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  1. weteric


    https://scrolller.com/category/pee Quick link to the pee category for you all https://scrolller.com/r/goldenshowers https://scrolller.com/r/watersports
  2. weteric


    Anyone know this? Looks a bit like the old Tumblr https://scrolller.com/r/Pee
  3. https://pisshamster.com Some good content i had not seen elsewhere
  4. Hi Nikie Can you post links so that people can buy your videos to support you? Hope you're doing ok. I think you are a very strong, very brave person. You may not feel it, but you are. X
  5. do you need to pee right now?
  6. Anyone play any? I see as everywhere, but pretty sure they don't actually measure up.
  7. Any members out there? Anyone know why it keeps saying I have to upgrade my account? And do I have to really? thanks
  8. Help! Lost my login details for VK. Does anyone have Weteric as a friend or follower there could help me? Thank you
  9. I hope she is very happy, and if she ever returns, if only to read this thread, I truly hope life treats her very well. She is a special person
  10. http://m.eroprofile.com/p/videos/view/Tranny-piss-outdoor?nav=niche&navParam=&navPage=1&navLeft=5 yes please
  11. weteric

    Cum shots

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