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    I'm just fascinated by women peeing, it arouses me quite a bit.

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    Watching it happen, and an occasional golden shower
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    Having an incredibly hot woman answer a classified ad and pee for me, followed by amazing sex.

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  1. I'm a pervert, but I'm not a jerk- some people equate the two, and they are wrong. Some of the nicest women I have met were perverts like me 🙂
  2. All of my in-person experiences were from Craigslist. The classified ads were shut down in the USA a while ago due to legislation (and legitimate concerns about trafficking). Have any others had an erotic experience with a woman from those classified ads?
  3. To be honest, I just enjoy watching a woman pee, and under the right circumstances, having a woman pee on me.
  4. Over 20 years ago, I discovered Chatro. Many rooms, many topics. At that time I had occasional weekdays off. When I would join the chat (either cybersex or pee-related) there were many women online, and I would frequently connect with a woman for phone sex or to "piss and moan" together. After a few years, the general population began to get the internet, and the chat rooms were taken over by "typical internet rednecks", gender benders, men pretending to be women, and others. I am tolerant of all "preferences", but I am fairly particular about those I choose to share intimate details with. This forum is a refreshing change, as everyone here is exactly who they claim to be.
  5. Now the only thing left is to see a hot stream coming from between your beautiful lips!
  6. My activity was pretty much stopped when Craigslist personal ads were shut down over two years ago. That was the only place I was able to connect for pee fun (and/or occasional) sex. I didn't have much of a social life, due to my age, and the subjects discussed here don't really come up in polite conversation. I'm taking a few days off to get away from the boredom of working in isolation, and maybe I can connect with someone on one of the sites.
  7. I would watch it if I got the chance, but only for the visual, nothing further. The act of sharing something so private would appeal to me.
  8. I love it anywhere, but a secure setting is important, since any threat of being caught takes all the pleasure away for me. I just love sharing something so intimate, private and taboo.
  9. If you travel west from I-29 on Highway 42, you will encounter a farmyard after a few miles. At the time I went there, it was crowded with many campers and motor homes. I posted a personal ad and she responded that she and her "boyfriend" were swingers into "watersports". We sent several text messages back and forth, until they were alone (without the kids). I went out there, and it was a kind of crappy house surrounded by all those campers. She was really horny and we walked by her BF doing dishes. She was a little on the heavy side, but she had sent me several pictures, and I liked what I saw. We walked into her bathroom (sink, toilet. shower with curtain). We both stripped, and went into the tub and closed the curtain. She dribbled onto my dick for a long time, and we were both very aroused. She turned on the shower and we both rinsed off. I remember that her pee was so hot. I licked her for awhile, and then she held on to the faucet and she let me enter her. We both had a tremendous climax. She later texted me that her BF had listened outside the door and gave it to her really hard after I left. That is my only golden shower from a woman who was really into it.
  10. I haven't watched a woman pee in a couple of years, something I sorely miss. Love your picture.
  11. I've tried several, but the watersports rooms are usually empty, or full of men pretending to be women. In over 25 years, I've only found one woman who would let me see her webcam, and it was over a grainy dial-up connection. I get the restrictions on the commercial sites, but I can't spare the cash for them anyway. I just want to find someone who will share over some neutral platform, like Skype.
  12. I was told in no uncertain terms that I would never see my wife on the toilet, so I went for another online ad. After the usual false starts, I started messaging with a pretty promising prospect. She came to my motel room and we chatted for a bit (she was curious why seeing a woman pee excited me, and I did my best to explain). She was a bit shy about it and said no one had ever watched her, but she could try now. She stripped from the waist down, and sat on the toilet with her legs at about a 45 degree angle. I was not shy, and planted my face a few inches from her girly parts. After a minute or so, after I told her to just relax, she closed her eyes, and a narrow stream came out for about 20 seconds. I stayed there after, watching her wipe. She left her pants off and she came back and sat on the bed with me. She had indicated that there would be no sex, and I was fine with that (I asked anyway, but still no). I asked if I could look at her down there again, and she lay back on the bed with her knees up. I looked closely, and asked if I could touch her (yes), then after a little groping and poking, I asked if I could touch her with my tongue (yes again). I got the immediate taste of her pee (not my favorite thing) but very soon the very familiar taste of an aroused woman. I went "full alphabet" and she was becoming more and more vocal. She finally clamped her legs together like a vise around my head and shuddered for several seconds. We both sat up and she just shook her head and said "Wow!" a few times. I asked if she would touch my penis and she timidly obliged, commenting that she could never get something that size inside her. We then recovered ourselves and went our separate ways. She messaged me a few months later and said, "Wear a condom and use some lube- I want that monster inside me!". Alas, I was unable to make the arrangements and I never heard from her again.
  13. My life partner had some complications after childbirth, and we mutually decided (after a few years) that it was just not possible. After 10 years, she rejected the corrective procedure, and mocked me for only wanting one thing. She finally had the issues corrected, and after numerous instances of teasing me with possible sex again, she just decided that she had no desire. I was not ready to give up sex (at age 45), so I posted a personal ad. I got the usual spam and "how much money" responses, but one was different. She was willing to pee for me, and a photo of her wetness proved that she wanted to. I booked a Motel 6 on my day off, and she showed up shortly after 5 PM. I had bottles of water ready. She said she responded to my ad because she liked doing "odd" things for men. She took off her clothes, and she truly had the body of a centerfold. She had called herself "full figured", but she was nowhere near that. Perfect breasts, tight thighs, and shaven. She peed a trickle for me, and joined me on the bed. I said, "I guess it's time for a condom", and she quietly said, "I'm on birth control". What followed was the most incredible sex of my life. We writhed around on the bed with our bodies entwined, we both climaxed noisily, then she peed again for me and repeated it all. I never saw her again, but that was a wonderful first experience with a total stranger.

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