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    Chatting to my neighbour over the fence as she stood just the other side as I was pissing in the garden, she must've have heard the puddle forming.

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  1. Blimey, you're making my heart race and there are definite twitchings going on down below. That's quite some imagination you have.
  2. You have really great fantasies, enjoyable to read.
  3. I for one would certainly applaud you, if only for being brave enough.
  4. I often walk in my garden with just a 't' shirt on and pee as and when the need takes me. The neighbours can't see unless they look over the fence. It's quite a turn on if I hear them in their garden.
  5. Do you know, I hadn't given that a thought, I always say that you can always learn something new every day.
  6. You and me both, what an image she gave us.
  7. I love to hold my foreskin closed over the head of my cock as I piss and watch it balloon and then release it , feels great. You can't do that with a cut foreskin.
  8. I know I would have a sneaky peek at you for sure 😊
  9. I like to do pretty much the same as I also go commando for much of the time.
  10. I don't often have a bath these days as I would normally shower but when I do I always pee as I lay soaking. I always pee in the shower so peeing in the bath seems quite normal.
  11. As a kid and I would go to the beach with the rest of my family, we would all pee on the beach including my parents. Sure sometimes more often than not we would go in the water and pee but we would also just discreetly pee into the sand. The toilets were either to far away or to disgusting to use. For the most we would just sit and pee through our costumes, no one would ever notice and if they did nothing was ever said.
  12. I go commando most of the time except for the rare occasion when I wear a pair of boxers. Easier to have a pee and I don't mind a few drips down my leg.
  13. Well done my friend, first hurdle over and I bet you felt great. Well done again.
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