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    I’m a nudist and I just let it go whereever and whenever.
    Feel free to message me :)
    I have many galleries of public nude pissing

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    Freedom. I’d love to find a woman I can piss on whenever I want to.
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    I’ve peed in several women’s mouth as a surprise during a blowjob. I pee pretty open on nude beaches.

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  1. Also in the communal showers that’s my favorite
  2. There’s nothing more that I enjoy than being nude and pissing nonchalantly and handsfree. I practice it as much as I can. Especially on the nude beach, I go wherever I want. And also in the locker room when I’m nude. That’s my huge fetish.
  3. In the showers yes. It’s more appropriate to do it there so I don’t care.
  4. It happens sometimes that I pee in the public shower with others around. They can’t see it because the water is running down my cock. Suddenly the water stops and I have to stop it like on this pic 😅
  5. When it’s crowded I like to pee like this. It will not get noticed unless someone is actively looking at your parts.
  6. Again this year… I just love doing it so much
  7. Sometimes I get a bit aroused when I let it go 😉
  8. Once I stood right next to her quite drunk. I said I gotta piss. Then just started pissing. She just looked at it quite paralyzed and shocked. As she was looking I got an erection splashing everywhere. She wanked my cock after. She was mad the next day 🙂
  9. Well last time I didn’t ask. I was a little drunk so I had a good excuse if I got caught. I woke up early and really had to piss. So I took my clothes and walked out of the bedroom naked and just started pissing on the floor in her living room. I’ve heard from them and fucked again but they don’t mention it somehow. Would you mind that?
  10. I piss in the locker room pretty often on the floor and leave it there. I often piss on the floor before I leave a one-night-stands flat after I’ve fucked her.
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