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    Love naughty peeing and watching women/men, love to pee indoors or outdoors. I’ve pissed all over and have been caught several times.

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    Girls peeing outside for sure!
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    Probably growing up and peeing side by side with some of my female friends. One time we drunkenly took turns peeing off a picnic table all night.

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  1. I needed to piss and decided to conveniently go in my bedroom. I opened the bedroom door and stood there and started pissing. My female roomie was walking down the hall and stopped to watch me. It was a very relieving piss.
  2. I went to brunch this afternoon with my family. We sat at a booth in the corner of the restaurant away from others. I was sat next to my dad by the window, my mom across from me, and my brother next to my mom. I had to go piss so badly. I told my dad and he encouraged me to piss under the table. I wiggled my pants to my knees discreetly and sat on the edge of the booth and began pissing on the floor. I couldn’t stop going. My dad was looking down at my lap. I made a mess on the floor. My mom also needed to go and she had a dress on, she pulled her panties to the side and al
  3. My guy roomie likes to piss wherever whenever just like me. I was walking into the living room when I saw him standing in the closet door with his dick out, pissing all over some boxes in there and on the carpet. He seemed to have to go pretty badly as he kept pissing. He made a mess of that closet.
  4. Do you like to piss in your shed or garage? If so tell me about it!
  5. I decided I would piss beside the house, in the driveway. I was visible from the road and the houses across the street. I didn’t really look around before I decided to piss there. I pulled my pants down, squatted and began pissing. I heard a loud cough and looked up and my neighbor was on his porch. He saw the whole thing start to finish. He has seen me before so I’m sure he doesn’t mind at all.
  6. Indoors options- closets, bedroom carpet, laundry room carpet, basement cement floor, under the dining room table, at work on the bathroom floor or shower, at work in one of the empty rooms, or inside my car Outdoors options- in my driveway, neighbors yard by the alley, neighbors yard behind the bushes, in my fenced in backyard, pool deck, on the porch (has to be at night), outside at work, off a picnic table, beside the car, near the trash cans, back porch at the abandoned house on my street
  7. I posted a story about a neighborhood man catching me pissing earlier and him inviting me over sometime. He happened to do another walk by my house, I think he was looking for me. He came up to me while I was on my porch and said to me “I know this is blunt, but by any chance do you want to see me pee?”. I said I would love that. He asked where he could go and I told him anywhere in the yard he wanted to. Or on the porch. He decided he would come up on the porch and go in the corner facing the house. No one seemed to be outside. He pulled out his dick and aimed it at the ho
  8. I used to have my nipples pierced until they rejected.
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