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    Peeing while still living at parents house?

    My girlfriend and I started the same way, and are currently in the same position as you. Contrary to most of the replies here, we just up and go for the messy pees: stuffed animals, the carpet, bed, etc. We make sure to really clean it up well afterwards though, with hand-washing, dabbing out as much moisture as we can with toilet paper, and using fabric sprays (LIGHTLY) to mask it. She also often steals my underwear and wets herself sitting on the toilet, and then we wash my underwear out in the sink when we're done. Then there's the usual advice: drink lots (more volume and less smell/stain), don't pee too much on the same thing or in the same place to prevent stains, and we often include either diapers or bed mats on the floor or bed when we don't feel like cleaning up much (if you can get access to those).