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    I’ve always had a huge interest in anything peeing related especially outside watching men pee
    I love reading peeing stories and I’m very lucky as my hubby shares my passion for piss play.
    He also loves medical play which goes hand in hand

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    Everything peeing related
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    A huge motorway traffic jam with lots of me. Just peeing by their cars

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  1. Wow glad you both had an amazing time i think K is now enjoying it xxx
  2. For me watching men very naughty peeing like in hotel rooms, changing rooms etc is a huge turn on
  3. How naughty can you go? how about in a DIY store or changing room?
  4. Glad you both had a good day catch up soon my lovely xxx
  5. Accidents or desperate peeing don’t do anything for me, neither does toilet shower peeing. mum really aroused by men peeing in places they shouldn’t like stair wells, hotel rooms, in cars etc. my biggest fantasy if anyone has actually done this is for a man to pee actually in a department store, DIY store like Homebase and in a carpet show room over either the sample carpets or the rolls of carpets.
  6. I would love to hear about you using more fitting rooms as it’s something I would really like to do. another thing would be to have a very full bladder and ask a shop to use their staff toilet. if they refuse just stand there and go all over the floor and blame them lol
  7. Sounds like my dream job someone paying me to piss for them. either being watched or over someone would be amazing
  8. Covid worker sacked after filming himself URINATING in soap dispenser
  9. I’m a woman and have been married for 25yrs my hubby will indulge me occasionally but he isn’t into it like I am. he would never pee in naughty places even though he knows it really turns me on and he isn’t into watching me or being peed on which I would love to do.
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