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    Sydney AU
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    Gay guy living in Sydney. Love watching guys piss, especially uncut guys, being pissed on, piss marking.

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    I love the idea of trashing something with pee
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    At a nude beach in Sydney on a hot summers day, a guy saved up his piss and then pissed all over me and in my mouth (and then came on my face). I loved the feeling of the hot piss running down my face and body, and of being degraded in a way.

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  1. I volunteer @oliver2!
  2. What’s the point in having the urinals when there’s a perfectly good drain on the floor???
  3. I currently drive a Volvo XC40 as well as a Mercedes Benz 300CE-24. Previous cars include an Audi S3 convertible and a handful of Beamers. These are my babies (with me on the hood of the Audi as a bonus lol).
  4. On average 2-3 different guys a month over the 20-odd years I’ve been sexually average (bearing in mind there’s been times it’s been more and times it’s been less, so averaged out) and that maths on that is.. a lot haha
  5. Hi! Here’s a selection of me 🙂
  6. I want it to piss all over me and in my mouth
  7. Here’s a gif of when I went for a walk along the beach when I was on holiday earlier this year. Sat down on a log on the beach and whipped it out and let it flow. There was some people close by but I don’t think they saw
  8. Decided to start a thread of places I have pissed. Starting with this locker at the gym.
  9. Great thread mjp83 - you’ve got a hot cock and love the pics where you can see in from outside. So good!
  10. I wanted to, but it got very busy very quickly, so I had to dress and get out before I got caught or anything haha. And actually yes now I think of it, the snap my friend sent me was a view of him pissing, with his large cock.
  11. Yesterday after the gym I was drying off after a shower and opened a sexy Snapchat from a friend. I was instantly hard and started playing with myself under my towel (sat with my legs spread and my lap covered by the towel) and very quickly reached the point of no return and had to stand up, jerk off as quick as I could and cum into the towel before anyone saw. It was such a thrill and I’m about 90% sure a staff member clocked what I was doing (the end of the gif where I cover up with the towel was when someone walked past and glanced in my direction lol).
  12. I love summer, and I love going to the nude beaches here in Sydney, AU. It’s my favourite thing. But last summer I had two super hot pee encounters at the beach. The first was with a guy I’d met up with casually a few times before. We’d been talking about how we’re both into pee, and I asked if he’d be keen to pee on me. He said he would, and so we agreed to meet at the nude beach, and beforehand, he would drink plenty of water to make sure he really needed to go. After some time lying in the sun and swimming, he said he was finally busting, so we left our towels and moved to the roc
  13. So hot! I’d love to both do this myself and see this if I were taking a break at a rest stop
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