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  1. This is great. I really missed that old pee movies list. Maybe filtering by classifications would be a good feature.
  2. Girls casually peeing after sex. I know there are videos like that, but there's never enough of that kind of content. 🙂 There are, for example, the ATKGirlfriends series, where peeing after sex is quite common, but it's a bit too staged for my taste and I'm not a fan of the close-up shot used most of the time in the peeing scene. I mean, a close up shot for a while is nice, but I prefer to see the whole girl including her face during most of the peeing scene.
  3. I'm happy to see the positive feedback. The next parts will definitely include sex scenes (from part 2 onwards), and some adventures in haunted restrooms (probably from part 3 onwards). But it will definitely take some time before I will be able to publish the next parts. As for writing, many of you have probably recognized that I am not a native English speaker. Although I use English in both written and spoken form daily at work and watch a lot of movies and videos in English, I'm sure some of my phrases probably sound very strange to native speakers. If you come across any t
  4. A silly story about two hunters, Amby and Gary, that includes paranormal elements, some humor, sex and pee moments. Peeing, it's not the main theme, but it plays an important role in the story. Part 1 The sun was already sinking towards the horizon and Gary was sitting behind the wheel of a black SUV towing a large RV trailer. He was driving the car along a winding road through a countryside with vast forests. “So, what do you know about the Greyboulder case, Amby?” Gary asked Abber, sitting half asleep in the passenger seat. Amber jerked awake and replied, “
  5. I'm working on the first part of a fictional story involving 3D renders, and would like to post it to fictional pee stories. As I know from other subforums on peefans, the time a poster can edit their posts is limited. Is there any way to edit my posts in fictional pee stories later, for example to correct typos?
  6. I hate the tagging system, which is absolutely inadequate on most porn sites. I like watching girls pee but I'm not really interested in seeing guys pee, I'm not into watersport especially the one where the guy pees on the girl etc, I'm not into wetting. The pissing tag on most porn sites will cover anything related to urination, and some advanced search rarely works.
  7. I don't see starting that new game or visual novel any time soon as a realistic possibility, but that fictional story with the renders and setup I mentioned is a pretty realistic plan. I'm already looking for suitable models for Daz Studio. I'll probably give it a shot, and see where it goes. If people like it, I might consider a visual novel. But it would be more of a kinetic novel with a minimum of choice, rather than a visual novel with a lot of branching or a sandbox game, since my capacity for hobby projects is pretty limited.
  8. Most adult game developers seek profit and funding through Patreon, for example, and pee fetish is not very popular with mainstream audiences. Such a game would not attract enough of audience willing to pay. I'm making a visual novel using Ren'Py and Daz under a different identity, the visual novel is a hobby project of mine with no significant profit and it contains a few pee scenes, but a visual novel with a strong focus on peeing would be uninteresting to most players. I'm considering a very small side hobby project with a slightly stronger focus on peeing/voyeurism, a visua
  9. I'm not interested in physically meeting other members of this site, but I get the impression that you take user protection too responsibly. There are always risks involved in physically meeting anyone you get to know over the internet, and there are ways to inimalize those risks, but the operator of the site where the two of them made contact is not at all responsible for the risks someone faces in the real world, unless the content on that site encourages some illegal activity.
  10. There is quite a lot of such content on amateurvoyeurforum. There are a lot of threads that contain mostly candid pee shots, although, a few users post staged porn scenes in every thread. Don't let the voyeur in the title fool you. Most of the pictures come from various albums on the internet where the girls are aware that someone is taking pictures of them, for example on their way back from a party. Examples of some pretty good threads: https://www.amateurvoyeurforum.com/showthread.php?t=16281 https://www.amateurvoyeurforum.com/showthread.php?t=573 https://www.amateurvoye
  11. I think it's not pee desperation in WDGirls. Either the girls make it to the toilet,or they're so drunk they wet themselves and don't care much.
  12. I guess videos of unscripted pee desperation are basically non-existent. In real life, most people usually go pee much earlier than the moment they are close to peeing their pants.
  13. If I consider just porn, for example a few scenes in exploitedcollegegirls felt like unscripted, but not all of them. But as far as I know, there is no new pee scene in ecg videos the last couple of years.
  14. But despite the lower quality, I prefer the unscripted scenes. It's not that I don't watch scripted scenes, but candid shots of girls peeing are kind of cute, and sometimes I like them better than a girl spreading her legs for the camera. And it doesn't even have to come from porn. Some non-porn photo album that contains a pee picture or two is like finding a treasure.
  15. Well, my pee fetish means I like to look at pictures or videos of girls peeing and prefer candid scenes. I'm not into things like watersport and wetting and have no desire to try any pee play in real life. And I have no desire to sneak around and spy on peeing girls in real life. When the pictures are here, me seeing them doesn't mean any further harm to the girl. But I wouldn't try to invade a girl's privacy personally. So I guess my fetish isn't too extreme. Still, my wife doesn't know, I think. I don't try to hide from my wife that I sometimes watch porn, I'm pretty open abou
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