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  1. Not normally, as the type of business is one that means there is a constant interaction between management and administration and throughout the company there's an open door policy.
  2. It was my office and the girls worked in the outer office
  3. Hi runningback, if your question was for me, then it was the admin girls, true that being a Saturday it wasn't fully staffed but there were 3 girls there and either could have walked in on me.
  4. I can just imagine your head popping over the top of the fence while I'm in mid flow 😊
  5. I often go cycling and I find it hard to start peeing whilst sitting, so raise myself up to ease the pressure. Once I've started to pee then I can sit again and continue to let that wonderful warm feeling travel down my legs.
  6. Always quality from you my friend, absolutely loved it
  7. I know the feeling of perhaps getting seen or caught, you just need to be careful and pick the place to wank, no benefit in being reckless but get it right and it's a real buzz.
  8. Pleased you like it Devon, how you doing my friend?
  9. Bladder full so just had to piss and there was no way I was going indoors to use the toilet.
  10. My garden is overlooked by neighbours but over the years, I have learnt where I can pee without being noticed or I appear to be doing something, either kneeling or working between shrubs and then opening my trouser fly I can get my penis out and very casually pee while appearing to be doing something. Nobody has ever said anything or even bothered to look at what I'm doing.
  11. On at least a couple of occasions I've come across ladies peeing beside their cars with very little embarrassment.
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