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  1. Despite other poster's comments about it being to small for an adult woman to use, the roadtrip potty website states "Portable urinal designed and contoured specifically for women and girls." and the list of those for whom it is ideal includes pregnant women.
  2. I would make it a rule that all toilets/bathrooms in public and semi-public (eg Workplaces, shops, colleges etc) places have to be gender neutral. But taking the Gender Neutrality even further than currently implemented and have urinal troughs at an appropriate height and extending sufficiently from the wall for females to squat over, which both sexes have to use to pee in and make it illegal to use the stall/cubicle just to pee.
  3. It is a pity that it is only available for shipping to the 48 US states. Unless it can be purchased from somewhere other than the Road Trip Potty web site.
  4. Another opportunity for audio at the beach and parks is where there is a bench against the outside wall of the toilet block underneath an open window high up in the wall above the bench. Take a book (paper or e-) with you and sit on the bench you can hear almost everything from the cubicle door open/closing, the hiss or splashing of the pee falling into the bowl, to the flush.
  5. When I was at college, the bathrooms in the dorm were down the corridor but the rooms all had a sink. At least for the guys, and I believe also for at least some of the girls, if we needed to pee at night it was common to do it in the sink in ones room.
  6. The other solution, for both genders, of the toilet queues being too long during an interval (be it sports, theatre etc) is to have a longer interval. One idea for all these places where the gender mix varies by event would be for each toilet block to be in three parts, the end ones being gender specific and have a door/divider from each to the middle section and open whichever divider is appropriate to enlarge the majority gender toilets.
  7. Do the Chinese also have a specific name for the female urethral orifice?
  8. There has recently been some controversy in the media about the Barbican (London) re-labelling a set of Ladies/Gents toilets as "Gender Neutral Toilets with Cubicles" and "Gender Neutral Toilets with Cubicles and Urinals" respectively. Most of the comments have been from women who are claiming that it will lead to men 'invading' the Ladies and increasing the queues for the cubicles. None of them seem to have picked up on the fact that both toilets are now gender neutral so the, previously underutilised, cubicles in what used to be the Gents are available for them to use. What do members
  9. It is not necessary to pay for an SSL certificate. Obtaining one from LetsEncrypt (and other) is free and would be trusted by most browsers. Though https does put more load on the servers.
  10. I hope that the person on the other end of the phone enjoyed hearing the hiss and/or tinkle as she relieved herself.
  11. http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Gym-Toilet-Pee
  12. Another rather tame thing to do on a business trip is, if your hotel bathroom has one, use the bidet instead of the toilet when you pee. I have done this a few times when I have stayed in hotels which have them. That is in addition to peeing while showering. I would not be surprised if in many hotels that before breakfast, when guests get up, that more urine is washed down the shower drains that flushed down the toilet.
  13. There is a video clip supposedly in a gym toilet, where sitting on the toilet her stream starts off going forward almost horizontally but then the labia open and a strong stream goes straight down.
  14. Ultra slow motion would be OK just for the start of the pee. Seeing the urethra open and the first drops coming out before it turns into a continuous stream. But for general peeing, no.
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