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    I am a male who enjoys catching ladies peeing and hearing about their experiences when they need to pee

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    Cathcing ladies peeing
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    I was in York and was behind a group of 5 girls, they went into an alley/through way and when I arrived all 5 were squatting and peeing. I joined in and peed as well, everything was visible and the streams, the pussy's. Wow

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  1. Where in Middlesbrough and Newcastle do you rate as the best spot?
  2. Wow lucky you, reminds me the benefit of public transport
  3. Wow you know how to treat your friends, I am looking forward to the story
  4. Was it a mini or maxi skirt and did you get a good view, pity you did not have a smart phone it must have been a wonderful sight
  5. Wow, where is the layby, I am sure you will you will have an audience next time.
  6. Can I join you on walks, you seem so lucky. Is your girls friend the lucky charm :-)
  7. It will be your lucky day when one leaves the door open, the stalls in our work bathroom have gaps and I am sure you would be able to see in from the right angle.
  8. Lucky to have clean ones, you should see some of these types of toilets. Did you not fancy looking under or over the cubicle?
  9. Even better if someone might be watching, I know a volunteer ;-) lol
  10. there are a couple of videos on youtube with girls peeing in a shop. I think the bushes would have been a better bet
  11. Seems a shame the house was not 2-3 miles further, or your sister drove slower. There will always be a next time
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