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The Birthday Shout Thread

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Apologies to anyone who's had a birthday in the last three days and not been recognised for it.  Feel free to comment for your own shout, even if it is a little retrospective.

But back to the here and now with a double celebration:   @HammerheadPilot  & @MrTickle  both get the shout as current active members with a profile birthdate today.

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One thing I never saw coming when I created this thread...  You'll find a list of members with birthdays on the Activity page, and many are inactive, so I check through the list and pick out the ones who are still active and current.  Sometimes that means picking up on usernames who I've never interacted with consciously, yet are valuable longstanding and active members.  Why have we never interacted before?

Today is one such case - a guy who's been a member pretty much since day one and done a huge amount to encourage and support:

Huge Birthday Greetings @d19841

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Thank you @gldenwetgoose, @Kupar and @Sophie.  I didn't read it on the day, but I've seen it the next morning and it is much appreciated.

Unfortunately no golden presents on the day from my wife, but she wasn't feeling at all well.   We did go and sit by the sea and she had to use the toilets and told me a bit about the experience, which I'll write up at some point.   I had a partial sighting on Saturday which I've already reported and I got to be a bit naughty with my pee in the hotel, which I've also reported.   I also visited the toilets where my wife had peed and I "missed" the toilet quite badly, enjoying washing the dirty walls and floor, so at least some golden pleasure on my birthday.

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