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  1. I think you need to experiment with more naughty places and update us all! Glad you had fun
  2. Come on in, the water s lovely
  3. weteric


    Your English is amazing. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope to hear more about your urgent accidents
  4. Come on in, the water's lovely
  5. weteric


    Hi Doris. Welcome. May I ask is this something you enjoy?
  6. Come on in, the water's lovely
  7. weteric


    I just go to www . Vk. Com Create a free account and off you go. On mobile it auto translates
  8. Come on in, the water's lovely
  9. Would love to hear how it goes for you.
  10. Hi and welcome. Looking forward to hearing more about your pee journey. Have you peed in clothes? Maybe when your children go to school, you could stand in the shower or tub and let go. Then you should have time to put a wash on and clean up before anyone gets home. Hope you have fun
  11. weteric


    Anyone else on VK want to connect?
  12. weteric


    Same list, now showing subscribers. It must have been me. Seems to be cured now. Thanks all
  13. weteric


    Has Reddit removed all the pee groups? The pee list shows them all as empty. You can search gor them by name, bit something seems to have changed. Or is it just me?
  14. Does anyone recommend an AI generator for pee porn? Is there one that is genuinely free? Thanks Apologies if I'm asking this in the wrong place
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