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  1. Driving home from a long journey last night I got within 10 miles of home and needed to pee desperately. I knew I wouldn’t make it so I planned to stop at the first chance to have a pee in a lay-by, car park, alley way etc - whichever I came upon first. I came first to a lay-by but there was a lorry parked up so I wouldn’t have privacy. Driving onwards I chanced upon another lay-by set back from the road with nobody there, but a farmhouse behind some 50 metres away. I pulled in and got out the car immediately as I was by that point desperate. I knew I could potentially be seen from the farm ho
  2. I was seeing a guy some years ago and the first time I went to his house I was embarrassed and didn’t ask where the bathroom was as I didn’t want him knowing I had to pee. After several times it would have looked odd having been a good few times to suddenly ask where the toilet was so if I stayed over I’d keep drinks minimal and hold it till the morning when I’d stop off on the way home early in the morning and pee in a pub car park on the way home, or otherwise in the gutter on a quiet side street if it was still dark!
  3. I’d love to do that. Did anyone notice? Did your partner know you were doing it?
  4. I always pee in my swimsuit when I’m in water be it a pool, hot tub, the sea etc. In fact I’ll consciously hold it in knowing I can go in the water later on.
  5. I’ll only do it if nobody is around but if it’s really dirty already it doesn’t bother me at all to pee on the floor as that way I don’t have to sit in or hover over a mess. I do find an obvious puddle quite satisfying when I’ve finished I must say.
  6. I did once when I was about 13. I was in my school uniform and I gathered my skirt up behind me so my legs were still covered at the front and from a side view. I pulled my knickers down as little as I could get away with and weed directly into the upholstered seat. I was desperate and I didn’t want to wet my knickers on my way into school. The seat absorbed my whole wee and I don’t remember any drips onto the floor. It was a quiet bus and there was nobody around. When I’d finished I pulled my knickers back up discreetly and slid across to the other side of the seat.
  7. 1) Peeing on a partner - 7 2) Being peed on by a partner - 4 3) Peeing in your partner's face - 0 4) Having your own face peed on - 0 5) Having your partner drink your pee from the source - 3 6) Drinking your partner's pee from the source - 0 7) Watching your partner piss all over the carpet - 10 8 ) Yourself pissing all over the carpet in front of your partner - 10 9) Wetting yourself while your partner watches - 8 10) Watching your partner wet him/her self - 0 11) Having your partner hold your dick/part your labia while you pee - 9 12) B
  8. I’m a straight woman but I enjoy women peeing as I like to identify myself with them and picture myself in that particular scenario and how that would make me feel. My search of choice is always men pissing but I’ve got many an inspiration from watching other women doing something naughty.
  9. I’ll always pee on the floor if the toilet isn’t in the state where you’d want to sit on it.
  10. I’ve just enjoyed a really naughty piss coming back from a night out. A friend of mine has just moved to a small town within a large county in the middle of the country, to take a step back from a busy career and to be closer to where she grew up. I’ve come to spend the weekend with her and we’ve been for a night out. Walking back along the high street to get to her flat I was desperate to piss and she commented she needed to go also, so we were both on the lookout for a park, alleyway or side street etc but we’d already walked for a good ten minutes on a still fairly busy street with no luck.
  11. As a woman I don’t see the issue with the post and I am happy to answer - curiosity is healthy and normal when someone else owns body parts that you don’t. I always wonder when men pee - do they aim at one target on the wall, or do they like to aim up and down, side to side to soak a greater area? It’s human nature to wonder and as a woman I take no offence at all. To answer the question I think it’s likely we’d still have squatted as in my experience it’s the easiest way to avoid wet legs and feet. Looking in nature, animals adopt a position which avoids wetting their fur so I’d assume
  12. I did this only this morning. I am a key holder at work and went in to open up the offices early. I bypassed the ladies and went into the gents. Pulling my trousers down to mid thigh level and the crotch of my thong aside I backed up to the ceramic urinal in the gents and half squatted half hovered over it and did my morning piss into it. I was worried as my stream tends to direct forwards that I would overshoot the urinal and piss on the floor in front of it. I counteracted this by leaning forwards which directed my stream into the urinal. It was very satisfying and I could actually see urina
  13. I’d be a bit worried my stream would miss and overshoot the trough tbh
  14. I did this in the early hours of a Sunday morning a few weeks ago. I’d got into a taxi home following a night out. Having been caught at two sets of temporary traffic lights I asked the driver to pull over at the side of the road about halfway into the 20 minute journey as I needed the toilet, but he refused. With the logic of a few drinks I thought “fuck it” and pissed through my thong and short black dress into the seat. I had to keep stopping the stream to avoid hissing or splashing while I waited for it to soak into the seat. I arrived home much relieved and as my dress was black and it wa
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