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    i love taking photos, watching people pee, spending time with my baby nieces and my boyfriend

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    Watching people pee
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    Peeing at a festival with my best friend (who was my brother’s girlfriend at the time)

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  1. there’s a part in one of the episodes of outer banks (season 1 episode 4 i think?) where two of the characters pee behind a tree, you don’t see anything but you can hear the streams and every single time it makes me a little bit hot and bothered lol
  2. a gift today, a nice video of her pissing that she sent me on snapchat and allowed me to record and share hopefully the link works i’ve never used erome before lol enjoy 😉 https://www.erome.com/a/v7T6i9dn
  3. back with a bit of a story tonight both my best friend and i attend the same university, and our university is located in the middle of bushland (think lots of trees and hiking paths) we both had a class on campus on friday so we carpooled there and decided that after our class we would take the walking path down to the lake that is at the edge of our campus, and go eat lunch there. so after class we meet up and start to head down the path when i realised i really needed to pee. i told her this and she gives me this small grin and asks if she can hold my dick while i piss, whic
  4. i agree with the suggestion of getting super desperate so that you have no other choice, eventually you’ll have no issues at all going outside also probably not the greatest suggestion but getting drunk helps a ton too hahaha
  5. multiple photos tonight of a standing shower pee she took she said she held it specifically to pee in the shower for me haha i wish i’d been there with her 😍
  6. finally a new photo to share she also wanted me to add that it smelt very strong and that she didn’t wipe or flush afterwards
  7. all the time, mostly in public when i’m somewhere where i know i could be caught or spotted
  8. no new photo but i do have an update, i stayed over at her house earlier this week and we decided to take a bath together (not sexual just to relax) and we were just sitting there when she announced she was peeing so i asked if she’d do it on me and she agreed and moved so that she was sitting on me and kept peeing and obviously i got hard so she ended up grinding against me until we both came then later that night we were pretty tipsy and i needed to pee so i boldly asked her if she’d let me pee on her and she compromised by letting me pee on her pussy while she peed in the toilet which
  9. neither of us are quite comfortable enough to take a photo of it but maybe one day lol sorry
  10. doing a bit better, it was pretty unexpected but it’s been almost 3 weeks so i’m definitely getting there thats for sure and yeah i agree, i’m seeing her again in a couple of nights time and we’re gonna be alone so i might bring it up then, she was happy to do it the first time and did it unprompted so i figured it’s definitely worth a shot to ask
  11. sorry i’ve been MIA the last few weeks, i went through a breakup so i wasn’t exactly in the sharing mood sadly, but i’m starting to feel a little bit better so i decided to share this photo that i was sent by my best friend yesterday of her sitting on the edge of the bath peeing into the water we also got a bit adventurous when we were drunk last week, she slept over at my place and sat on my lap and peed on me and i swear i’ve never been harder in my entire life it may have been the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me i’m thinking about asking her to pee on me again but i don
  12. yet another photo to add to the growing collection (my wank bank is getting very full) she won’t admit it but i think she’s having fun doing this, she now texts me almost every time she goes to pee (i only get photos sometimes tho) just so that i know that she’s peeing i also shared a story from last week on the thread of stories about her and it was quite the hot experience so i recommend going to read it hehe
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