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  1. Cracking open her eyes, Sophie took in Emily’s beautiful visage. Unable to contain herself, she started stroking her hair and pulling her out of her rest. “Good morning, love,” Sophie said. “Morning.” Both girls took their time waking up in the morning, but as soon as they realized what today was the start off, they jumped out of bed to start the day. Dressing in the skimpiest clothes they could find, Sophie was in short jeans that were a slip away from flashing someone and showcased her camel toe nicely. As well as a purple tank top that exposed a centimete
  2. Chapter 4 “So have they responded yet?” Emily said, lounging naked on Sophie’s bed. “Yeah, they responded a while ago. I’m just making sure I get the job,” Sophie replied, sitting in her computer chair in a similar state of undress. “I’m guessing you’re not telling them the real reason we want the job?” Emily said. “No, I’ve been telling them I’m some lonely grandma that’s looking for something to occupy her time.” “If we get this job, I’m sure they’ll be surprised when they get back!” Emily said, smiling As Sophie slowly
  3. Chapter 3 As Sophie walked into the school’s meager library early in the morning, far before school started, she was met with Emily’s smiling face waiting amongst the shelves. Her red hair swished as she walked forward. “Hey, I’m glad you came. I wanted to talk to you,” she said, washing away Sophie’s worries with the smile she wore. Guiding her deeper into the library, they sat in opposing armchairs before Emily spoke again. “I-I really enjoyed hanging out with you and P-peeing with you,” she said, a blush spreading across her cheeks. “I’ve never felt like so good w
  4. This story contains naughty pissing, sex, kissing, and a slightly long start. Chapter 1 A knock on the bedroom door woke her from her sleep. Cracking open her eyes, she took in the mess that was her room. Half the draws on the dresser hung open, clothes lay in piles around her room, her sheets in the course of the night had been thrown off the bed and now lay on the floor in a crumpled heap. A young girl laid sprawled on the bed taking in all this mess. “I really need to clean my room,” she thought. Her groggy mind, barely able to make sense of anything else
  5. this story contains naughty peeing Leaning down on the accelerator, Any gazed around at the beautiful mountains that surrounded her with wonder, smiling slightly as she traveled up the long road leading up to the woodland park. Glancing down at the GPS, she realized she was almost at the entrance of the park that she had decided to spend her weekend afternoon hiking at. Her bladder reminded her she had needed to pee almost the entire car ride. Bouncing slightly in the seat of her car, she crossed her legs, biting her lip, she remembered with a smirk how much of a good time s
  6. Thank you! this one took a little rewriting until I was happy with it, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  7. This story contains naughty pissing as well as masturbation It was a pleasant night, with the comforting street lights being her only companion once she had left Jezabel’s house. They had both just graduated college after four years and had celebrated the occasion, telling stories as the night dragged on about their various escapades and parties they had taken part in. As well as their lovers they had been with in college. Any had always loved that she drew more stares than Jezebel from all the boys (and sometimes girls) with her big butt and wide hips and exotic feat
  8. Did you know that editing a story means that you smooth out flaws and that it does not mean rewriting it multiple times? Who would’ve thought... This story contains Naughty peeing,sex,masturbation and golden showers. “This has to be the house right?” Verona commented as she pointed at the house they had been directed to. ”The directions couldn't have been worse if they tried” Crystal complain rolling her eyes. “I know right! .” Verona replied, scoffing in annoyance. Driving around she noted that no other house could have possib
  9. I like how this one turned out This story contains naughty peeing as well as lesbian sex. Crystal was walking down the hall with Verona holding her hand and leading her to the college lounge. “This is going to be so fun!” squealed Verona. “ I always keep my promises” Replied Crystal kissing Verona. They had made plans to vandalize the lounge right after they were done with the library and now those plans were coming to fruition. After drinking lots of water to prepare for their special moment as well as picking a time at night when they knew no one would be up to interr
  10. This story contains naughty peeing as well as sex and masturbation When Crystal came home that night her friend Verona, her 6,5 amazon roommate asked where she had been. “ I got revenge on that bitch Tamara,” She said. Verona was excited at this and asked “ what did you do to her?” in an excited voice. When Crystal told her she was initially shocked but then found her nipples getting hard and her pussy moist at the thought of what Crystal did. “That's amazing,'' she gasped. The next day at the library Crystal was studying for her next big exam and thou
  11. Thank you 🙂 I may do just that...
  12. This was my first attempt at writing a story about naughty pissing so please go easy on me. Also sorry if anything is strange in the story, its a copy and paste from a google doc. This story contains naughty peeing as well as masturbation As Crystal walked through the dorms she felt anger and frustration run through her. Not just at the bitch Tamara but also at her boyfriend Thomas (Or she guessed Ex boyfriend now). She didn't like either of them that much. Thomas had so many double standards that she should have left him as soon as his first words left his mout
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