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  1. Might be a day of nubbing my clit
  2. Don’t you love the sound and feel when your piss rushes from your parted lips after your desperately yanked your pants round your ankles and popped a squat outside when on a walk as it hisses from your cunt and spreads around you. bliss
  3. Thanks ❤️ Love yours too. Love to tongue it
  4. Out for a walk in the park I really needed a piss. So as no one was around I popped a squat where I was. Barley had time to get my camera ready before my piss was spraying from my lips. love wearing dresses and no panties makes for easy piss access and a quick fuck we enjoyed later in the walk https://www.erome.com/a/G2GGboYJ
  5. No pictures as was in the moment. just got out the shower and was sat on the settee in my towel. Needed a piss so just spread my lips and did a little piss on my carpet and towel. Never pissed inside before
  6. Pissgirl12


    In me that night. Edged him all the way home
  7. My fav thing. He doesn’t have a choic lol
  8. So after sucking on my pussy for a while we took it upstairs where I lubed up and fingered my boyfriends little asshole for the first time whilst wanking his cock with my other. Safe to say he actually enjoyed it and coming from the moans he was trying not to blurt his load everywhere finally fucked my cunt and filled me up with his baby making stuff. What a nice afternoon
  9. Like all the time I swear this baby sit on my bladder on purpose
  10. Another roadside piss. Was so desperate nearly didn’t make it. Look at the stream
  11. Pissgirl12


    Whilst driving back to Cornwall from London today my boyfriend flopped his cock out and I gave him a hand hob amongst the 4 lanes of m25 traffic whilst drivibf
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