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    I’m on here because I’m a female with a very nice body, slim-thick as a matter of fact...5’2, lovely fat ass, little waist, and an extremely nice scrumptious lookin pussy. Meaning nothing hangin, none of the roast beef sandwich lookin stuff, tight, pink, and thick! Got nice little thick thighs to go along with it! I’m not gay but for the longest time it’s been such a turn on to watch a pretty girl with a very nice pussy, baring it all on some zero fucks given, takin a nice powerful leak in public or just anywhere in general. So erotic, wreckless, and sexy! I myself like to do the same. If you enjoy seeing girls pop a squat showing their whole pussy and pissin out a fountain, I can send you videos of me doing as such...message me if interested!

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    I love being watched while I pee and I love to pee in a way that whoever’s watching can get the best possible view of my pussy....which means I like peeing anywhere but in the toilet!
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    Peeing down the staircase in the stairwell of a hotel...I flooded that shit!

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  1. Yes...in the past, present and I will in the future too! Check it out...and enjoy the view! https://www.erome.com/i/WVOHPcwq https://www.erome.com/i/yGTNdLoO
  2. Oh yes a few times! Back in the day when I used to live with my parents they had a nice big basement, I’ve popped a squat down there plenty of times when I didn’t feel like going all the way upstairs to use the toilet. Oh and once I took a mean piss in the boiler room! The puddle was huge and unlike the other puddles I made in the basement I left this one and didn’t wipe it up! It was behind a bunch of boxes and junk so eventually it just evaporated
  3. The carpet, the bathroom floor, anywhere outside...those are my favorite places to pee other than the boring old toilet🚽🧻🚫❌👎🏻
  4. I posted the link to my gallery a couple days ago of me pissing on the bathroom floor...if you thought you liked those, I just posted two new ones I literally just filmed yesterday. I added some variety to my collection...each new video is a different pee spot other than the bathroom floor...and this time you can see all of me! Go check it out 💛 https://www.erome.com/a/6hGilCgW btw, another new video should be coming today at some point. Stay tuned
  5. Literally one of my regular naughty pee spots is the bathroom floor. If it’s on the bathroom floor (toilets are wack!, can’t get a nice view using one of those!) I have these big old towels I just toss over it and let it soak up. I have to keep lots of those on deck bc when I pee, I PEE! Sometimes I be leaving a literal golden lake behind so I need lots of old towels not only to have enough to soak up my big puddle I left, but so I don’t run out because I love peeing on the bathroom floor and taking a video of it with my phone so it happens often. I need to have extra towels so that I still ha
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