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  1. No, naughty peeing aint the only taboo for me. I'm having a mask, lock, ropes, and chains as decoration, but hopefully they will be used different somedays. Cable ties and tape in the shed... Somethig with green/yellow/red 🤐 (Of course with all mental and physical safety in mind)
  2. As the toilet doesn't count, it would be the sink. (basically works the same)
  3. I don't know where to start. It's a pretty short message, but a lot going on. I belive most addictions are comparable. A naughty pee, taking a cigarette, eating sugary donuts... It usually makes u happy for a short time, but the root cause of why u might feel bad is not getting fixed at all. So it keeps going on and on. Another pee, another cigarette and another donut. Again and again. Untill it reaches a point that it might get harmfull, the piss is destroying somebody else his property, the cigarettes damage the lungs and getting obese from too much donuts. And than it's getting in
  4. Very welcome Mike, enjoy your stay at this Peefans community 🥳
  5. Indeed... Very well said... Perverts, but we care about other people and have some respect. In general I believe that it is best to keep such things discrete. If it's not getting out out control: keep it that way. I think it's better for both. For example: if a colleague is a member of peefans and enjoys my pictures it should be fine. But don't take it to the workplace! Keep it private. Something like: what happens in Peefans community, stays in Peefans community
  6. It's indeed a great story. It's detailed, realistic and with evidence. I can almost smell the piss. Love it!
  7. Indeed. Or use one of the most used search engines outside toiletstool.com to find content. Sometimes it works better (also for other sites)
  8. The Hunt - 2020 - unknown time stamp Gary and Crystal walking next to a train track while beeing hunted. Crystal needs to pee so she squats down and Gary gives her some privacy. After she peed they continue walking.
  9. The person above me doesn't need the famous energy drink to fly away
  10. Sex Drive - 2008 - unknown time stamp High school graduate who goes on a road trip to have sex with a girl he met online. The car breaks because there is not enough liquid in the radiator and needs to be filled.
  11. Project >< - 2012 - unknown time stamp A split second where a girl pees behind the car. In the movie it is because of a big party that got out of control. But in reality there were not enough toilets when making the movie and she got caught when peeing there
  12. Oh yes sure it's not exclusive to the ladies, guys can also wipe and heard about it before. I didn't want to be rude or disrespect.
  13. It's all rainbow colored, it's hard to take it serious. The "I love golden showers" should be with yellow background or yellow heart. It would be fun to get it on the car as joke and keep it on the car as a joke (untill you find the right one to get some pleasure)
  14. I'm a little bit confused, isn't it the question what a guy using to wipe? Is that even serious? Probably nothing and that might be a reason for guys to not take place in this topic. ....Okay to be honest, sometimes a towel or finger
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