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    Love naughty peeing and watching people piss where they’re not supposed to, I love to pee indoors and outdoors. I’ve pissed all over and have been caught several times.

    I’m a kinky person who gets a thrill from showing off my pissing pussy and body.

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    Seeing someone’s private parts exposed, out in the open.
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    I have had a lifetime of piss adventures, it is very difficult to pick just one. I will name a few of my favorites that began this journey.

    -Peeing in my closet growing up
    -Pissing on the carpet next to a bed at a party
    -Pissing with loved ones in public
    -Peeing in the car

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  1. I wanted to go pee somewhere outside, so I settled on the back of the driveway behind the car aimed towards the road. I pulled my jeans down and squatted over the pavement and began going piss. One car drove by as I was going and didn’t seem to notice me squatting there. I really enjoyed peeing outside today, I should do it more often.
  2. My male roommate was downstairs and I was feeling naughty and wanted someone to see me go piss. I called his name as I was pulling down my pants, by the time he got to the bottom of the steps my legs were spread and I began to pee. He stood there and giggled for a second and got quiet and watched me go. I kept going slowly, and let it trickle out. He just stood and enjoyed my pissing pussy.
  3. Was waiting to get out of work to go for a piss. I wanted to see how long I could hold it and that wasn’t very far. So I ended up pulling over, taking my jeans off completely and spreading my legs wide and pissed all over the floor and steering wheel. It felt absolutely incredible due to how badly I needed to go.
  4. Mmmm, I love your answer. You know I would absolutely adore soaking your carpet. I also wouldn’t mind going outside for you, or in the shed.
  5. I’ve really gotten into pulling over and playing with my pussy when I’m done peeing in my car. Does anyone else like to play in their car or other public places? Sometimes I even stick my hand down my pants in movie theaters if it’s dark enough hehehe
  6. Of course I just let my pussy breathe 😉 it’s easier to touch it and to piss as I need to
  7. If you had company over who was into naughty pissing, where would you let them go in your house? what if the guest is me, where are you going to let me go piss?
  8. Where do you think is the hottest place for someone to piss, the floor of an airplane, the floor or seat of a train or bus?
  9. Sometimes I piss in the front yard near the road, sometimes I go in our flower garden out front, sometimes in the driveway or by the trash bins, I often go in the backyard or back deck. Then I often piss in my parents yard as well. I do this in front of people and alone. I just love to piss wherever I need to go.
  10. Between the bed and the wall, beside the bed, on dirty clothes, in drawers, in the corners of the room then hide it with objects, etc
  11. I was feeling naughty again while I was at work and couldn’t help but to play with myself. Some of these pics my coworker watched me take 😉 he may have helped out with my needs…..
  12. I went to my dads house over the weekend and we were sitting at the dinner table having lunch when I told him I needed to relieve myself. He told me not to be shy and that I could go right there off my seat and onto the carpet. Since I was desperate this sounded like a perfect idea. He was sitting across from me and moved his chair back so he could look under the table. I pulled my pants down and got to the edge of my seat and spread my knees open. I immediately began pissing, it hissed out loudly and pattered onto the carpet. My dad looked between my legs as I continued pissing. It puddled up
  13. I needed to go piss at work so I got my male coworker to come with me and I got on my knees and went piss on the carpet in one of the rooms. He enjoyed watching me make a puddle. When I was finished he promptly turned and went all over the wall and let it drip onto the carpet.
  14. Oh my, I had to go to the bathroom twice today and couldn’t help but use my bedroom. I went in the corner behind my bed in a high squat just pissing between the mattress and wall on the carpet. Spraying some onto the corner of the mattress. Then I got on my knees and used the carpet. I pulled my pants to my ankles and got on my knees and spread them and relieved myself.
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