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    I’m a nudist and I just let it go whereever and whenever.
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    Pissed on a crowded nude Beach in the sea splashing on all who came by. Peed handsfree and nude on a food booth while waiting for my food at a crowded festival.

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  1. So much easier at a nude beach and nude spas. In Czech Republic where I often do my vacations I’ve seen women pee discretely in nude spa areas. There was a warm pool there where this woman in her 30’s walked in. I think she thought the water was covering her pussy but it just barely didn’t. There was a really small whistling sound as she peed and she was walking around as if nothing was happening. I prefer sitting on the edge of the pool so that my cock just doesn’t get covered. At nude beaches especially where there are no places to hide I’ve seen women piss on the sand while standing.
  2. Now I’m getting so used to it that I don’t really think about it. Off goes my clothes and I know that I can just pee whenever I need to wherever I am. Today I pissed while I was walking to the gym showers. Maybe I’m more confident about it because I’m pretty hung.
  3. I really enjoy this lifestyle. Pissing whenever I need to wherever I am
  4. Yes peeing outdoor while being nude is really not an issue. Most nudists do it and a lot of us aren’t that discrete about it. I choose not to be discrete at all because it’s just natural to pee so why do you need to hide it?
  5. Hi all, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m from Sweden originally and I always turned on peeing. I’m heterosexual but I’ve made plenty of pee content on Reddit and onlyfans before it was banning pee content and I invite guys to watch it as well. I really enjoy watching a naked girl pissing nonchalantly. I am also a nudist and I never wear clothes on the beach. On the nude beach I just piss where I am when I get the urge. I feel blessed with my body and I do work out but not to an extreme degree. I’m also a vegan and try to live healthy. In bed I’m very dominant and I
  6. More mowing:) hope you enjoy my machine 😉
  7. I was trying out my hose as I had the urge
  8. It is always easier to do something else when you are naked in the first place. Being a nudist makes it so much easier. I always make sure that I don’t go down on equipment. I should have it checked once in a while 😄
  9. I love peeing as I do something. Here is an example as I do the lawn. It just feels so liberating doing it nonchalantly. Also because I’m a real nudist.
  10. Was a little more discrete yesterday because it was a little crowded
  11. Discrete at the nude beach or just where you are ? I prefer the last
  12. I’ve finally learned not to stop pissing when someone else enters.
  13. I’ve been a nudist for almost 10 years. And I’ve always enjoyed being nude everywhere I get the chance to. When I had to piss I usually did it discrete but after I saw a couple who just did it openly, I decided that I would not be discrete anymore. So I just went out with quite a few people around, stood up and just pissed handsfree as if nothing was happening. While I pissed I walked a bit back and forth in the middle of the beach. Nobody said anything so I just walked away with a trail of evidence on the sand. This will be my habit from now on. There are no words to how freeing, natural a
  14. Do you piss in the sauna? Ever experienced other women who did it?
  15. Over here theres a rule that you must be naked in any public sauna. I have always wanted to take the opportunity to just let it go. So I did that today. Proof in the pic.
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