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  1. When I left for work early this morning I couldn’t resist having another carpet pee in the same spot I used last night. I left very early and there was nobody else around so on my way out I stopped on the first landing in the corner, but this time I pulled down my knickers and positioned myself in a low squat. I pissed all over the carpet once again. I really do love the buzz of pissing in places I shouldn’t.
  2. My favourite thing is carpet peeing however I don’t like peeing on my own carpet due to the cleanup and risk of smell. I get these massive urges every so often to pee on carpet though. It will sometimes reach the point where I can’t help myself. Tonight I decided to address the urge. I live in a block of flats and we have carpeted hallways and stairways, industrial carpet, heavy duty stuff. Wearing a black dress with no knickers I went down the first flight of stairs to the landing and I stood beside the open window. Listening to the rain falling outside I opened my legs into a wide stance and
  3. I’ve done this a few times. Quite often I’ll have a discreet garden pee if the toilet is occupied. I’ve attended parties in a block of flats where the toilet has been occupied so I’ve taken myself off for a quick pee in the hallway or stairwell. My most memorable time however was when I was attending a loud party in a large house with plentiful alcoholic drinks. There was a long queue for the bathroom and I couldn’t wait so I slipped off into what I think must have been the master bedroom. I pulled back the rug, squatted and peed copiously onto the carpet, then replaced the rug over the wet pa
  4. If I’m in the pool or sea I’ll just pee through my swimsuit as I think it would be rather obvious I was peeing if I was seen adjusting the crotch. If I am sitting on the sand at a beach or on grass I’ll usually just pee through the suit. The only time I wouldn’t is if I was by a pool on a lounger on concrete for example and I’d be given away by a telltale puddle. In those instances I’d either go into the pool and pee through my suit or go somewhere discreet and move the crotch aside so I wasn’t returning with a wet crotch on an otherwise dry suit.
  5. I have to pee leaning forward with my legs closed or this will happen.
  6. I think everyone pees in the shower, whether they’re one of us or not. If they say they don’t I’m pretty sure they’re lying. As for peeing in the sink I’ve done it before when I’ve been out drinking and been with a friend in the pub toilet which at our local is a toilet and sink in each cubicle set-up. She’ll take the toilet and I’ll take the sink. Saves waiting as there’s always a queue.
  7. My “I should stop but I’m not going to” moment came last weekend coming home from a night out. I really needed to piss desperately and would have struggled to make it home without leaking so I was on the lookout for a private spot to pee. I saw a block of flats with the door propped open and went in and had a look around the entrance and stairwell. There was nobody around so I decided to go for it and have a wee under the stairs. I stepped past a pushbike squatted under the stairs with my back to the wall. Lowering my jeans and thong I started to piss onto the floor. The relief was unreal. I’d
  8. This morning I got caught short in the car outside a busy train station and I had to pee in a McDonald’s cup as there was nowhere else to go. I couldn’t leave the car as I was waiting to pick someone up and there was nowhere I could squat discreetly outside. I took advantage of my car’s dark tinted windows and headed into the back of the car, sat right on the edge of the seat, pulled my knickers down and let loose into the cup. I think I’m very lucky I didn’t pee more or I’d have ended peeing on myself and flooding the car! I put the lid back on the cup and placed it in my drivers door cup hol
  9. Not a stranger’s car, but a neighbour’s car! I have a neighbour who is a real pain. Lots of noise, litter, anti social behaviour etc. Anyway I ordered a she wee online. When it arrived I practiced using it in the shower as suggested but last night, feeling confident, I went outside and got my revenge on my awful neighbour by pissing all over the side of their car not once but three times using the she wee. It was very satisfying on a number of levels.
  10. Who doesn’t love to lean back, relax and let loose into the warm water? It’s one of my favourite simple pleasures.
  11. I’ll often go outside even if I’m not particularly desperate, firstly if I see a good spot where I know I’ll get away with it, or secondly because I have a good spot and I may not later (if I’m out and about). There’s been occasions where I’ve been somewhere with a toilet but I’ll go outside and pee there because I enjoy doing it. For example I’ll sometimes go and pee in the car park at my block of flats during the night. Or I’ll drive a specific way home knowing there’s a lay-by about 10 minutes away I can pull over and pee in, even though I’m sure I could wait ten minutes till I’m home.
  12. For me I’d probably say inside a ruined church. Morally wrong for some, just walls to shield me from passers by to others. I’ve used the same ruined church on several occasions. Sometimes I just squat in the grass inside what was once the church. Other times I’ll sit on a stone ledge and pee off the edge.
  13. I was walking through the town centre after work this evening and felt the need to pee. I knew I’d end up uncomfortable if I tried to hold it till I got home and very often the bus station toilets are closed. On my route I pass a public toilet in the main shopping street in which you insert your 20p and the door automatically opens then closes behind you. Wanting my money’s worth, I ignored the toilet. I removed my knickers and pulled my skirt up to my waist. With my back to the wall next to the sink I squatted with my legs wide open and forcefully pissed the biggest, messiest puddle I could,
  14. I like to kneel and place a rolled up towel between my legs and hold it there to pee directly into it, feeling the warmth round my crotch.
  15. In my old job due to public transport I’d often arrive before the office was unlocked. It was located on a small industrial estate. There were several days when I’d arrive early and need to pee so I’d pop down the side of the building and squat behind a stack of pallets and pee into the gravel. In my current job my office is in a large converted townhouse across several floors. My office is at the very top and I don’t tend to get disturbed too often. I have a large plant in my office and I’ve had a sneaky wee into the plant pot several times now. Fortunately I can lock the door and I
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