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  1. Some of the entries have links to You Tube or other video sites, and you can edit them in if you have links. However there will never be clips directly on the site itself. The bandwidth needed to host videos would be far too expensive and that would also bring a much higher risk of copyright claims. You can use a site like Just Watch if you want to find where a certain movie is available for streaming.
  2. Loads more filtering and browsing options are definitely on my to do list. I'll be looking at that soon once the initial data entry for TV shows is done.
  3. Apologies, because I was in dark mode myself I didn't notice what had happened, I've fixed that now.
  4. tl:dr? I did it already (wip) and you can see it here: https://thepml.net/ It's been live for a few weeks now and I'm slowly getting more data in. I've been posting updates on omo.org but just now found this site in my bookmarks and realized that it would likely be of interest here too. The full story? I've been around since the early days. I remember when Patches' Place was a brand new website and I remember the original Pee Movie List well. I loved to browse through it and discover interesting new films to watch. Some I would have never even considered otherwise, but that little ad
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