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  1. It also depends on the nature of what's going on. The real danger is things such as picnics etc where people are in the same place and will thus visit the same bushes to pee etc... also, one girl going back to the group and relating a tale about being accidentally walked in on by a guy will be laughed at, if it happens more often it'll raise suspicions...
  2. There are quite a few in the Camden area, and I think some in the West End too. I've seen a girl use one to squat on ground level so her stream goes down the drain, but never in the proper sense.
  3. It depends on how you approach it, the relationship with that person, and their openness. I've found that a personal anecdote about being desperate, or seeing a girl squat, etc etc usually brings a response. One should be careful in probing for too much information if it is somebody with whom you have a friendship etc with.
  4. The trouble is, it's not a good time of year for that - many people when they get kicked out at 10pm will simply see it's cold/raining and go home. In warmer/lighter weather it would have undoubtabley head to more hanging around the parks. But yes, I'm sure there will be some hardened drinkers (students!) who will and perhaps some freshers with bladders not yet accustomed to long drinking sessions who have to squat somewhere.
  5. Over the summer I was out in the park and needed a pee. Carrying on a little in the bushes, I saw a quite pretty girl, early 30s, brown hair, fringe, with a black dress on. She saw me and apologised, Me: "Ah sorry, I came for a wee" Her: "No problem, me too, don't worry I have a shewee so my bum isn't on show to the world!" M: "Ahh, I guess that helps if you're desperate!" H: "Which I am now, and which I frequently am, hence why my husband got me this! I think he was sick of hiding my bum every time we come for a picnic" M: "Haha, but it makes your life easier though?" H: "Yep exactly, this is actually the first time I've used it and it is so much better!" this conversation we were pretty much having eye to eye with a big bush between us, so surreal.
  6. Those toilets seem to be common all over now, and have even been retro-fitted to the likes of HSTs. And yes, they do have that advantage although in recent years more people seem to be aware of the need to lock the door!
  7. Wonderful sightings BB, really appreciate you posting them.
  8. No, because I'm not a creep and don't want to make them feel uncomfortable.
  9. I like the pun on sport relief, and also like the images it gives! Glad you had a relaxing wee. Hope your knickers weren't too damp afterwards!
  10. I think she had on a white bra. I did once see a girl in a playsuit with no bra peeing - I'll post the story another time.
  11. This time of year is normally fruitful for peeing in the park season starting... as we are missing out this year, I am looking up old sightings from previous years that I didn't post at the time. This one is from 2015. Well I went for a walk today and was rewarded with some excellent sightings! I didn't think it would be productive as it had been quite cold today in comparison to other days but I fancied the fresh air anyway. So walking down I found a group of teenagers sitting drinking cans of beer in the grass. Actually I walked right past them and I was lucky enough to get a glimpse up the skirt of one girl who was a cute brunette who wore turquoise lacey knickers! And I didn't think I'd be lucky enough to see them a second time.... but I went into the bushes and waited. After about ten minutes this girl stood up and started walking towards the bushes, I quickly moved backwards so she wouldn't walk straight into me! She entered the bushy area and looked around for cover, she obviously thought there wasn't enough as she then moved backwards towards me. Shit!! i thought, I quickly and (I hoped) quietly moved backwards through the bushes. She looked behind a few bushes and after a while settled on one which she obviously was happy with. She was about probably late teens, 5ft2, with shoulder length blonde hair, a curvy figure, probably about a 34C She pulled her skirt up and hooked her thumbs into her knickers, then spent a while figuring out exactly where to squat (which gave ample time for me to admire her beautiful thighs and arse!) before pulling her knickers down to her knees, squatting in a high squat and releasing a hissing