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  1. There is not one inch of your body I wouldn't licknif you'd let me!
  2. Hi, come on in, the water s lovely.
  3. Hi @Emma2023 come on in, the water is lovely
  4. Hi. Come on in, the water s lovely.
  5. Come on in? The water's lovely
  6. Come on in, the waters lovely. Hi from South Coast UK
  7. Hi @twistedsins Come on in the water is lovely. Anyones gender or sexuality is there own business. I will like or dislike people based purely based on whether they are nice or nasty. Hope you find acceptance
  8. I use erome to upload files then share links here. The upload now says page not found. Does anyone know if this is temporary or have they removed it? And is there another simple place to upload videos to share here? Thanks Eric
  9. Come on in, the waters lovely
  10. Hi. Come on in, the water's lovely
  11. Hi Anna, come on in, the waters lovely
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