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    Recently discovered that I love pee. Watching women pee gets me seriously turned on. I love being watched as i pee to.
    Happy to Skype and play around, same name on there as here

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    Seeing a woman pee is just the ultimate turn on. Having a woman hold my d as I pee
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    Stood on the riverbank as I pee'd and a boat load of people went passed and saw me stood there peeing into the water

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  1. Wow what story, I will have that going through my head tonight , I so wish I was there to see that.
  2. Lol, I was going to chat to ukpeegirl86, but wasn't sure if that was allowed on here, plus I'm not a paying member so I can't use messenger
  3. I'm just signing up now. Hopefully i can find someone up for some fun. Peefans is a cool site, but not likely to find anyone here who's up for skype or meet up fun
  4. At least once a day, if I find some decent porn vid then its 2 or 3 times
  5. Just had a look, and you have to join, getting a little fed up with having to join these sites only to find out it doesn't have anything I'm looking for
  6. I'd love to have a misses that let me do that, you're one lucky guy
  7. I Would love to find something like this to. I love being watched as I pee, and watching is such an exciting thing to do. Hopefully someone can help us find something
  8. I wonder if there are people that meet up just to watch each other pee?
  9. I alway pee in the bath, lie back and just let it go everywhere
  10. Lol, I should really be happy that Ukpeegirl86 wants to watch and let me watch her. I've been thinking about it all night
  11. I go fishing quite often especially in the warmer weather. I went last week and couldn't help but unzip and just let my pee flow on the bankside. I should've zipped up afterwards but I couldn't help myself and left him out waiting for the nest pee to build.
  12. Ukpeegirl86 Now you've got me excited😁😁 not sure how we could be along side from 2m away, but I'm always up for working around these things
  13. Thank you Google is all I can say, you've finally made life more enjoyable

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