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    Gay guy living in Sydney. Love watching guys piss, especially uncut guys, being pissed on, piss marking.
    Selling used gear: https://www.malethingsworn.com/profile/sydneyrunner

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    I love the idea of trashing something with pee
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    At a nude beach in Sydney on a hot summers day, a guy saved up his piss and then pissed all over me and in my mouth (and then came on my face). I loved the feeling of the hot piss running down my face and body, and of being degraded in a way.

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  1. I’m on holiday on a popular tropical island at the moment. Yesterday, I went for a drive around the island and stopped for lunch at a little beach side restaurant. When I went to use the restroom, it was a room with a main door that could be locked, and a toilet and urinal inside separated by a divider but no door on the toilet. Underneath the urinal was a large, dark mat with a rubber base. Probably 2x4 feet. As I was locked in the room by myself I decided to see how absorbant it was - since I figured that’s why it was there! I unleashed all my piss straight on to the
  2. I do it because I want to mark my territory. I also want to mark someone else’s possessions - either their house, car or belongings so they have a reminder that I’ve been there. Other than that it just makes me hard whenever I do it hah
  3. I wish I had seen who left this massive puddle below the single urinal I found earlier today. And of course I added to it.
  4. Recently I went on holidays, and met up with a guy who I’ve met once before and chatted with for ages (I’ll leave him anon for now, but he’s on here 😉) We spent the day together on the beach, and over the course of the day, I pissed on him several times. A few times, while he was lying face down, I got playing with his butt, which eventually led to me fucking him right there on the beach. I finally got to fulfil my fantasy of pissing in a guys hole as I fucked him, which was amazing. I really needed to piss, and felt I left a decent size piss in him. After a while, we decided
  5. Just on the floor of a public toilet. I was so busting and it was my first piss of the day too. That one was a rush because it’s a fairly busy toilet on a main road.
  6. Sell the Camaro to someone who will appreciate it and buy a beater to trash like @Pee_punk said!
  7. In the back seat of a brand new rental car. Let out more than I planned, oops!
  8. Depends on the pants I’m wearing. Usually use my thumb on top as a bit of a guide for my dick, and my other fingers to hold my waistband or belt out of the way. If I’m wearing loose pants I’ll just let it hang.
  9. Today: Next to my car in an underground car park Making a mess of a toilet seat at a beachside public toilet
  10. Great videos. And hot bush in the semi hard video.
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