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    Love naughty peeing and watching women/men, love to pee indoors or outdoors. I’ve pissed all over and have been caught several times.

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    Girls peeing outside for sure!
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    Probably growing up and peeing side by side with some of my female friends. One time we drunkenly took turns peeing off a picnic table all night.

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  1. Where is the laziest place you take a piss? For me it’s off the side of my bed.
  2. I had to go for a pee and went down to the basement, walked to the back of the room and pulled my pants down. I got into a squat and began pissing on the cement floor. It splattered and hissed and puddled between my feet. I made a nice pee trail. Then later in the day I was in my room when I had to take a leak. I took my pants off and got to the edge of my bed and spread my legs and pussy lips. Then I sprayed the carpet and made a little puddle between my feet.
  3. I took the trash out late at night and needed to go for a piss. I walked to the end of the driveway and got beside the house and pulled my shorts to the side and went pee. It hissed out and splattered on the pavement between my feet. Making a lovely puddle.
  4. The airplane was mid flight, about 3 hours away from its destination. When suddenly the toilets weren’t working properly. An announcement was made over the intercom stating that no passenger shall use the restrooms. About fifteen minutes after the announcement, I hear a woman across from me on the aisle seat stating to her husband that she really needed to go for a pee. He told her she couldn’t use the restroom. She said she didn’t care and would pee anywhere. He suggested she pee off the edge of her seat as she was wearing a dress. I look over and she is picking up her purse and han
  5. I was with my ex, his Dad and myself on the subway. We were in a subway car to ourselves. His dad needed to go for a piss, and decided to just go in the subway car. He walked over to the door and pulled out his dick and began peeing on the door. He made a large puddle between his feet. He shook himself off and put his member away and sat back down. Then my ex needed to go for a piss. He just pulled his dick out while sitting and pissed onto the floor while his dad and I watched him. He made an even larger puddle than his father. I had to go piss at the end, and had a skirt
  6. My family would encourage me to pee in house plants from a very young age, my mom once showed me how, she pulled down her pants and sat over the edge of a house plant and peed into it. She told me to do this when I had to go. This was the beginning of me enjoying peeing. Then my dad would let me pee on the floor of our shed, onto the dirt floor. I would squat and pee in the corner: I just enjoyed the freedom of peeing somewhere other than the toilet. Then my cousin got me into peeing in the closet and outdoors and it was game on
  7. My male and female roommates and I had a backyard bbq. We each had a few drinks and took turns peeing. I needed to go first, so without telling anyone I walked over to this large tree we have in the middle of the backyard and pulled my pants to my knees and put my ass and back against the tree and started weeing. My roommates watched on as I peed down the trunk of the tree. When I finished up, I pulled my pants up and walked back over to my roommates. Then my male roommate announced his need for a piss. We told him to go wherever he wanted to. He chose the back of the grill, he pulle
  8. I had to pee several times tonight. First I went off the side of my bed and soaked the carpet. I didn’t have any pants on and just spread my legs and went pee. Then I had to go again and I stood up and spread my legs and went pee on the carpet. I enjoy pissing in my bedroom, do you enjoy when I do it?
  9. My family has gotten a lot more relaxed about peeing around the house in front of each other. I was at my parents house staying the night and we had a few glasses of wine each, and were sitting at the dinner table. I was sitting next to my mom on a bench and my dad across from us. My dad had to go for a piss first and got up, walked over to the potted tree in the corner and pulled out his penis and began pissing into the pot all over the dirt. He peed for a good twenty seconds before he finished up and sat back down. Then I really had to go for a piss. I didn’t ask or say anything, a
  10. It was late at night and I had to take a piss. I thought it might be fun to pee down the carpeted stairs. I sat on the stairs and spread my lips open and began peeing. I made a nice puddle on the stairs and it dripped down a few of them. It felt so good and so naughty to piss there.
  11. I have decided to just set up a box next to my bed for peeing. My roommate had a friend over and I was about to go to the bathroom in my box, she knocked on my door as I began peeing and then opened the door. She caught me with my legs spread mid stream soaking the box. She just stood there and watched until I finished up. She came in to ask me a quick question. When I was finished she said that it seemed convenient to piss how I was. She ended up telling my roommate what I was up to and my roommate just laughed and said “yeah she does that”.
  12. It was late at night and I really had to go for a piss. I walked out to the hallway and my male roomie was standing there, I told him I was out there to go pee. He said he was also coming out of his room to go for a piss. I asked him if he wanted to see me go on the carpet in the hallway and he said yeah, and that he’d go on the wall. I dropped my pants and squatted down and began pissing. He walked over to the wall and pulled out his penis and began spraying the wall. It dripped down onto the carpet. We watched each other go. We both made nice puddles!
  13. I have found a new position I enjoy pissing in. I like to be upright while on my knees with them spread out a bit. I like to take my pants completely off and just go piss. In the second one my roommate was sitting in my room watching tv and I told her I was gonna take a piss and she told me to go ahead. So I took my pants off and got on my knees and went piss while she looked on.
  14. I often need to pee when I’m in the car and find it easier to piss in there than get out and go. I usually pull over into a parking lot and pull my pants down and go pee. The first pic is when I had just gotten off work and needed to go to the bathroom, I hadn’t even left the work parking lot when I pulled my pants down and took a quick piss. The second one I had someone in the car with me and told them I needed to go pee and asked them if they cared if I went in the car. They told me it was my car and I could do as I wanted. They dared me to spray the radio so I pulled my pants down and
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