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    I’ve always had a huge interest in anything peeing related especially outside watching men pee
    I love reading peeing stories and I’m very lucky as my hubby shares my passion for piss play.
    He also loves medical play which goes hand in hand

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    Everything peeing related
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    A huge motorway traffic jam with lots of me. Just peeing by their cars

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  1. Wonderful to see you being naughty again my lovely xxx
  2. Mine was watching boys pee when I was younger then enjoying the feel of peeing when I masturbated
  3. Lovely pee and beautiful beach is it Saunton? X
  4. My hubby sits down to pee on a toilet and wipes himself i didn’t know that he was in a minority lol
  5. Definitely men peeing in very naughty places like in shops, hotels, changing rooms etc they really turn me on
  6. A few people know about my pee interests I have an ex on this site. my hubby knows and will play occasionally and a couple of female friends know but they just except it’s me being weird and one did join in after a lot of alcohol while we were on holiday together.
  7. Sounds amazing, I’m just back from Scotland this morning but I’m hoping to play tomorrow xx
  8. Yes whenever I can even if it’s just a sprinkle
  9. We have a caravan pitched on a seasonal pitch with a en-suite pod which has a flushing toilet and double shower cubicle last night my hubby agreed to have a shower with me as it saves money to shower together and I planned to play ive Always wanted to pee while using a Vibrator so my hubby readily agreed First he blindfolded me, we both got in the shower and he turned the egg Vibrator on I was so excited I thought I would cum straight away but I slowly started to release my pee over his hand which he said he enjoyed. my hand found his now very hard cock so I decided
  10. Yes my ex who is still a friend is on this forum, he could tell you a lot of naughty things we did lol. move also made friends with someone else on here who I enjoy chatting to about everyday things as well as pee
  11. I own a dog grooming salon and it’s located right at the entrance to a large industrial area. I have some bushes and a tree in the corner of my car park and I’ve noticed that lorry’s and vans often stop so the driver or passenger can have a pee. I can see them doing it from my window which I really enjoy especially as they can’t see me watching them. Today was the most interesting as the postman stopped, I knew what he was doing so I watched him take a really long pee then he started to wank and shot his load over my bush. Next time he delivers a parcel to me I might ask him if he
  12. Lovely, just what I needed to see as I’ve been stuck in work all day xxx
  13. That’s really hot, thanks for sharing it and I wish I was there to see it. I have some walls at the salon that could do with being peed on xx
  14. I used to live in Park South near coate water, that was fun times
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