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    Gay male
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    Sydney AU
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    Gay guy living in Sydney. Love watching guys piss, especially uncut guys, being pissed on, piss marking.
    Selling used gear: https://www.malethingsworn.com/profile/sydneyrunner

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    I love the idea of trashing something with pee
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    At a nude beach in Sydney on a hot summers day, a guy saved up his piss and then pissed all over me and in my mouth (and then came on my face). I loved the feeling of the hot piss running down my face and body, and of being degraded in a way.

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  1. How I wish I was on my knees in front of you getting absolutely drenched
  2. Here’s another - I’m not hard but I like this pic.
  3. Recently I’ve discovered I get an amazing sensation pissing with a hard cock, leading to intense orgasms. This has led to me putting a towel on the bed so I can take care of two things at once: my morning boner, and a full bladder. Side note: has anyone ever bought a SplashBlanket or something similar to protect their sheets and mattress?
  4. I’ve pissed in cheap hotels and expensive ones. See my thread places I’ve pissed for a few examples 😉
  5. Also had a little mishap at work the other day. There’s only one toilet for the whole office. Oops.
  6. Went for a drive yesterday. There was a group of 5 or 6 men standing a few feet away, I think though knew what I was up to lol.
  7. Piss and cum on my bedroom carpet oops (it was getting steam cleaned the next day)
  8. I’ve been both the pisser and the pissee when I’ve been chatting with friends at nude beaches. Once my friend and I were on the rocky area at the end of a beach and I was looking in a rock pool below a big rock he was standing on and he just started to piss hands free off the rock. I was so tempted to jump under his stream! That was probably the most exciting haha
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