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  1. Needed a piss so went into my garden sat on my chair spread my legs and my lips and took a lovely piss all over the concrete. Lots ran down my chubby legs but I love it. love spreading my lips to take a piss. enjoy
  2. That was hot!!! Love your little pink head
  3. I prefer that when we’re fucking using the word Cunt
  4. Whilst babysitting I was feeling a little cheeky and wanted to pee somewhere. So got on my knees by their pool and took a piss hoping some would go in the water. Unfortunately most ran down my leg before dripping into the pool. Wish I could upload the video
  5. Pissgirl12


    Not quite pee related but my boyfriend licked and sucked on my cunt for so long yesterday I deffo squirted in his mouth 😍
  6. Boyfriend took a lush leak right by me whilst sunbathing on the field. Shame the video is too big to upload
  7. Please all share your public piss tales
  8. Sometimes yes. Just took a piss in my hello fresh rubbish
  9. Really wanna take a big piss outside but my neighbours are out in their garden. Oh well will have to hold hopefully make the lovely arch I made the other day
  10. I love anything piss!! being pissed on pissing on someone public pissing. Watching people piss in public love when my boyfriend whips out his cock on the side of the road to take a leak and I love pissing in the garden today I decided I was going to piss in the garden so held it for a bit now being a BBW sometimes the piss just comes out and goes everywhere but today coz I was desperate I squatted down and lent back a bit on one hand and spread my lips with the other my piss came out in such a force and arch it covered half the garden. Made such a lovely hissing sound
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