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    I’ve always had a huge interest in anything peeing related especially outside watching men pee
    I love reading peeing stories and I’m very lucky as my hubby shares my passion for piss play.
    He also loves medical play which goes hand in hand

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    Everything peeing related
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    A huge motorway traffic jam with lots of me. Just peeing by their cars

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  1. not far from me as im just off junction 27 M5 xx
  2. I’m a dog groomer and I work from my shed in the back garden. its only a tiny shed so I have no room for a toilet. I often have the urge to pee half way through a dogs groom so I pee in the dog bath hoping no one will walk by the window or come through the door. If I have a few dogs in at one time i wear a tena pull up as I can’t leave all the dogs on their own and if its busy I cant pee in the bath as i would be seen, so i just stand and let my bladder empty into the pull ups sometimes while chatting to a dogs owner which feels naughty lol.
  3. How many members come from the UK? I live with n Devon and I would love to know if anyone else lives in this area
  4. you look like you have an amazing body for your advancing years
  5. it certainly did. I wish there were more posts like yours from men xx
  6. wow that was really naughty but a total turn on as well. I love watching men piss in naughty places xx
  7. i wear them all the time as i have a weak bladder. i often use them to get pleasure as well as i can just pee wherever i am including bed and the ones i wear easily holds a full bladder. im in the UK and the ones i wear are Tena pull up pants
  8. how do you manage to get away without your landlord or house mates noticing? xx
  9. naughty pissing indoors, in cars etc
  10. nice, I love to see men pissing where they shouldn’t
  11. yes please im happy to see lots more like this xxx

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