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  1. so i’ve been seeing this guy for about two months now but we’ve been casual friends for years. recently he invited me on a holiday with his mates from his footy team (rugby league) and of course i said yes, and yesterday morning we left the trip is to a small beach town and it was about a 5 hour drive or so from where we live so we left in the morning aiming to get there for our 2pm check in with time to stop for lunch along the way. most of the drive is along open highways with not many places to stop, and my bf had drunk a large coffee, a 600ml coke and a bottle of water before we’d ev
  2. one night we went out for dinner and had a little bit too much to drink, and we ended up down on the beach my best friend was much drunker than i was (i was only tipsy) and decided that she wanted to “give me a show” so she pulled her panties off and peed into the ocean while standing with her dress hiked up it was so hot knowing that anyone could walk down onto the beach and see it, but sadly no one came down
  3. next story is from a couple of days into our holiday, we headed down to the swimming pool late one night so that we would be the only ones there, and after a while of swimming we hopped into the hot tub we’d only been in there about 10 minutes when my best friend announced that she needed to pee, so i asked her if she’d like to do it on me which she agreed to she came over and stood basically over my stomach with the way i was laid back, and she let go while standing and let it go through her bikini bottoms onto me and when she was done she straddled my lap and we made out and grinde
  4. first story is from our first day, we booked in to go to the aquarium and walked there from our apartment about half way there my best friend made a comment about how she should have pissed before we left and i immediately was interested once we got there we checked in and started walking through, but the problem with this particular aquarium is its a one way only path for most of the way until you get to the middle of the place and the bathrooms are located in the middle of the aquarium we ended up taking our time walking through, maybe 40 minutes or so and by the time we got
  5. if you all remember my best friend, she knows about my kink and enables me far too often, and a little while ago we went on a holiday together we booked an apartment near the beach and drove up together, and agreed to have a fun week of pissing since it was the first time we’d ever been on a holiday alone without a parent or family (we’re both 22) i have several stories to share from that week so i thought i’d put them all here as a thread for you all to read through, i hope you enjoy them as much as i did
  6. recently i attended a three day music festival with a male friend and female friend. since it was out in the middle of nowhere the only toilets available were portapotties and because it was pelting rain they were all muddy and disgusting so no one was using them over the three days i saw countless girls popping a squat and just releasing, including my friend my favourite was when we were in a big mosh pit type situation near the stage and we’d pushed forward to get there and it had only been an hour or so and my female friend turned to me and whispered she needed to piss, so i sugge
  7. https://archiveofourown.org/works/20264359 and this is the steve one if anyone was wanting it, very hot if you ignore the fact that the author has shipped him with marty mcfly
  8. was looking for a steve harrington piss fic that i know i read a while ago and stumbled across this beauty and knew i had to share it with you all https://archiveofourown.org/works/27039982
  9. there’s a part in one of the episodes of outer banks (season 1 episode 4 i think?) where two of the characters pee behind a tree, you don’t see anything but you can hear the streams and every single time it makes me a little bit hot and bothered lol
  10. a gift today, a nice video of her pissing that she sent me on snapchat and allowed me to record and share hopefully the link works i’ve never used erome before lol enjoy 😉 https://www.erome.com/a/v7T6i9dn
  11. back with a bit of a story tonight both my best friend and i attend the same university, and our university is located in the middle of bushland (think lots of trees and hiking paths) we both had a class on campus on friday so we carpooled there and decided that after our class we would take the walking path down to the lake that is at the edge of our campus, and go eat lunch there. so after class we meet up and start to head down the path when i realised i really needed to pee. i told her this and she gives me this small grin and asks if she can hold my dick while i piss, whic
  12. i agree with the suggestion of getting super desperate so that you have no other choice, eventually you’ll have no issues at all going outside also probably not the greatest suggestion but getting drunk helps a ton too hahaha
  13. multiple photos tonight of a standing shower pee she took she said she held it specifically to pee in the shower for me haha i wish i’d been there with her 😍
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