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    I’ve always had a huge interest in anything peeing related especially outside watching men pee
    I love reading peeing stories and I’m very lucky as my hubby shares my passion for piss play.
    He also loves medical play which goes hand in hand

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    Everything peeing related
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    A huge motorway traffic jam with lots of me. Just peeing by their cars

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  1. I live in Devon and would love to see you naughty pissing anywhere but especially in DIY stores or similar
  2. Wonderful Beltane sex unfortunately both Marty and I have a virus so the only action I got was with a box of tissues and cough medication lol xxx
  3. Has anyone else watched the new BBC series called Rain Dogs? (UK) I especially liked it when her friend pissed in the bath while she was in it
  4. Glad you both had a good time catch up soon xxx
  5. I wear Tena pull up nappies every day as I have incontinance issues. I often deliberately wet myself as I like the feeling. if you pee slowly the nappy absorbs it better especially if you empty a full bladder into them. make sure they are put in correctly as they can also leak from the leg holes or up your back when laying on your back. Enjoy the feeling of the padding between your legs xx
  6. It’s the opposite for me where do I find a man that’s wants Pee play with no strings attached
  7. I was once just given the sample bottle and expected to pee in that. it went all over my hands as I found it impossible to pee into such a small bottle.
  8. Staged videos with women baring their tits toilet pissing, bath pissing peeing in cups, jugs etc
  9. Thanks for starting this thread as I love to hear about men pissing, the naughtier the better. I never get any sightings unfortunately except when I’m at work and men pull into my car park and Pee up a large bush. the best one I’ve seen was the priest who came out of the church next to my work and relieved himself still holding his bible.
  10. Females pissing with their tits exposed, why? boring toilet pissing, or even in showers the naughtier the better for me my ultimate fantasy is a man peeing somewhere like a DIY (hardware store with people wandering around or other very public naughty pissing. I guess I can dream
  11. Hi my lovely I wondered if you were going to be able to enjoy yourselves on your holiday? some of your pics are stunning and K looks amazing as ever xxx
  12. Wow glad you both had an amazing time i think K is now enjoying it xxx
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