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  1. Since chatro had their watersports room shut down by their billing company, I haven't found any place that is consistently active. Any suggestions? M
  2. I am only fluent in English, but I can offend people in a few others 😉
  3. I have looked at some of the fetish sites, but they are usually much too extreme- I just like seeing close up and/or feeling it on my skin, which is much too tame for those places. Due to the rather prudish environment in this area, breaching the subject with a woman is not likely. All the contacts I had were anonymous and safe, but there doesn't seem to be a way to arrange that anymore.
  4. Since Craigslist shut down their personal ads a few years ago, I haven't been able to find anyone nearby to share peeing fun. I know this is not a site for that, and that's perfectly fine. Are there any other places that still host ads for meet-ups or kinky activity (as others might consider it)?
  5. The AVN is easy to download, and if you skip most of the content to obvious choices, you will get the scenes. I am running under Linux at the moment, and the novel runs in Windows.
  6. There is a relatively new game called "The Beauty And The Thug", it's only partially completed, but there are already several stunningly rendered pee scenes with the young female MC.
  7. For many years, I've encountered people on sexual forums and chat sites (mostly pee related) who claim to be female, but address topics and behave in a manner that seems to indicate otherwise. Regardless of the subject, men and women talk about topics (especially sexual and private ones) in a noticeably different way. Generally, men tend to be vulgar and explicit right away, with much less subtlety and shyness. I wonder what motivates men to pretend to be women, without making any attempt to mask their sexual language. Is it a secret thrill with "fooling" someone? Are they so starved for
  8. I had baths with my sister (4 years older) until I was probably 4 or 5. I had several older sisters and never saw a thing. I heard them on the other side of that damn door. I didn't see anything on the topic until I got the internet c. 1990. One of the first things I looked up was "women peeing" and after viewing those grainy pictures I was hooked for life.
  9. I would have to put having a woman pee on me (below my face) as being an incredible turn on as well.
  10. And if your employer is anything like mine, even hinting at what happened could lead to a sexual harassment claim. (Ironically, I just finished the annual corporate training about that exact subject 15 minutes ago).
  11. 1. Being able to watch a woman, in real life, peeing with nothing blocking the view 2. A close up of a woman peeing, with the urethra visible 3. A video of a woman asking if you want to watch, then peeing 4. An erotic voice conversation with a woman, where at some point she lets you listen to her peeing 5. A video montage of multiple women peeing
  12. In my case, I had several older sisters and a very strict household. I knew that girls were different, but I didn't see nude pictures until I was in my teens. I never saw my sisters unclothed. I knew they had to sit down, and I heard the noise, but I didn't find pictures until I got internet access and finally saw how girls did it. I was fascinated and aroused. It was such a naughty, private thing. To this day, I still love the sights and sounds of a woman peeing.
  13. I love listening to a woman pee, especially if she knows I am listening and enjoying it (i.e during phone sex)!
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