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  1. I also now live in a semi rural area but grew up in the countryside and like you its fairly standard practice. When out walking along the river or in the conservancy area it's not unusual to see someone having a pee, after all, where else are they going to go, there's no toilets nearby.
  2. I'm just like you, I piss in the garden all the time and it's even more exciting when I can hear the neighbours in their garden.
  3. You did well just to get home,thanks for telling us what happened 👌
  4. Only once nearly got caught, when one of the admin girl's came into my office to ask me about something, I sat there with my cock out under the desk trying to look nonchalant and a puddle at my feet. I'm pretty sure I got away with it (I think).
  5. I will apologise firstly for asking this question as I'm sure it has been asked and answered on many other occasions. How many of you guys (male/female) have had a sneaky, naughty piss at work and not obviously in the toilets? I work in an office and have risked doing so on quite a few occasions although I will qualify that but saying that I have reduced the risk of being caught by doing mostly on a Saturday morning when there are very few staff about and with me it sometimes leads to a quick masturbation session. Just thought I'd ask as I can't believe that I'm in a small minority.
  6. Just love your vids and pics, please don't stop sharing with us.
  7. Loved the pics and vids, must have been very satisfying. Have got to say a big thanks for thinking of us guys and sharing. Keep up the fine work 👍
  8. I like the fact you seem to get a hard on when you pee, makes it more exciting for me
  9. I will certainly be looking forward to those when you do them, can hardly wait.
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