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  1. Also Uk, We seem a little under represented here!
  2. Festivals. It's literally impossible not to see anything. /Thread 🤣
  3. I find being high really increases the risk enjoyment factor for me and physical feeling but I actually find I'm less adventurous when I am. Usually anyway one night I did piss on my roommates carpet 🙊😈
  4. So I have a busy life usually just idoly scroll this place looking for stuff I find hot but I decided to try and find the time to get more involved. Mostly because I realised I have a lot of stories people here would enjoy from years of doing music festivals and outdoor drinking. I've always been interested in girls peeing outside and in naughty places since not long after I realised doing it myself felt amazing and spent my 20s seeing it a lot but only rarely being involved. Then in my late 20s I started working out and got really hot and it's suddenly amazing what girls will do for you
  5. All the time. My bed was next to a low window on the ground floor so no one could see in any direction. Any time I'd had a beer would just stand up lean out so that it didn't dribble on my bed at the end and just pee as far as i could onto the grass outside 🤣
  6. I used to do this when I was younger for fun but only when it was like swimming pool toilets anyway which were wet anyway. I've met a couple of girls in my life who admitted they have done it for a laugh before or because they venue upset them in some way and quite a lot more who admit to doing it when they didn't wanna go anywhere near the gross toilet 🤣
  7. When I do festivals I get out of the tent in the night just in case I see anything but I let drunk girls pull the ground sheet up in probably the exact same tent you have and piss on the grass. I also do the exact same thing as your name 😝
  8. I was at a house party in my teens and the host was hogging the only bathroom with her boyfriend. Obviously this wasn't a problem for the guys who just went outside behind a bush but one girl who absolutely hated the host got angry waiting for the toilet. She grabbed me by the arm.and pulled me into the hosts bedroom and told me to hold the door closed and dropped to her knees ripping her underwear off and she went down and pissed all over the hosts bedroom carpet 😈😈 The look of relief and enjoyment on her face as she did it was insane 😈
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