stream into the ground. After she finished, she could be seen grimacing as she tried to push, and a bit more dribbled out. Obviously wanted to be completely empty before going back. She pulled out a tissue, wiped herself thoroughly and pulled her knickers back up before heading back outside. Wow, I thought I'd hit the jackpot right there. Given how sparsely populated the park was I figured I might wait around a bit to see if any of the other people in the group needed a wee. On the girl's return another girl stood up and pointed towards the bushes, the blonde girl then nodded and pointed towards them and to the right. Bingo! This girl and another headed towards the bushes, entered and turned in my direction but the first girl seemed in too much of a hurry to bother about cover. She was in her early twenties with brown hair, a pretty pert arse and probably a 32D. She was also wearing a full body playsuit and was desperately wriggling around like nobody's business trying to get it undone but was having trouble with the zip. Her friend offered to help - she had brown curly hair halfway down her back, quite slim, and wore a blue summery dress and tights. The first girl was really fidgety and I could hear her saying "I'm fucking desperate for a piss, I need to piss like a fucking racehorse!!" in a Somerset accent, whilst the second girl was trying to undo her zip. "It's going to come out!" Finally they got it undone, the girl tore her playsuit off and pulled her pink knickers down , then squatted low down and let loose a massive stream which went on and on. I could see her knickers had a small damp patch where she had dribbled. The other girl, having finished helping her friend, walked towards me and I got a perfect view. She lifted up her skirt to reveal tights covering a white thong (boo) which she pulled right down to her ankles. She gingerly squatted down and I got a perfect view of her private area. She had a tight arsehole leading down to a cute slit covered in quite a bit of hair especially at the front. She was obviously trying to go but she couldn't get started. After a while a small trickle started coming out, then died. She was concentrating hard and another dribble came out, then it too died. After a third attempt the trickle turned into a stream which went on and on, obviously releasing significant bladder pressure. I was surprised, given how much she obviously needed to empty her bladder, that she was not more obviously desperate beforehand. Perhaps she has a big bladder! When she finished she pulled her thong and tights up as one, and then put her hand down the back of her tights to position her thong between her arse cheeks, then wiped herself through her tights (obviously mopping up the drips with her underwear). She pulled her dress down and went to catch up with her friend who needed her zip doing up. Wow, I was in heaven. I thought my luck was up so I started to head back home and what do they say about good things coming in threes? As I'm walking down back towards home the light is fading and the timing is perfect. A blonde girl stands up from a group of about half a dozen and heads to the bushes, which are to my left. She enters about 50 yards ahead of me, I'm just next to another entrance so I dart in and tiptoe up. I can see she's very skinny and quite tall, probably about 5'10", wearing tight black trousers and a grey hoodie. Very small boobs, i'd be surprised if an A cup, shoulder length blonde hair and very cute. Late teens. She looked like she was some sort of shop worker who'd come out drinking after her shift. Her black trousers were quite high-waisted and she pulled them down to reveal a pair of red short-type knickers, which she also pulled down, showing a slightly hairy slit - it looked like she'd shaved but not bothered recently. She squatted down, I could see her fine figure, and started to do her wee into the ground. It built up momentum and she seemed to get a splash on her shoes as she quickly moved her right foot. I got a good view from behind and could see that some was dribbling back and dripping from her inner thighs and arse cheeks. When she finished she stood up and got some tissues out of her hoodie pocket, she wiped her slit quickly and then wiped underneath to wipe her arse cheeks. She dropped the tissue behind her and then seemed to run had hand over herself as she moved it back to pull up her knickers and trousers. A wonderful sighting.
