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    Love naughty peeing and watching people piss where they’re not supposed to, I love to pee indoors and outdoors. I’ve pissed all over and have been caught several times.

    I’m a kinky person who gets a thrill from showing off my pissing pussy and body.

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    Seeing someone’s private parts exposed, out in the open.
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    I have had a lifetime of piss adventures, it is very difficult to pick just one. I will name a few of my favorites that began this journey.

    -Peeing in my closet growing up
    -Pissing on the carpet next to a bed at a party
    -Pissing with loved ones in public
    -Peeing in the car

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  1. I remember when I was growing up my parents would encourage my brother to water some of our potted plants indoors so he could practice his aim. I was also allowed to piss on them however I wanted to. To this day I like to piss in potted plants. Is this something you’d ever intentionally do? What do you think of the idea of teaching your son to aim this way?
  2. One time my Dad and I were at my aunts new house. I hadn’t been there yet but he had. She told him to give me a tour. We were upstairs and I told him I had to go pee and asked him to show me where the bathroom was. He took me up to her finished attic, there was a couch in front of a corner of the room, just enough space for someone to climb behind and stand. He encouraged me to go behind it and squat down on the carpet and relieve myself. I hopped behind the couch, pulled down my jeans and started squatting and peeing while he looked on. I made a significant puddle. I never knew if she ever fo
  3. I wanted to piss somewhere I haven’t went yet, or at least in awhile. So I looked around my room and found a box of books. I took my pants off and stood over the books and began relieving myself on them. I moved my hips so I could spray different books as I went.
  4. I went to go run some errands, and I needed to go for a pee. I was sitting in the car on the side of the road. I took my leg out of my right pant leg and put my leg over the passenger seat and spread my lips and went pee. As I was going a high up truck drove by. I’m sure if he looked he would’ve gotten quite the view. I was too busy looking at my own stream to see what he was seeing.
  5. I would often go fishing with my Dad and other various people depending on who wanted to go. On this particular occasion it was my dad, my brother, my boyfriend of the time, and myself. When walking to our favorite fishing spot you have to walk down a trail. There is a section with a bunch of large rocks piled on top of each other. When we got to this section I mentioned I needed to go pee. We all stopped and I pulled down my pants and sat on the edge of one of the rocks. I sat there and went piss in front of the group. This must have made them all realize this was as good as a time
  6. After drinking a lot of coffee this morning and afternoon, I really really needed to take a piss. Of course the closet is my go to place today. I had no choice but to film it and share it with you guys. I hope you enjoy it. https://www.erome.com/a/h1MxqbV8
  7. I like to imagine people being stuck in an elevator together for a long period of time. Drunk at an indoor concert where there are realllly long lines for the bathroom. On a boat Out four wheeling or doing any outdoor activity like that Camping At an outdoor party with lots of drinking
  8. I drank way too much water throughout the night to be pissing this much. I was going to meet up with a friend to pee, but last minute he had to cancel. So I decided I’d just conveniently pee in the closet again…. Pulled my jeans down and squatted and went for it. It was relieving but not as fun as if someone was here watching me.
  9. I have pissed like 6 or more times in the last ten hours…. Shortly after peeing outside with the roommate, I needed to go AGAIN. Here is a piss I JUST took in the furnace closet. I squatted down with the door open and allowed my roommate to watch as I took these pics. I felt like I left a nice puddle and gave him a good show this morning.
  10. I went to have some coffee this morning and sat in the living room. My roommate who pisses with me was awake. I didn’t hear anyone else awake, well one of the others was at work already. I confided in him that I was starting to need to go pee. He told me he also needed to go. We decided it would be fun to go outside in the snow. My car and his car were parked front to back. There was a gap between the two cars. We decided to piss between them. I walked between the cars and pulled down my jeans and squatted over the snow and began pissing. He took out his cock and aimed for the back of my car.
  11. As per usual I decided to take a piss in the furnace closet. I thought I was being sneaky…. But apparently my stream made enough noise to alert my roommate. Thankfully he knocked on the door and it turned out to be the roommate into naughty pissing. Thank goodness because I had my pants off and a puddle between my feet.
  12. Hahaha thank you, I usually do my own detailing so that no one else has to deal with it. But I do throughly enjoy messing up a clean car with my piss.
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