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    I'm a college student who loves naughty peeing and desperation! No sexual messaging please; I am taken ❤️

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    Naughty peeing
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    Pissing in my college’s football press box and almost getting caught!

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  1. I definitely would! This is such a fantasy of mine!
  2. I was doing laundry the other day and realized I had to pee. I was going to leave the laundry room when I realized I had a perfect opportunity in front of me. I was wearing a skirt with no panties, it was late at night, and the room was empty. I walked over to the corner of the room and let a little squirt out onto the floor. Luckily I didn't have to go too bad and was able to stop it easily, but I wanted more. As soon as I got back to my room I pulled out the stuffed animal and book that I had bought specifically to piss on. I held the white plush up to my pussy and just let go since I had wa
  3. My friend and I went into town today to get dinner and Starbucks. All in all I had a medium coffee, a huge sweet tea and a little bit of a second glass, and my water from throughout the day. I don't know how long I ended up holding, but this may have only been my second pee of the day and it ended up happening in my jeans almost as soon as I walked into my room. I was able to stop, but it was pretty exciting having an actual accident for the first time in however long!
  4. I'm a sucker for a loud, gushing pee into a soft surface like furniture or clothing.
  5. I've recently become more interested in wetting different objects (stuffed toys, clothes, books, etc.) and I've made the decision to order a few cheap things from the store to fulfill this little fantasy. So far I pretty much only have the examples I listed above: a white shirt that I plan to ball up and tie dye of sorts ;), a little white plush toy, and a book by an author I don't particularly like. I would love to hear other suggestions as I will probably post pictures somewhere!
  6. This happened about twenty minutes ago. I was out shopping with my mom, with an armful of clothes to try on and a VERY full bladder. I thought I could make it back to my dorm until I found myself crossing my legs and bouncing while pretending to look at clothes. I saw two available options: wet myself in my red leggings, very noticeable, or relieve myself at least a little in the dressing room. This is one of my favorite stores and one I come to frequently so I was a little hesitant, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I handed my selections to the employee an
  7. So I tried edibles for the first time today and it really brought out my kink! I grabbed a diaper and I first went out with my roommate and let little spurts out. It was so exciting to just pee while surrounded by people! Later, she went outside to smoke so I ended up soaking myself silly! Although the diaper was nice so I didn't have to clean up, I missed pissing my panties, so I put on a pair underneath and just let go. The panties were absolutely saturated in no time. Without thinking, I saw my roommates open drawer, grabbed one of her socks and held it up to me while I let out the rest of
  8. I’ve always wanted for a boyfriend to control my bladder for a day. Making me drink tons of fluids, take me on a walk when he knows how badly I have to pee. Then he teases me, trying to make me lose control until I finally wet myself. On a similar note, sit in his lap and he presses on my bladder so I piss all over his hard cock. Hoping this could someday come true!
  9. I have peed in a fitting room on two occasions. One, I mostly went on a shirt I didn’t like very much. And the other, it was more a matter of desperation and I let go some on a chair that unfortunately did not absorb much haha.
  10. Personally, I think talking is always sexy, like describing what you’re doing or how it feels. I’m less a fan of desperation and more naughty things, but seeing a wet spot on boxers is always a win!
  11. Earlier today I was in the store looking for a shirt that had caught my eye a few days ago. I was quite desperate and realized with an armful of tops to try on that I could fulfill a fantasy of mine. After trying on all the tops, I selected a black and white checkered crop top with long sleeves that I just didn’t like on me. I pulled down my jeans and panties with the sound of people all around in other dressing rooms and right outside. I held the sleeve up to my pussy and tried to relax. Even though I was desperate I didn’t get more than a tiny spot. Disappointed, I tried again, this time get
  12. This was about a year ago. At the time, I had just told my then-boyfriend about my pee fetish and he had agreed to control my bladder for the night. We went to the grocery store to get snacks and drinks and I went off to look at the cosmetics. I thought it would be a naughty little thrill to let out just a squirt into my panties in public. With a sneaky grin, I ducked into one of the aisles and relaxed just a little bit. But I gravely overestimated my willpower and underestimated my desperation... I tried to curb the flow almost as soon as it started but that didn’t happen what
  13. I’m into most everything about pee haha. Naughty peeing and desperation are my main interests though I’m also curious about diapers. Love wetting, being peed on 😍, would love to pee on someone but I get a little shy. I’m open to basically everything else!
  14. I’m not proud of it, but I would probably get pretty turned on as well. First the desperation, then seeing someone else get aroused by my pissing. It’d be a lot! 😜
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