  12. I'm posting up some old stories, this one happened last year. I'm anxious not to share some of them, which relate to particular friends describing experiences, but the anonymous ones are fine. On a day like today, if the country wasn't staying inside, the parks would be jam packed with people enjoying a day drinking in the sun. Like an evening last summer... A girl in her early twenties approached a particular bush which was the most obvious one, if you walked off the grass. 20,21 brown hair in a ponytail, jeans and a white top, skinny. She looked a bit tipsy and grabbed her crotch at one point. She went inside and to the other edge, inside the bush and squatted. I went round and was greeted with the sight of her squatted sideways, pissing furiously. Her: "Oh shit, I'm sorry, I'm in the way!" Me: "Ah, sorry, I was trying to go for a pee" H: "Dont mind me, go ahead, mate I'm too drunk to care I'd be embarrassed if I was sober" At this point I moved to one side but there wasn't much space M: "Sorry, trying to keep out your way" H: "Oh I don't care mate, I feel so good now oh my God this is heaven" M: (I unzipped and let go) "Haha, are you feeling relieved?" H: "It's the best feeling ever, seriously, I mean... (she looked down between her legs) I've been drinking since like 2pm and I've put off breaking the seal for hours... fuck look at how much there is mate" M: (as invited, I looked, and there was an impressive increasing puddle, with two streams, and lots of hissing and spraying)"Wow, yeah you must have been dying" H: "Seriously man, I was fucking desperate, I dunno how I held it in for so long!" M: "I'm done now anyway" (zipping up) H: "See for you guys, its so much easier isn't it! No squatting, no tissues, hey I actually have tissues fuck me I'm prepared for this mate" she proudly produced a tissue out of her pocket, and wiped herself. She then stood up, giving a good view of a partially shaved pussy, before pulling up a grey thong which had a very small, but noticeable, damp spot. She then breathed deeply "Fuck me I feel better for that. I hope you're feeling as happy as I am mate, have a good night!" and with that she stumbled away. I couldn't believe it.... perfect timing, attitude, and openness.
  13. I made a note on my phone in a form of shorthand to prompt my memory, just abbreviated description and anything about what they were doing, so when I come to write up the memories it prompts them.
  14. I sometimes work at concerts, festivals etc, a friend of mine often gets asked to look after their litter picking and marshalling. This is from a medium sized outside concert last summer. The site had a big main stage and some way away (maybe 1/3 mile) at the back of the arena were the toilets. The back of the arena, itself about 1/2 mile wide, had the toilets at one end, exit in the middle, and at the other end was the skip we were using. Interspersed along the way were small clumps of trees. The concert had a number of different sets which changed hourly. So on the hour there would be a massive rush for the bar, food stands and toilets. It was apparent early on that though there were plenty of toilets there weren't enough by any means for the rushes. This meant that extensive queues built up rapidly. I saw some varied and open leg crossing by lots of girls. As dusk fell though, things became far more interesting.... 1. First I saw a girl not much older than 18, brown hair, squatted down behind a thin tree, Jean shorts and black thong pulled down. She saw me, jumped slightly and fell on her arse. She snapped at her friend, who was on her phone, "You're supposed to hide me!". Her friend saw me and shouted "Millie just slipped over, it's ok". Naturally I moved towards and said "Are you alright, if you slipped?" to which she went bright red. 2. A woman in her 40s was squatting behind gazebo. She said to me, "I'm sorry but it was either this or disaster" 3. A slightly curvy blonde girl squatted between two skips. She had leggings and turquoise lacey knickers on, she saw me and said "I am so so sorry" and sounded it. 4. Two girls went round the side of the skip and squatted down. I walked around the side and there was a 30something pair, a bit chavvy, one with blonde frizzy hair the other with brown hair, tanned. Blonde had a leopard print tight dress on and seemingly no underwear, she was spraying the side of the skip. "Oi, someone has to clean that up you know" I said. "Oh don't tell me you haven't done this on a night out mate" she replies. Meanwhile the brunette, who seemed to have stopped mid undress, decided to pull her knickers back up over her tattooed pussy and move on. 5. A quite posh looking blonde in heels passed her boyfriend her handbag, and undid her jeans, pulling them and a white lacey thong down, and weeing a thick and forceful stream in a high squat. ..The hissing was really noticeable! 