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  1. As ever, fantastic sightings BB.
  2. Continued lockdown means no chance of any sightings right now, so some memories from last summer.. First off a few disappointments. Had a quick look around the commonly used areas and plenty of tissue, so got hopeful. Then saw a female cyclist come out of the bushes adjusting her lycra and rejoin her male companion who was holding the bikes. Further on, about 5 minutes later, I saw two girls in dresses emerge from bushes having obviously gone to pee, and then a spanish girl squatting with her boyfriend guarding - I could only see the top of her head. A little later, luck improved.
  3. Exactly the same here as most posters above. Although I tend to do this with my entire life anyway, I have separate groups of friends etc so it's not difficult for me.
  4. Fantastic work there Alfresco - definitely something to keep in mind for the future...
  5. It also depends on the nature of what's going on. The real danger is things such as picnics etc where people are in the same place and will thus visit the same bushes to pee etc... also, one girl going back to the group and relating a tale about being accidentally walked in on by a guy will be laughed at, if it happens more often it'll raise suspicions...
  6. There are quite a few in the Camden area, and I think some in the West End too. I've seen a girl use one to squat on ground level so her stream goes down the drain, but never in the proper sense.
  7. It depends on how you approach it, the relationship with that person, and their openness. I've found that a personal anecdote about being desperate, or seeing a girl squat, etc etc usually brings a response. One should be careful in probing for too much information if it is somebody with whom you have a friendship etc with.
  8. The trouble is, it's not a good time of year for that - many people when they get kicked out at 10pm will simply see it's cold/raining and go home. In warmer/lighter weather it would have undoubtabley head to more hanging around the parks. But yes, I'm sure there will be some hardened drinkers (students!) who will and perhaps some freshers with bladders not yet accustomed to long drinking sessions who have to squat somewhere.
  9. Over the summer I was out in the park and needed a pee. Carrying on a little in the bushes, I saw a quite pretty girl, early 30s, brown hair, fringe, with a black dress on. She saw me and apologised, Me: "Ah sorry, I came for a wee" Her: "No problem, me too, don't worry I have a shewee so my bum isn't on show to the world!" M: "Ahh, I guess that helps if you're desperate!" H: "Which I am now, and which I frequently am, hence why my husband got me this! I think he was sick of hiding my bum every time we come for a picnic" M: "Haha, but it makes your life easier tho
  10. Those toilets seem to be common all over now, and have even been retro-fitted to the likes of HSTs. And yes, they do have that advantage although in recent years more people seem to be aware of the need to lock the door!
  11. Wonderful sightings BB, really appreciate you posting them.
  12. No, because I'm not a creep and don't want to make them feel uncomfortable.
  13. I like the pun on sport relief, and also like the images it gives! Glad you had a relaxing wee. Hope your knickers weren't too damp afterwards!
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