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    My pee fetish has always been a secret until I told my partner a few years ago and we've been doing it together for a while now.

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    The feeling of needing it and slowly letting going whilst playing with myself. Bedwetting is my favourite!
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    I have way too many to remember

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  1. gen


    We have a waterproof fitted sheet that we put under the normal sheet. My partner wouldn't sleep in it though we tend to just do it when we are getting frisky lol. We usually like to hold and role play that we can't hold it anymore! Its great as I introduced him to it, took about 2 years to fully get him into it and now there's no stopping him 😂
  2. I did but onlyfans took everything down as they have done a lot of other pee related onlyfans recently. Im currently looking into a new site to move everything over as I had loads of videos on there that ive luckily still got saved.
  3. Who here is into wetting? Id love to know some stories! My favourite is bedwetting. Im quite lucky to have a partner who's into it too and sometimes we will have a few drinks and play with each other in bed whilst slowly letting go! Anyone else like this?
  4. I have an only fans account with peeing videos every couple of days but I dont think im allowed to post my link here.. but if you look on some of the pictures on here that ive posted, the watermark to my only fans account is usually in the corner 🙂
  5. Hey guys, so i was just wandering does anyone else here have an onlyfans dedicated to pee or does anyone know much about onlyfans? If so could you help me, I've literally tried to promote myself all over social media, I spend most of my free time on there and have spent a lot of time trying to build a fan base, and at first it went crazy, but I've hit 21 fans and its just stopped, even though I've carried on promoting. My main question is, is it worth paying someone to promote for me and if so then where do i find them?! Lol! Everywhere I look they seem like fakes! I hope this is allowed here,
  6. That would be a brilliant idea! Please do let me know if this is something you end up doing 😊
  7. I actually have an only fans account just for pee related videos and pictures of myself. But I always let people know what sort of content it is before they buy, so mine is more wetting as in bed wetting, wetting panties, and couples wetting as my partner likes to get involved too, I have also paid for it myself before from other users xx
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