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    Love naughty peeing and watching people piss where they’re not supposed to, I love to pee indoors and outdoors. I’ve pissed all over and have been caught several times.

    I’m a kinky person who gets a thrill from showing off my pissing pussy and body.

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    Seeing someone’s private parts exposed, out in the open.
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    I have had a lifetime of piss adventures, it is very difficult to pick just one. I will name a few of my favorites that began this journey.

    -Peeing in my closet growing up
    -Pissing on the carpet next to a bed at a party
    -Pissing with loved ones in public
    -Peeing in the car

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  1. I was in a public park and needed to piss and there were people around. No bathrooms though. So I went behind a tree and popped a squat. It felt so good. As my pants were down and old man and his dog walked by and didn’t say a word.
  2. Here are some photos of me pissing where I was at, on the floor. I took my pants off, spread my legs and relieved myself.
  3. Hello everyone- Got picked up from where I’ve been at for awhile, my dad came and got me. We had a long car ride home. I needed to piss about halfway home and mentioned it to him. He quickly pulled over. He told me I could take my pants off to go, and swing my leg over to his side of the car, while keeping one leg on the passenger side. He encouraged me to aim my pussy at the car radio. I spread my lips with my fingers and let out a powerful stream of piss all over the radio. It was soooo satisfying.
  4. Couldn’t help but to pull my pants down and piss on the floor in a public restroom.
  5. My extended family was having a barbecue in the backyard. It was a nice afternoon, lots of people enjoying themselves and having some beverages. Throughout the evening people began pissing in different spots around the yard. The women often opted for behind the shed. Whereas the men were a bit more daring. My father kept pissing on the side of the house next to the air conditioner unit. My uncle seemed to enjoy pissing on the front of the shed. As the night went on, some of the men were unzipping in the middle of the yard and were draining their bladders out in the open!
  6. I went four wheeling with my ex boyfriend in the woods. He is well aware of my piss fetish and likes to play around with it. We were on a popular trail when he pulled to the side. He got off the four wheeler and told me to get off too. He told me he needed to take a piss. We could hear other four wheelers in the distance, but neither of us cared about that. He instructed me to unbutton his pants and to pull out his cock. I happened to need to go pee as well and mentioned it. He got excited and told me to completely undress from the waist down. I listened to him and removed my bottoms
  7. Popped a squat in a friends shower today and pissed down the drain 🙂
  8. My one female friend knows all about my kink. She also knows how much I love a pissing pussy… We took a walk in the evening right before the sun set. We were walking down the street and there was a small alley with a dumpster next to a restaurant side entrance. She started slowly walking down the alley and led us to the dumpster. She didn’t say a word and began pulling down her jeans, she squatted down beside the dumpster and let out a small spurt of pee. Suddenly it turned into a fast stream of piss, pooling between her shoes. She kept pissing even while I was staring at her. She finishe
  9. It was a lovely day outside, I was sitting outside with my mom in the backyard just chatting. Our neighbor came over, the one who seems to be interested in our peeing. After chatting for awhile I really needed to take a piss. I was sitting on the patio in the backyard in a chair with my waist underneath a see through glass table. I chose to pull my pants to my knees and sit on the edge of the chair and piss onto the cement. As I began peeing everyone got quiet and turned their attention to my pissing pussy. I noticed the neighbor staring at me through the table. I spread my knees a l
  10. On the same day we had a long drive home, I asked him if I could sit in the passenger seat and take my pants off in case I needed to piss to make things easier. He told me to go ahead. halfway home I needed to go, I sat with my feet on the dashboard and took a piss all over the dashboard. When we got closer to home he needed to piss and pulled over and he aimed his cock for the radio in the car and soaked it. It no longer works due to how many times we have pissed on it. When we got home I got out of the car with my pants still off and ran to the side flower bed a
  11. Went to a hotel and pissed all over the floor with my family there. We all took turns doing so.
  12. My dad and I went to this Amish store out in the country recently. They sell wooden sheds and things such as that. We went to this small wood shed and went inside of it to check it out. At this point my dad mentioned he needed to take a piss. Without saying anything I watched him unbutton his jeans, pull out his cock and aim it at the corner of the shed. He pissed along the wall and on the floor. Before he could finish up I removed my shorts and underwear and stood there naked from the waist down and separated my pussy lips and pushed my pelvis forward and pissed on the wall. I made an even la
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