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  1. Ty! Part two only needs some revisions.
  2. ***Vandalism, destruction of property w/ piss (and spit towards the end), revenge, yada yada. The usual. Was struggling to write part 2 for a previous story so started this one which I have planned out already. While it wasn't intentional you could say this takes place after the water park adventures. Forget chronological order I make the rules now. _____ "I want them printed, sorted, and on my desk before you go," Hartley demanded, slamming a Manilla folder on my desk and letting her hand linger upon it, letting her eyes linger upon me, ensuring a thorough intimidation an
  3. Of course we can pee standing up. I don't know about writing things in snow, that takes a lot of skill if you don't have a pencil you can just move around lol. I suppose it's possible, but I've never seen or heard of anyone with a vagina doing that honestly.
  4. Obviously contains public pissing, exhibitionism, destruction of property, and more themes revolving around those three. Revised and edited version (kind of). Now featuring a beautiful thing called ✨plot✨ although admittedly a puny one. There will be more parts, whenever they should come along. __________ It would've been a Thursday in June. My friend group had saved enough for a trip to a water park to cool down in the unforgiving summer heat, and we were on our way to paradise. If not for my previous discovery of a new fetish, I would've been just as
  5. Well yeah, that's the reason for me more often than not and probably a likely reason for others (unless they were purposefully trying to power piss like that of course). I guess the bottom line is that the harder you push, the crazier the stream. So if you really have to go and you're dead set on getting your piss out, you might push harder to do that, and thus have that gush you described. You can choose to do that as well even if you're not desperate to go but simply pushing harder just because.
  6. One I personally recall happened a couple months ago. It was just of a group of guys drinking a bunch of water, then holding me down and pissing on me. It was plain and simple, short but vivid and hot. Usually when I myself pee in dreams, I pee in real life. Then it's a real wet dream, and usually not pleasant.
  7. Following creating this account, I've been taking more time to explore this fetish. It used to be plain and simple — I like piss. Piss turns me on. But now...I feel as though there are specific situations or contexts which I like better, and I'm discovering new ones often. So, for example, exhibitionism but with pee. Before, I could never see myself enjoying displaying my body in public, let alone having the confidence to do so, however for some reason the idea of peeing in public (not necessarily being naked or on display, but simply peeing where I know someone could walk in on the after
  8. I've only been here for like five seconds but I can see already that there's a lot of diversity to this site and what users enjoy about this fetish. I'm really interested and want to know more! Personally, I can't get enough of soaking things — towels, the dirty laundry, the floor, even my own clothes as I'm wearing them. Not to mention the thought of being soaked.
  9. It must, because the reason I hold is not for the satisfaction of release, but for the feeling of carrying a full bladder. Pleasurable in itself, but makes orgasms much better.
  10. I suppose it has to do with how much you have to pee and how hard you push, or at least for me. I can pee in a relatively straight line with a full bladder and the right position, but if I'm just sitting on the toilet and I don't pull my lips upward to aim or squat so that everything down there is out of the way of where my pee will emerge, it comes out in all different directions. Hope that answers your question.
  11. Me too! When you've had a lot to drink and your bladder is really full the pressure of all of the pee is already amazing, but when you press down on your lower stomach it's ten times better. Sometimes I hold while I'm cooking and just rub my legs together and hop up and down some. Then when I finally do let myself go, in my pants or on the toilet, it's only a little at a time. In between spurts I like to stop myself and feel the pressure once more, even stronger than before. Such an exhilarating feeling. ☺️
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