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  1. You've got to love a wee in the woods. It's one of life's simple pleasures.
  2. Go for a walk alone and find somewhere out of sight to pee outside, like an alley way or in a bush.
  3. I think it's to do with position and angle as this happens to me when I pee sitting on a toilet but not when I squat and pee on the ground.
  4. Amazing video. How long had you been holding it before you went?
  5. I'd regularly pee outside when I was playing out with friends but generally it was forbidden. I can even remember one occasion when I was probably about six years old being told to wet myself and clean up when we got home as I was wearing dark clothing and it wouldn't have been obvious. I seem to remember it was on a shopping trip and we were about to head home at the time.
  6. Ah no I didn't. I'll try to remember to next time though.
  7. No. I tend not to take photos or videos when I'm pissing somewhere as public as that. I could get away with being drunk or caught short but I'd have a hard time trying to explain my way out of filming myself taking a piss if anyone did happen to catch me.
  8. People have definitely pissed there before. Guys I'd say as you can see the piss stains on the skirting board where they've pissed up the wall in the corner. Fortunately there's a window just above which I've opened to make sure there's no smell but despite people clearly using it as a toilet I've never noticed a smell. I must say I'm disappointed never to have caught anyone in th act to enjoy the show.
  9. So this morning I really wanted to do my morning piss on carpet but I rarely piss on my own (and certainly never the first pee of the day) as I'm a clean freak. I have a pair of leggings with a hole in the crotch so I put them on and headed to the carpeted stairway of the flats I live in. There's one particular corner that's hidden from view and you'd be able to hear people coming in time to stop. I headed to that corner and squatted with my back to the corner, facing outwards. I opened my legs and pissed onto the carpet through the hole in my leggings. I could hear my pee hissing in the early
  10. Seeing all the laundry behind you that's what I'd have chosen to piss over. I like to do that as there's no clean up really if it's going straight in the wash anyway. Sometimes I squat over the pile. Other times I sit on it, hold the laundry next to my pussy and pee into it that way.
  11. Just a question but when you go off the edge of the seat in the car does it soak into the carpet or does it pool leaving a puddle?
  12. Not a basement but my old house has a coal shed with a concrete floor. It was just off my kitchen via a walkway that led to the garden. The bathroom in that house was upstairs so quite often during the daytime if I needed to pee I'd go and squat in the coal shed. I'd hose it down to stop any piss smell every couple of days when I'd used it but there was nothing else in there, it was just an unused space about 8ft x 6ft with a concrete floor and a small frosted glass window high up. I used to really enjoy that.
  13. Self cleaning carpet so I could piss on it without the need for a clean up afterwards. And a completely private garden so I could go outside freely too.

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