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  1. Peeing on carpet, peeing in a hotel, peeing in a car park, peeing just out of sight in public, peeing somewhere you really shouldn’t, there’s endless possibilities.
  2. Last night I went to a house party which, having many guests and only one bathroom, led to inevitable peeing outside from both male and female guests including myself. I stepped outside when nobody was around and peed at the side of the house, quickly readjusted my clothing and went back inside. At the end of the party in the early hours I got the train home, a journey of around 20 minutes. I noticed another guest from the party got on the train and came to sit opposite me. We were the only people in the carriage and we got talking about the night. He was an attractive guy, a little youn
  3. I’ve tried at work but it was a fail. My office is on the attic floor of a converted townhouse and the nearest toilet is two floors down. My office is the only one up there. The other two rooms are used for filing and storage, along with a small kitchen area with a sink, kettle and microwave. For various reasons I try to avoid going downstairs to use the toilet when I’m busy as there’s usually someone who will ask for assistance and divert me from my own tasks. On one occasion I decided to lock my office door and pull the blinds and take a piss in an empty mug. I pulled my skirt up, and my kni
  4. It’s one of my favourite things to do. I usually try to stay out of sight but on one occasion I just pulled up into a lay-by and was so desperate I didn’t attempt to hide, I just pissed onto the ground right next to my car in view of the road. There weren’t any passing cars, I kind of hoped there would be though. Another one of my frequent roadside piss spots is on a small industrial estate in a semi rural area. I also enjoy sometimes taking a piss beside my car in the car park of the building I live in. There’s also one particular journey I do quite regularly and I make a point of using one o
  5. I’d love to do that, it’s one of my biggest fantasies. I think the best thing to do is piss early into the stay and try to hold back for the last 24 hours to give things a chance to dry. If you stay well hydrated there shouldn’t be an issue with odour, the only thing is to avoid anything where you’d leave visible water marks. I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I would!
  6. It’s so nice that you get to experience this together. Thank you for sharing with us.
  7. I’d love to come visit so I could legitimately go on the floor whenever I needed to go. Does your landlord never ask questions though?
  8. I have a memory from school days in a playground, but not the school playground. The secondary school I attended was bordered by fields, the other side of which was a housing estate. At the back of the estate was a park with a playground. In the summer a few of us discovered an escape from the school playing field and we’d spend all day in the park in the sunshine. This resulted in inevitable outdoor peeing as having escaped from school, nobody was going back to pee. The boys used to pee in the bushes bordering the park but there were less discreet places for the girls to go. We’d usually just
  9. Go outside on a hard surface such as concrete. I love to watch the steam coming off the stream and the puddle as it forms in cold weather.
  10. 100x100https://t1.erome.com/625/FnBNVXth/thumbs/OC6aAuei.jpg[/img] I did my morning piss in the waste bin in my room first thing. My puddle from earlier had dried but I didn’t want to risk another piss on the floor in case the carpet puddle didn’t dry by the time I checked out. I walked along the corridor, up a small flight of stairs and along another corridor to find the toilet occupied with someone who was clearly unwell and a young man outside taking a leak on the wall and carpet in the corridor, looking still worse for wear from last night. He apologised and turned away explainin
  11. I will admit to having done this and I’m not the only one who can say the same, I’m sure. If you’re shopping alone or with a small child you can’t leave the shopping or child while in the supermarket to answer the need and if you’re parked well away from the store with nobody else around it’s much more convenient to have a quick pee squatting behind your car once you’ve loaded your shopping in than it is to have to go all the way back in (with a child in tow usually) afterwards. I tend to shop in the evening so whenever I’ve done this it’s been dark for cover but I’ve seen tell tale puddles be
  12. 100x100https://t1.erome.com/625/Cw7kzJK8/thumbs/bajDvusY.jpg[/img] I’ve been for a night out with friends in a seaside town and I booked into a budget hotel / B&B. We had a great night out with drinks flowing freely and I stumbled back to the hotel at about 3.30am and went straight to bed. Around an hour later I awoke needing to piss. The room was not en suite and there was a shared toilet down a corridor and up some stairs. In the haze of drunken logic I was worried I wouldn’t find it and then make it back to my room in the darkness, plus it was cold, so I went to the end o
  13. Mine is very simple. I’d love to be one of the pee sightings posted by @Alfresco or @Big Bear, and to log on here to see a description of a girl who disappeared up an alley on a night out and pissed a massive puddle to be documented later by an observer who was watching from a distance, unnoticed - knowing as I read that this was in fact me.
  14. I’d love to be your neighbour to be able to catch sight of this!
  15. She was looking at me as I pissed. She didn’t look away. Watching isn’t quite the right word. I just had my head down trying to avoid eye contact with her.
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