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  1. https://www.erome.com/a/ehCfmd0T I worked away yesterday and found myself driving home late at night down a very busy A road. I really needed to pee having had a few energy drinks to keep me alert for the drive home. There were no services and every lay-by I encountered had lorries parked up for the night. After an hour of holding I felt really desperate and was beginning to think my only option was going to be to pee onto one of the floor mats in the car and take it in to wash it afterwards. I was so full to capacity I didn’t think it would even contain it and I didn’t want
  2. Driving home again from a long journey I once again found myself in the predicament of needing to pee. My need had been growing for a while and it became apparent I wouldn’t make it home. I headed straight for the closest lay-by on the B road I was on, and fortunately nobody else was there. I opened the drivers door and feeling slightly naughty I decided to piss into the road rather than hide behind the passenger side of the car. I pulled down my leggings and thong and squatted low over the tarmac. I pissed a powerful stream and I was pissing for a good two minutes. I took a photo of my puddle
  3. Tonight I ended up using a spot again that I've used before. I woke up in real need of a pee. I wanted a naughty pee but I didn't want a time consuming clean up of my own carpets in the early hours of the morning, nor to leave it and wake to a smell. I debated going outside in the car park or by the bin area but with the amount of windows open due to the hot weather, I thought the loud splashing of piss onto concrete would get me spotted. So I stepped outside of my flat and down a few steps of the carpeted stairway. I stopped in a corner which is shielded from immediate view (you co
  4. Can anyone advise how to block members please? I don't want to disable messages as a whole but I've had contact a little too persistent lately so would rather just block if possible. TIA.
  5. I would much rather pop into an alleyway, behind a building, behind parked car etc and pee there than wet myself. If there was nowhere discreet and I had no choice I'd wet myself but only releasing a little at a time so as not to leave a telltale puddle at my feet. I usually wear dark clothing anyway so it wouldn't be too noticeable. I don't like being wet though so my definite preference would be a quick wee somewhere out of sight.
  6. I ended up having to drive a long distance late last night with a growing need to pee. Coming off the motorway I looked for somewhere discreet to pull over but it was all residential and busy so I kept going. I knew I was coming to a layby screened off with trees which is usually a good spot for relief but when I got there, there was a lorry driver already parked up there for the night. I went a bit further along and turned into an industrial estate, driving right to the bottom where it was quiet and unlit. By this point if I hadn't found somewhere I'd have probably wet myself. I pulled over o
  7. In no particular order I'd say: - pissing outdoors - pissing on carpet - generally pissing in places I shouldn't (communal hallways/stairways, storage cupboards, hotel rooms, car parks, pool changing cubicle floors, the more inventive and naughty the better) - watching males peeing - watching females peeing and imagining myself doing it
  8. Like many others here I wouldn't want anything too outlandish. Just to be able to pop out of sight behind a building, between parked cars or into a quiet corner/bush to pee when the need arises. That being said I've always wanted to wee into the seat or onto the floor in the cinema. If we were talking way out of reality I'd like to squat facing the edge of the open observation deck on the Shard and watch my stream splashing off the glass.
  9. I like to piss in the shower after I've been swimming. Sometimes pulling my suit aside at the crotch, other times through my suit. Other times I've peed in the changing cubicle. One one occasion I held my swimsuit I'd just taken off up to my privates and pissed through it to cover any hissing. Other times when I've been the only person there I've squatted and pissed straight onto the floor. I'm well hydrated so it's just a clear puddle.
  10. I've just had a lovely wee outside. I took my rubbish to the bins and looked up, taking in what a clear, peaceful night it is. I hadn't intended to pee while I was there but almost instinctively I pulled my leggings and knickers down and pissed onto the concrete, hearing the splashing of my stream into my growing puddle as the only noise around me on an otherwise peaceful evening. I didn't have anything to wipe with so I pulled up my knickers and leggings, stepped over my puddle and went back inside.
  11. I usually manage to find somewhere discreet to piss outside (car park, alley, gutter, over a grid etc) if I get caught short so I won't make a habit of this but it was certainly good fun.
  12. Yes and it saved me a huge clean up as the box and paper contained all the piss whereas if I'd have had to go on the chipboard flooring in the back of the van it would have been like a flood.
  13. I borrowed a van today to pick up some large items from a seller. When I got there, the person I was waiting for said they were running late - bad news as I needed to pee. I looked around for somewhere to go but I couldn't see anywhere. There were industrial units like the one I was waiting outside on one side of the road and houses along the other. The safest place I could see was the overgrow side walkway and entrance to a house opposite. I'd have had cover but with people working from home I decided not to risk it incase the occupier stepped outside for a cigarette to find me peeing on thei
  14. I tried one at a festival a couple of years ago. To be honest I might as well have wet myself. Maybe it wasn't positioned correctly but I ended up with pee all over my hand, jeans and underwear. It's a shame as I think they're a great idea and I'd have loved it to work.
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