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    Love naughty peeing and watching women/men, love to pee indoors or outdoors. I’ve pissed all over and have been caught several times.

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    Probably growing up and peeing side by side with some of my female friends. One time we drunkenly took turns peeing off a picnic table all night.

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  1. Last summer I went to a local beach with a male friend. There were only a few people around. He needed to go for a pee and asked me if I cared. I told him to go for it. He pulled his shorts down a bit and whipped out his cock and just started peeing in the sand. I watched the whole thing. So did another woman. She didn’t seem to be offended. I really enjoyed the view.
  2. Different neighbor! There are A LOT of houses around ours.
  3. Sometimes the lines can be really long or the bathrooms are disgusting at concerts. I have worn skirts with no panties and just stand near friends and spread my legs and piss on the floor. One other time me and a group of friends went to the way back corner and they huddled around me as I squatted down on the floor. I have seen a couple other people peeing on the floor at concerts. One that stood out to me was a middle aged woman who was in the crowd and had like four of her friends surround her as she popped a squat and pissed on the floor. I’ve seen men peeing against walls. These are usually in really large concert halls with dim lights. Have you ever done this, would you do this?
  4. My friends and roommate know and allow me to piss in the house. I was wondering if anyone else has ever told people they do this.
  5. Yes, I have many close guy friends who will pee around me. They have seen me go as well. It’s pretty normal for us.
  6. My parents were very open about peeing. My dad has drunkenly pissed on his bedroom floor and out his bedroom window. I didn’t see that, but him and my mom would regularly encourage me to pee in the yard when swimming or having family parties. I have went fourwheeling with my dad and we would often pee along the trails together. If we were in a road trip we would piss along the roads, or in wooded areas. My dad told my brother he could pee in our barn when working out there. They had a special corner for this. I have walked in on them both doing this. My mom would let me pee in the basement over the drain if we were down there doing laundry together. Then I had a female cousin related by marriage who peed a lot of places with me. The park, our yard, and even in my closet as teenagers. One time my mom walked in on her squatting in my closet and she didn’t say a single word. We would go camping and just all pee near the campsite, sometimes going in pairs late at night.
  7. I have attended many bonfires where men and women pissed outside. I am from the country though. I have seen men just piss in the yard, against trees, against fences and even the house. Women usually pee in the garden, behind bushes or in the corner of the yard. I was wondering if you’ve experienced this as well? Is this rather normal?
  8. I stepped outside to smoke a cig and was sitting on the porch. My neighbor pulled up and got out of his car. I noticed he appeared to be unbuttoning his pants. He was standing beside his car under a streetlight. He wasn’t too far from my porch, and I could see him pulling out his cock. He had it in his hand and he started pissing on the street! I was totally staring at him and I don’t know if he saw me. But he was pissing a lot right in the street. Because he was under the street light I could see everything. I could even see his puddle forming. He pissed for a long time. Then he finished up, shook it a few times and went into his house.
  9. We sat down on the sofa and talked a lot more about this mutual interest. We talked about places we wanna pee together and when we plan on doing this.... we also talked about fooling around a little bit. So we decided to go to my room to watch a dvd and my roomie was still drinking. We weren’t even fifteen minutes into the movie when she had to piss. I told her to just go off the side of my bed like I usually do. She pulled her pants down, sat off the edge of my bed and spread her legs. I looked between her legs and watched her stream come pouring out. She made a mess of my carpet but I enjoyed every second of it.... A half hour goes by and she says she has to go again. She says she wants to piss in the corner of the room. She gets up and removes her pants completely and goes to the corner and faces me and squats down and starts pissing. She pisses for about twenty seconds and then finishes up and leaves her pants off and sits next to me in bed. I ask her if she’d be interested in watching some pee porn with me.... she says yes. We put the laptop on my bedside table and sit next to each other. She spreads her legs a bit and I look at her pussy. I tell her I need to go pee and she tells me to stand up and spray my door. So I do as she says. I leave my bottoms off when I get back into bed though. I sat next to her with my legs parted. She was rather tipsy at this point and asked me if she could touch my pussy. I told her to go for it. She sat there playing with me for awhile, and I ended up touching her too.... after about ten minutes she needed to go piss. I asked her if I could spread her lips for her as she pissed off the side of the bed. She said yeah. So I did exactly that. She soaked my carpet again. We ended up fooling around some more, then finished the night by squatting in the hall together. It felt so naughty. I told her to feel free to come piss in my room in the morning and she said she may 🙂
  10. We pissed in the corner of the attic after each other. She went first. She took off her bottoms and squatted down and faced me and pissed a lot. Then as she finished I took off my bottoms and we switched positions, I got in a squat and began pissing on the carpet. She stared between my legs and seemed to really enjoy herself!
  11. She won’t let me take pics of her for privacy reasons, but I did snap one of me peeing out the window. So she had to go pee and I suggested she go out the attic window. She told me she wanted me to go first. I am not shy about this kind of thing and did it. She watched the entire time. Then when I was finished she ran to the window, pulled her pants down and sat off the edge and began pissing. I could hear her hissing sound pattering against the side of the house. She kept peeing for about thirty seconds and then when she was finished we realized a neighbor was outside smoking a cig watching her!!! I am hoping to pee with her some more tonight or soon!
  12. My roommate was drinking and was very open tonight. I brought up the peeing we’ve been doing and asked her if she enjoys it as much as I do. She confessed to me that she really likes doing it. We had a long talk about all the places I’ve been peeing and she confessed to me some naughty places she goes. She told me she goes in the basement almost every day. Over the drain. She told me she wants to pee in my room more as her bf thinks it’s weird and won’t let her do it in her room. We were sitting in the attic having this conversation, and she told me she had to go soon. I told her to hold it as long as she can. She still hasn’t pissed for me yet tonight but I am waiting. I am hoping to get her to pee out the window facing the street. That would be soooo hot. We have been talking about some places we can pee together in the future. She told me her ultimate fantasy is the both of us going in an elevator. Or under a table in a restaurant. She has very similar taste to mine apparently and I’m loving this convo. I will keep you all updated on the rest of our convo and where we end up peeing!!!
  13. This was quite a pleasant surprise. Someone was in the shower and I heard a knock at my door and told them to come in. It was my female roomie. She was doing the pee dance and told me she really had to go and someone was in the shower (her bf). She said it was far too cold to go outside and if she peed in her room her bf would ask questions and be weirded out. She asked me if I had a problem with her pissing somewhere in my room. She knows I do this so she thought it seemed like a good idea. I told her she could go anywhere she wanted in my room but did she mind if I went too? I also had to piss quite badly. She said go ahead, but that she couldn’t wait any longer. She pulled her pants down and got in a squat in the middle of my room. Suddenly I could hear the loud hiss I’ve grown to love. I got up and got next to her and squatted down and began pissing. She looked over at me and smiled. I looked down between her legs. She had quite the torrent of pee coming out. I was also gushing. She finished up, pulled her pants up and said thank you. I told her she could do that anytime she needed or wanted to.
  14. I needed to go for a pee and decided it would be fun to go in a new cardboard box. I got one out, took my pants off, stood over top of it and let go. My pee fell out beautifully into the box making a nice mess. It felt so relieving and made a nice noise as it hit the cardboard. I am hoping my roomie could hear the noise from the room next door.
  15. I caught her going in the attic under the computer desk, she caught me in my room on multiple occasions and in the yard and once in the basement.

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