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  1. I’m starting to think I’ve had too many Sprites at work!

    1. kalle2020


      So - what did that lead to?

  2. This was about a year ago. At the time, I had just told my then-boyfriend about my pee fetish and he had agreed to control my bladder for the night. We went to the grocery store to get snacks and drinks and I went off to look at the cosmetics. I thought it would be a naughty little thrill to let out just a squirt into my panties in public. With a sneaky grin, I ducked into one of the aisles and relaxed just a little bit. But I gravely overestimated my willpower and underestimated my desperation... I tried to curb the flow almost as soon as it started but that didn’t happen what
  3. I’m into most everything about pee haha. Naughty peeing and desperation are my main interests though I’m also curious about diapers. Love wetting, being peed on 😍, would love to pee on someone but I get a little shy. I’m open to basically everything else!
  4. I’m not proud of it, but I would probably get pretty turned on as well. First the desperation, then seeing someone else get aroused by my pissing. It’d be a lot! 😜
  5. I was going to karaoke with some friends for a birthday party. I realized I had to pee when I got there but I didn’t want to come in and immediately go find a bathroom so I just got out of the car, moved my panties to one side, hiked up my skirt and went on the curb. Near the end, I saw some headlights straight ahead. I still don’t know if they were driving or stopping to take in the view, but I kept going, finished, and neatly brushed my skirt back into place before entering the building.
  6. Hi! I’m Valerie, from the US. I’ve had a pee fetish for quite a long time and I’ve been a silent regular to the site for almost as long. I figured it was finally time to actually interact with people and the community. I started getting into pee with omorashi and have since added golden showers and naughty peeing to the list. Huge fan of indoor naughty pees/ vandalism. I’ve dabbled in it when I was away at college and I’m always open to suggestions! My favorite experience was probably walking around campus just pissing where I pleased, on a common room couch, in the hallway, my dorm rug... Any
  7. I love a good naughty pee but I’ve found I’ve been running out of ideas. Some of my fantasies are mall changing rooms, vandalism, clothing, etc. Any suggestions? Female btw 🙂

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