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  1. Sorry, I don't do this commercially. I have a normal job that is not related to 3D rendering and this is a hobby for me. Sometimes I'm inspired by someone else's idea or suggestion and I create a scene if it's an idea I like. But honestly, I'm not attracted to black girls. I only create scenes with white girls. And maybe Asian girls aren't completely out of the question. I'm not able to make scenes with a character that look like some particular celebrity unless the model for the Daz studio that looks like that celebrity was created by someone else. Usually I find a character I like and make only minor adjustments to that character before using it in a scene, if I make any adjustments at all. The process of creating characters that look like a specific existing person is lengthy and difficult.
  2. Thanks. But you know, two or three peeing girls are always better than just one. And when you add some surprises like an aggressive dog, a wild boar or a bus full of Japanese tourists with cameras, things become more spicy. 😄 We'll see what comes to mind later.
  3. So far, one simple scene. Later, I might try to make a funnier and more complex scene, involving cyclists, if I get a good idea. But when I found these cycling assets, I couldn't resist and had to try at least one scene. 🙂
  4. Good News. I found a cycling suit in one of the alternative repositories of Daz Studio. It's a product designed for an older character model (Genesis 2) and I use Genesis 8, so it doesn't look super good, but still better than nothing. There are different color options. The helmet doesn't work best with this hairstyle, I will probably choose another hairstyle, but just a small example of what I have. When I have time, I'll try a scene with one girl, for starters. Probably nothing super funny, just a girl peeing somewhere next to her bike.
  5. In fact, I like photos of girls peeing during sports. Photos of peeing female cyclists are quite rare. My dream is to make a scene with a pee break of a peloton of female cyclists. But unfortunately I can't find the right assets for Daz Studio. There are mountain and road bikes, but I haven't seen any women's cycling clothing for Daz Studio. So I can only do a scene that will include standard gym clothes. And it's suitable for something like girls on a trip, not for a scene with female racers.
  6. Great, I know some of these products for Daz Studio, but in the pictures are also a few pee-related products for Daz Studio that I didn't know. These will come in handy for more variability when working with pee streams in my scenes.
  7. Boy and girl in the woods, quite nice, but any ideas how to make such a scene a little more interesting, crazier and unique? 🙂 I'm not a fan of those party scenes. Usually I try to make scenes where the girl tries to solve her emergency and minimize the damage, not to choose places where peeing will be as challenging as possible. The scene with the crane sounds interesting, but unfortunately I can't find any crane for Daz studio. If I come across a crane model later, I'll consider the scene.
  8. Thanks. I only create scenes with girls. I'm not very interested in seeing guys pee or seeing naked guys. Maybe if someone had an idea for an interesting scene involving a boy and a girl peeing together ... But I'm not into things like a golden shower.
  9. Well, there are also alternative sources (pirate) for most products for Daz studio. About the liquids, there are various products with water streams, splashes etc.. So I copy and paste surfaces of the pee streams to have the same color of other water and liquid products.
  10. There are several pee-related assets for the Daz studio at Renderotica. I do a little manual customization of these assets, sometimes I use several of them together and the result consists of several peeing streams. Sometimes I use other assets for fluids and I copy shaders from those pee assets.
  11. The same scene (with minor modifications) from a different angle.
  12. "I told you, this way it's much easier and safer." In most scenes, I include panties or pants somewhere around the girls' knees, because it seems more realistic to me, but I think for this maneuver, every sensible girl would take off her bikini bottom completely. Because I really like this setup, maybe in the future I will make a few renders from other angles, maybe even a few renders showing what will happen a few seconds later 😉
  13. In fact, I really like this idea. I'm already working on this scene and when I have time, I'll finish it and I can do a few renders from different angles. It will include the girl from the previous scene with a kayak and the pilot girl and one other girl helping to hold the boats. Here is a behind-the-scenes image. This is what the DAZ Studio Viewport looks like before I start rendering the scene. But I still want to make some adjustments to the poses, facial expressions and lighting before I start rendering.
  14. "Shit, we didn't train that kind of aiming at the shooting range."
  15. A scene in the library, probably not. I like scenes where the girls have some reason to pee in the place and way they have chosen. The only reason in the library would be to make a mess if they have the option to use a toilet instead.

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