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  1. I enjoyed watching this. Thanks for posting.
  2. I'm not really a fan of wetting but I thought I'd share a story from last night. I'd returned home from a supermarket shop during which my need to pee had been growing. I wanted to get my shopping home as I had frozen items so I didn't stop to use the toilet in the store. I loaded the bags into the boot and debated squatting beside the car to relieve myself but the car park was still quite busy and I don't live far from the supermarket anyhow. I drove home and rather than go inside straight away to use the toilet I decided to take the shopping inside rather than risk it defrosting - it'd only take a minute or two extra. I badly needed to pee but I was sure I could hold it. When I got into my flat the plan was to put the shopping in the kitchen then head to the bathroom. I got as far as the kitchen where I put the bags on the side. I turned around and took two steps with the intention of going to the bathroom but my bladder had other plans. I felt a squirt of pee escape followed quickly by another. I tried to stop it but I'd gone past the point of no return. I knew I was going to lose it even if I attempted to make a run for the bathroom. My jeans and knickers were already wet in the crotch. I knew I wouldn't even have time to pull my jeans and knickers down. The only thing I could do was squat to avoid the pee running down my legs and spoiling my new shoes. I dropped to a squat as the inevitable flood came. There would have been no holding it back. I was peeing before I was even in position. I was squatting over the tiled kitchen floor pissing through my jeans and knickers for what seemed like forever. Because I'd squatted the pee mostly wet my crotch and bum with damp area at my thighs. The puddle spreading across the floor tiles was huge. I took my jeans and knickers off and threw them straight into the washing machine and I mopped the large puddle with towels and sheets that were waiting to be washed, then threw them into the washer too, and I went on to unpack my shopping. I don't think I've ever lost control like that before. Normally I can hold for hours. I guess it is because I was desperate and I kept putting it off. I can honestly say though, I've never felt relief quite like I did as I squatted pissing through my jeans onto the kitchen floor.
  3. I love how someone walks past on the street below and you just keep going. The passer by seems totally oblivious too.
  4. You're close to me. I'd happily watch you and pee for/alongside you.
  5. I regularly pee in the bath. I like to totally relax in the warm water and if the need to pee arises I'll do it as I lay there rather than get out and get cold, then I'll shower off afterwards. I like the feeling of complete relaxation.
  6. I've just taken the rubbish down to the bins outside the block of flats I live in and took advantage of the fact nobody was around to have a wee behind the bins. I pulled my leggings down and squatted to wee onto the concrete. I didn't have any tissue so I pulled my leggings and knickers back up, stepped over the puddle I'd made and went back inside.
  7. My funniest memory would be when my ex's sister used to take me horse riding with her. She had several horses kept in a barn she rented in a nearby village. One of the first few times I went with her I found myself increasingly uncomfortable mid way through the day, needing to urinate but there were no facilities. I mentioned to her that I needed to wee. She pointed to the other side of the barn to where some rectangular straw bales were stacked and said "go and sit over there, I'll be back in a few minutes". I assumed she was going to get the car and drive to a McDonald's a few miles away so we could use the toilet as had happened on a previous occasion. She was gone what seemed like ages. I looked at my phone and it had been twenty minutes. By that point I was squirming with the need to go. Where was she?! I started eyeing up potential options. Do I pee in a stable? There wasn't one free without a very large horse in it! What about into a bucket? I couldn't find one that wasn't in use. I scanned around the outside area and I couldn't immediately see anywhere with enough cover for a sneaky outdoor wee, not even between cars parked in the car park at the farm entrance. I looked again at my phone as I sat on the straw bale. She'd been over half an hour and I was SO close to losing it. Eventually she came back. "What on earth have you been doing all this time?" She asked me. I explained I was desperate to pee and I was waiting for her. "What for?" She asked me and seemed really confused. It turned out I'd misunderstood her and she had in fact directed me to sit on the straw bale I'd spent the last half hour sitting waiting on and wee into it. I didn't need telling twice. I pulled my jodhpurs and knickers down as she stood in front of me and I was weeing before I'd even sat back down on the straw bale. My wee was hissing loudly but not splashing as it was running through the straw to the dirt floor of the barn below. I'd shut my eyes momentarily, relishing the relief. When I opened them my ex's sister was still stood there almost rooted to the spot on the disbelief that I was so desperate I'd just pee in front of her like I was. She couldn't stop looking even though I could tell she felt uncomfortable. I made very awkward eye contact with her and in absolute embarrassment I looked to the floor where I realised with horror that my pee, silenced by the straw bale I was pissing into, was flooding in a stream from beneath the bale which was then running forwards to where she standing and was pooling around her very expensive riding boots and she hadn't noticed. I caught her eye again and looked downwards when she noticed she was essentially standing in a large pool of pee, as I still continued weeing, unable to stop or reposition my sitting position as I sat on the bale continuing to piss into it. She looked absolutely horrified and she was rooted to the spot as my piss continued to pool around her feet. I have the misfortune of laughing in awkward situations and I began to laugh. It was suddenly really, really funny. She briefly looked like she too wanted to laugh but she didn't. She walked off and by then I'd finished weeing. I pulled up my knickers and jodhpurs and we went about the rest of our day. The incident was never spoken of again, but every time I think back to that memory I end up laughing over how funny it was - and wasn't - at the same time!!!
  8. I actually considered becoming an escort to offer purely pee services as I enjoy it and I would be getting paid for pretty much pissing on command. I decided against it though as it's really a niche thing and although this page proves there'd be interest I doubt there'd be enough on a local level to sustain it.
  9. I discovered this recently too. You have to let it out in spurts though which was great to be able to pee publicly unnoticed (there was literally nowhere I could have discreetly squatted) but not so good in terms of the wonderful satisfaction of letting loose and unleashing a flood when you're desperate. But I can confirm if you let go small amounts at a time you can piss in black leggings unnoticed without leaving a puddle or wetting your shoes.
  10. I'd love to squat and pee with my legs wide open while a guy pees into my stream. I've always wanted to do this but as of yet I haven't been lucky enough to make it a reality.
  11. Really great pics, keep them coming!
  12. I pee outside quite often, sometimes more for pleasure than for desperation, but previously only ever where I absolutely knew I wouldn't be seen or disturbed. Since Covid I've peed behind toilet buildings in parks and other places where I've even encountered other women (who were remarkably accepting) or seen evidence women have been there to pee. Before Covid it likely wouldn't have been an accepting response if another lady came across you mid-stream, weeing on the ground. Now I've been acknowledged and the other lady will carry on to do her business.
  13. I'd love to visit and pee freely on the floor like you do!

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