6. At a distance I saw two girls leave the main crowd and walk towards the back. The field was pretty deserted there and they looked around a bit then just squatted in the middle of the field. I was impressed they didn't look for cover! 7. A curvy girl with black hair went up to a tree trunk and hovered against it, pulling her black lacey knickers down, and letting a stream loose. "We do have toilets provided you know" I said... She replied "Yeah but not bloody enough the queues are mad" 8. I was emptying a load into the skips and had just finished off when I heard someone approaching. A girl in her 30s, Brown shoulder length hair, hitched down her black jeans and pink knickers and started spraying pee into the grass. She saw me and went "shit", stopped peeing and got dressed again. "I'm so sorry, please don't chuck me out, I was bursting" she said. "Ah it's ok, we do have toilets you know?" I replied "Yes but my bladder is like a running joke its tiny" "At least you got to go though, hopefully you feel better" "You interrupted me! I had to cut it off and now I really-friggin-still-need-a-piss" "Ah... How about I turn the other way and you finish off" "Oh thankyou so much" she said before carrying on "Could I be cheeky and steal a bit of tissue?" (There were bulk bags on the trailer). "Sure" I replied, I fetched one and took it over to her. Very good view of her knickers and she wiped then got dressed again. "It's like a joke with my friends, seriously... we went on a hen do once and I had to wee on the hard shoulder of the M1, not my finest moment" 9. This was super hot. As we were picking up at the end of the event, I was working with a "hippie" type girl in her early twenties, blonde, dreadlocks, curves but in the right places. We had loaded up the trailer and she said "Do you mind if I go for a quick pee?" to which I said "Of course, but we'll be closer to the loos at our next stop" she replied "Nah, I'll just squat here, I'm used to it" and in a second her black leggings and white knickers were down and she was weeing, she then went on to ask about the next plans for the pack away, and basically had a whole conversation with me whilst a few feet away, in my plain view, spraying pee everywhere. 10. A brunette with a fringe wearing a golden sequin dress was walking around some trees and quickly squatted down, knickers at her knees, and started weeing in the grass. 11. A row of guys weeing into a bush was interspersed with a blonde, didn't get close enough to see anymore. 12. A ginger haired girl in a red dress was nervously looking around, seemingly desperate, and seemed to be waiting for the last of the guys to go. She was standing by a tree with her hands on the hems of her skirt. She reached up the back and fiddled with her knickers, still crossing her legs. Finally she thought it safe and squatted down, she had a small red bush and generated an impressive stream that puddled into the ground. 13. A tanned blonde pulled her jeans and purple g string down and squatted with her bum leaning against a thin tree. Lovely view from behind. Her friend tried to shield her as I walked past. 14. Two teenage girls approached and ducked behind a trailer. I could hear their conversation, "Fucking hell I'm fucking desperate for a piss, I can't get my FUCKING BELT UNDONE FUCK ME" one of them shouted. Her friend was obviously squatting already as she continued "that really isn't fucking helping Chloe I'm about to piss my pants" followed by some murmuring followed by "good for you now please help me" "it's literally squeezing itself out" . Obviously her friend had helped her as there was then a sound of a loud hissing stream... at this point I went around and 'appeared' on my rounds, "Oh shit shit shit, I can't cut it off, shit shit" said the girl as her friend laughed... she seemed to try to move but thought better of it... she was a very cute petite brunette with Jean shorts and light blue knickers that had a wet patch visible inside. 15. Finally the hippy colleague. After her first display I decided she was suited to helping me on the quad loading the trailer. I offered her a red bull as it was late at night, a little while later I thought I'd say I needed a wee, she replied "Dont mind me!" so I didn't, just pissed into the grass in front of her, she then said "Hmm, I shoukd go as well I suppose!" and squatted down right next to me. Nice view from the back... it went down her bum and would have been messy, she just pulled her knickers up and carried on. Must have been damp!
  15. Another useful one is to say "It's ok, I was going for a wee as well" which usually puts people at ease

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