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  1. I'm a straight man and I have zero interest in watching other men pee. But there is one small exception. I kind of like pictures of men and women peeing together. iI's not about any attraction to the peeing man, it's always the peeing woman that interests me, but the fact that they pee together often shows a kind of bond between them that I find quite hot
  2. This thing with the woman peeing right in front of you is almost like: "Sir, can you keep an eye on me while I pee and make sure I'm not being watched by some pervert with a pee fetish, please?" 🤣
  3. I really like this project. It is clearer and more convenient to use than the projects with the same theme that were here before. Here's one suggestion to make it even a little better. It would be good if the "Recent New Entries" list was longer, because it can happen that you miss some entries if you don't check the list for a few days and there are a lot of new entries in those days. Another option would be a feature to filter all records by last update date.
  4. Fortunately, I've never accidentally peed on a cat, but once when I tried to wash my parents' cat, it ended up climbing out of the sink up my sleeve and onto my head. 😀
  5. And how did you explain to your friends where the scratches and bites came from? 🤣
  6. Although I'm not a fan golden shower and especially not golden showers involving animals, this story sounds really cool. I don't know if it was the rabbit or the girl who was more surprised. Anyway, if it had been, say, a snake instead of a rabbit, you could have seen peeing during a high jump world record.😀
  7. Guys, I'm glad you like the story or the renders, although the story is maybe a little less pee-centered than most other stories. Overall, I like playing with Daz studio and making renders, and creating the pee scene renders is my favorite part.
  8. https://voyeur-house.tv includes pee contents. But pee content is pretty scarce there, so there's no point in paying a membership if the rest of the content is uninteresting to you. Only in a couple of apartments one of the cameras directly captures the toilet. Besides, some girls pee in the tub or shower from time to time.
  9. Of course, if I ever get to something like that, I'll announce it on this forum. It would probably just be a visual novel using renders (made in the same way as the images I've shared in other threads) some simple silly plot and a bit of humor. The plot would probably involve a guy who travels with a group of heroines for whatever reason, so it's inevitable that he'll catch them peeing from time to time and it will occasionally lead to some funny situations. The other option I'm considering is a "sandbox " (again only with renders) where a guy is for some reason assigned to guard so
  10. Are you thinking of a 2DGC/3DGC game/visual novel with renders using Ren'Py or RPGM, Or something more complex like a fully animated game on Unity, or Unreal Engine? I'm considering a visual novel in a fantasy setting with pee elements. But only something small, because my time availability is very limited. And the pee elements wouldn't be part of the "combat mechanics", but something that would just spice up the story
  11. Because I am not a native English speaker and my English is a mixture of what I learned in school, what I see in movies (normal and porn), how people from international companies and other institutions I work with speak and write, and what the automatic translator tells me, I don't really notice a difference in my case. It's not like I talk to a lot of people in real life outside of this forum about peeing and panties and stuff. 😀
  12. I think we need to distinguish whether some members are asking questions in general in threads with the corresponding title, or stalking a particular lady in all the threads where she appears, addressing questions directly to her and trying to lecture her on what she should and shouldn't do. No one should be upset that people start threads with a topic they don't like, as long as that topic or content doesn't violate the rules, because everyone has the right to ignore threads with topics they don't like. It's not possible to moderate a forum in a way that makes everyone happy, becaus
  13. There are very few things that annoy me about porn in general, because there's tons of porn on the internet so I can pick and choose what I watch. The same applies to porn that involves peeing. I have varying degrees of preference for different activities that involve peeing, and different styles of peeing, but I can't say that the existence of the types of pee porn that I don't particularly like annoys me. If I don't like something very much, there's probably someone else who does. I think the key to making everyone happy is good tagging so everyone can easily find content they lik
  14. This looks like a good replacement: https://thepml.net/
  15. Although there is no law in the Czech Republic that explicitly prohibits urinating in public, it may still fall under the broader definition of some misdemeanours or even criminal offences. But it all depends on the place and other circumstances. In general, Czechs, neither the police nor the public are hypersensitive about peeing in public. If one uses a little common sense, it is extremely unlikely that they will get into trouble. So if someone is waving their dick and urinating in front of a crowd, it's possible they will be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. If a perso
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