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    Wish to drink girls pee

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    Used to have a girlfriend that loved to piss for me

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  1. brppfan


    You look great! I Would love to see more!!
  2. I like to drink girl’s piss during sex, but the girls I have been with were not really into it. I’ve had some experiences generally after drinking beer, so the pee was really diluted, I always find it Hot. I Wish I could find girls more opened to pee play, but my real Dream Would Be a girl that likes pee play as much as me. Sorry for my English, it’s not my mother language
  3. I had a girlfriend a long time ago that uses to drink a lot of Coke light, and her pee tasted real sweet. I don’t know wich sweetener was in Coke light but I can say it is still sweet in urine.
  4. I have been a huge pee fan my whole sex life, it all started at 13 when I watched a Cicciolina porn movie called the rise of the Roman Empress, she sits in a chair in front of one guy, she has a doll in her hands, she pretends is her daughter, all of a sudden the doll starts gushing water, then she opens her legs and pees a full bladder, that was great! I’ve tried to find the movie, but only found censored versions without the pee scene, anyway, I love piss, and I am glad to be here! Thanks for having me!
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