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    I’ve always had a huge interest in anything peeing related especially outside watching men pee
    I love reading peeing stories and I’m very lucky as my hubby shares my passion for piss play.
    He also loves medical play which goes hand in hand

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    Everything peeing related
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    A huge motorway traffic jam with lots of me. Just peeing by their cars

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  1. I’m in the UK and I love watching men peeing especially where they shouldn’t
  2. I watched the tv program a couple of years ago called “would I lie to you” Sarah Milligan was a guest and explained that one night after a gig she was driving home and there was a huge traffic jam. she was desperate for a pee and shuffled over to the passenger seat and let it all go. Next day she took the car to be valeted and blamed her dog (she didn’t have one at the time) it was a true story as well
  3. Hi I’ve recently joined this group and I’ve loved reading the posts. mum a mature lady and I’ve had a Pee fetish for as long as I can remember. money of my memories was walking home from school in the rain and desperate for a pee. I was soaked through so I just let my pee go and it felt lovely. ive had sneaky pees in many places including the cinema, on a bus and on balconies. I always try and pee a little while I’m wanking. my hubby will play as well but his main turn on is rubber and medical. I love watching men peeing especially in places they shouldn’t like hotel rooms. I look forward to hearing more from people.
  4. Hi I’ve just joined this group and can’t wait to read peoples posts. I love all aspects of peeing but especially watching men peeing outside. mum sure I will share lots of my experiences with you all.

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