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  1. Hi Nikie Can you post links so that people can buy your videos to support you? Hope you're doing ok. I think you are a very strong, very brave person. You may not feel it, but you are. X
  2. do you need to pee right now?
  3. Anyone play any? I see as everywhere, but pretty sure they don't actually measure up.
  4. Any members out there? Anyone know why it keeps saying I have to upgrade my account? And do I have to really? thanks
  5. Help! Lost my login details for VK. Does anyone have Weteric as a friend or follower there could help me? Thank you
  6. I hope she is very happy, and if she ever returns, if only to read this thread, I truly hope life treats her very well. She is a special person
  7. http://m.eroprofile.com/p/videos/view/Tranny-piss-outdoor?nav=niche&navParam=&navPage=1&navLeft=5 yes please
  8. weteric

    Cum shots

  9. What words do you use to search for pee videos. Often worth hunting for foreign words. Omorashi Pipe culotte Orinado Pinkelin Any others?
  10. Miranda Hart has announced there will be no more episodes of her BBC sitcom after this Christmas. She must have run out of joke. Robbie Williams broadcasting his wife's labour. I can see why, it'll probably be the only time when he can prove he isn't the biggest cunt in the room. Apparently kicking a pregnant woman's stomach is only cute if it's from the inside. The inventor of predictive text has died. His funfair will be hello on Sundial.
  11. weteric


    French site with loads of downloadable videos. Not sure if anyone has linked this before, apologies if this is a dupe. Well worth exploring. http://www.pipiculotte.net/videos/

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