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  1. In no particular order I'd say: - pissing outdoors - pissing on carpet - generally pissing in places I shouldn't (communal hallways/stairways, storage cupboards, hotel rooms, car parks, pool changing cubicle floors, the more inventive and naughty the better) - watching males peeing - watching females peeing and imagining myself doing it
  2. Like many others here I wouldn't want anything too outlandish. Just to be able to pop out of sight behind a building, between parked cars or into a quiet corner/bush to pee when the need arises. That being said I've always wanted to wee into the seat or onto the floor in the cinema. If we were talking way out of reality I'd like to squat facing the edge of the open observation deck on the Shard and watch my stream splashing off the glass.
  3. I like to piss in the shower after I've been swimming. Sometimes pulling my suit aside at the crotch, other times through my suit. Other times I've peed in the changing cubicle. One one occasion I held my swimsuit I'd just taken off up to my privates and pissed through it to cover any hissing. Other times when I've been the only person there I've squatted and pissed straight onto the floor. I'm well hydrated so it's just a clear puddle.
  4. I've just had a lovely wee outside. I took my rubbish to the bins and looked up, taking in what a clear, peaceful night it is. I hadn't intended to pee while I was there but almost instinctively I pulled my leggings and knickers down and pissed onto the concrete, hearing the splashing of my stream into my growing puddle as the only noise around me on an otherwise peaceful evening. I didn't have anything to wipe with so I pulled up my knickers and leggings, stepped over my puddle and went back inside.
  5. I usually manage to find somewhere discreet to piss outside (car park, alley, gutter, over a grid etc) if I get caught short so I won't make a habit of this but it was certainly good fun.
  6. Yes and it saved me a huge clean up as the box and paper contained all the piss whereas if I'd have had to go on the chipboard flooring in the back of the van it would have been like a flood.
  7. I borrowed a van today to pick up some large items from a seller. When I got there, the person I was waiting for said they were running late - bad news as I needed to pee. I looked around for somewhere to go but I couldn't see anywhere. There were industrial units like the one I was waiting outside on one side of the road and houses along the other. The safest place I could see was the overgrow side walkway and entrance to a house opposite. I'd have had cover but with people working from home I decided not to risk it incase the occupier stepped outside for a cigarette to find me peeing on thei
  8. I tried one at a festival a couple of years ago. To be honest I might as well have wet myself. Maybe it wasn't positioned correctly but I ended up with pee all over my hand, jeans and underwear. It's a shame as I think they're a great idea and I'd have loved it to work.
  9. He's probably mid to late 20s and quite nerdy. He usually wears business suits and normally leaves very early so I'm guessing he commutes. I don't think he realised he was spotted either as he was stood still facing the door for a while so I'm guessing he was very caught up in his relief and focused only on that. I couldn't believe my luck seeing the wee running down the door and the growing puddle by his feet.
  10. Today walking back from town I witnessed a neighbour in the house next to the block of flats I live in frantically searching his pockets outside his front door looking for his door key. I was watching him as I walked up the road. The house is an old Victorian house with a recessed doorway. He stopped searching and I assumed he went to open his door. Only he didn't. He was there a while, just facing his closed door. As I got closer I realised he obviously couldn't wait to get inside to pee and was peeing up his own front door. I couldn't see his stream or anything but I could see the wee runnin
  11. I generally avoid my own carpet as I'm a clean freak. Carpets in hotels, communal areas in flats etc are fair game but if I can't resist and I do end up pissing on my own carpet I will soak up the wetness with an old towel straight away which then goes straight into the wash. I'll use my carpet shampooer then once dry I use the Vanish foam spray you leave for two hours then hoover. Due to the lengthy clean up I rarely piss on my own carpet and on the rare occasions I do it's becaus I've really badly wanted to. If I've done it on the stairwell carpet or in a hotel I don't clean up, I just leave
  12. I'd say outdoors up a wall or on the floor somewhere they shouldn't.
  13. You've got to love a wee in the woods. It's one of life's simple pleasures.
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