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    Love naughty peeing and watching people piss where they’re not supposed to, I love to pee indoors and outdoors. I’ve pissed all over and have been caught several times.

    I’m a kinky person who gets a thrill from showing off my pissing pussy and body.

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    Seeing someone’s private parts exposed, out in the open.
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    I have had a lifetime of piss adventures, it is very difficult to pick just one. I will name a few of my favorites that began this journey.

    -Peeing in my closet growing up
    -Pissing on the carpet next to a bed at a party
    -Pissing with loved ones in public
    -Peeing in the car

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  1. I really needed to pee upon waking. I had already taken my pants off to pee on the floor in the middle of the night. This time I threw two towels on the floor and stood over them and let go, emoting my bladder on the towels. I love making make shift toilets. I love having a designated spot to piss.
  2. Hmmm I pissed on the side of the road yesterday
  3. https://www.erome.com/a/rDSu0q08 video of me playing with my hairy big clit cunt
  4. Oh god yeah. I would be so honored and happy to use someone else’s house as my personal urinal. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m outside pissing, it feels more natural. But I looooce carpet pissing, standing to pee on the floor or spray walls and furniture. I like peeing in sinks, plants, out windows, you name it!
  5. I met up with my ex who indulges me. We were at his apartment, in his bedroom when he needed to take a piss. He said to me “I really need to take a piss. You tell me where to go and I will.” We were in his carpeted bedroom. I wanted him to allow me to help him take a piss in the corner on the wall, and let it drip down onto the carpet. He said sure. We walked over to the corner, I stood beside him. He let me unbutton, then unzip his jeans. I pulled his cock through the hole in his boxers. He was semi erect when I held onto his shaft. I let two of my fingers trace the head of his
  6. Woke up, stood over my bedroom floor and took a piss. It felt good to empty my morning bladder.
  7. I love when men use common places. Nothing turns me on more than a designated naughty piss spot. I love when a guy is outside and whips out his dick and doesn’t mind who sees him relieving himself.
  8. I needed to piss and was driving. I quickly pulled over to the side of the road and pulled down my pants beside the car and went piss. Two cars drove by as I was going. I was visible from the road so I know they saw the stream coming from between my legs.
  9. Recently hung out with my ex, we both used my car to piss in. After I finished going to the bathroom off the seat, I sat there with my legs spread letting it dry out. He looked over at my clit and reached over and opened my pussy with his fingers, exposing my throbbing swollen clit. He started gently rubbing it in circles with his middle finger and ring finger. He leaned over and began kissing on my neck. I let out a soft moan. He moved his my mouth, we kissed as he rubbed my wet pussy. His pants were still unzipped. I took my hand and wrapped my fingers around his hard cock. I began
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