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    Bi curious Male, enjoy pissing outside and exhibitionism. Love to chat and talk about kinky pissing and cumming moments.

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    Particularly enjoy soaking walls and floors with my delicious piss and leaving a puddle.Enjoy watching men and women pissing and equally being watched.
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    Sharing a shower with a friend, power pissing on each other.

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  1. Must of been a nice damp patch, and a fantastic silhouette of your dick in those shorts. Fantastic ❤️
  2. Fantastic, very cheeky skin gently back revealing that lovely head, nice piss stream as well. 😍
  3. You might do one day, just when you least expect it, it will fit if it is right. Don't plan to much. The most fun place to try is a derelict building. You can really take your time leaving nice patches of pee.
  4. Hi One of my most heart pounding moments was a long piss at the top of a multi storey carpark staircase, the thrill of pissing and someone coming was truly amazing. Takes time and the right mood though. ❤️
  5. I agree, I do like to squeeze my baggy foreskin together, fill it with piss like a balloon, really stretching my skin. Then letting it go, very nice experience and mess on the floor.
  6. Lovely stream, cock pulled back nicely. Bet that carpet was soaked.
  7. Do you like to make the soaking a little more messy pissing without you skin back or more jet like streams hitting the carpet with your head revealed?
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