make a few rules. Apart from the 'what is said here stays here' rule we decided on a toilet area. Since some of group would be girls I found a plastic tub that sheep would drink out of and placed it in the toilet area. The first story is about a friend's sister. She came with friend. She had blonde hair was about 9 at time a bit of puppy fat, and her brother had to take her with him. After a bit she started holding herself and told her brother they needed to leave and go home to use the toilet. Her brother said no and that she could go use the toilet area. She fussed a bit and whinged. Then she decided it was the only way. She went to the toilet area which wasn't entirely private I must admit. She pulled down her pink leggings and underwear too and I was sort of looking when her brother said: "Are you really trying to watch my sister?" I said no and apologised. His sister was standing peeing. I saw that. When she was done she pulled everything back up and came back to where her brother and I were and we noticed she managed to get most of her pee in her leggings. Next story will be added later

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