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    North Devon UK
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    Single bi male, professional and clean. Few tattoos.

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    Being pissed on naked
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    Mutual piss play with a local (male) friend. We regularly get naked and pee all over each other (and we'd love to be joined by others)

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  1. Devon here too (and just changed my location so I show on the member map now. (Have recently moved from Yorkshire)
  2. I needed a pee, the beach was deserted, so why hide it? https://www.erome.com/a/wnYRLS88
  3. Great idea for a thread. The pee scene in this film is at 06.43.
  4. I've never peed my pants before, but, inspired by a friend on this site, I thought I'd have a go. And my white Kiniki see-throughs seemed just the right pants to try. It felt great. (Apologies for the lack of sound - will make sure the mic is on next time) https://www.erome.com/a/sMFfiyLx
  5. I now do the same on nude beaches. Just stand and let it flow. Its much more natural than hiding in the bushes lol
  6. Great video. Love your double stream
  7. I'd love to see videos of you peeing, Kev - and I'm sure you'll find an appreciative audience if you post. Andrew
  8. I have an old pottery jug that I love peeing into. My cock fits nicely over the lip of the jug, and i love the way the walls of the jug warm up from the heat of my piss. (I'll attempt a video soon)
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