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    Just looking for places where I don’t have to feel so alone with my love of pee/peeing! Hopefully get to know some folks better too :)

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    My first pee play experience was my best. Met a guy in his work office building that was having construction done. We went to a floor no one was on and into the restrooms. Kissed and undressed, then he sat on one of the toilets and I sat in his lap facing away from him and slowly began peeing while he touched me. We did a few more things before he stood over me and peed down my chest and stomach. We cleaned ourselves up a bit, dressed, and he walked me out. Was fun walking by some workers on the way out, thinking of what we had just done.

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  1. I had a dream last night that I can’t get out of my head. I only remember the short scene, but I hope you guys might enjoy hearing about it and picturing it yourselves. So not sure how it started, but I know that I was angry either about something or at someone, and I stormed off into what I can only describe as like an empty science classroom in a school. I went to what I guess would be the teachers desk and leaned against it a bit while looking over the rest of the classroom. I realized how badly I had to pee and I got a smirk on my face, knowing just what to do. I then pulled my pants do
  2. I definitely do! And I always wake up with a very full bladder and very horny from them lol. I have a thread with a couple of my dreams somewhere on here, but I’ll tell my most recent one. Basically in the dream I was in the shower, and also was very turned on, and basically felt like on the brink of an orgasm- so I was throbbing from that, as well as an absolutely bursting bladder. I would try to get myself to cum and it wouldn’t work, so then I’d try to let my pee release and it wouldn’t come out either. I kept trying both a bit, absolutely desperate for relief of either thing but it felt
  3. My main thought is that I’d pay for professional deep cleaners every now and then, so I could pee more often on my carpets, or give peeing in my car a try. Otherwise I too would love to have a dedicated room to be able to do all sorts of pee play
  4. I had a very hot, long dream last night that I just have to share here. From the first point in the dream I can remember, I was on a train with a woman that I believe was my sister (I’ll call her B), or at least acted like one. We had gotten off at a random stop, and just started walking towards this big city. I stopped and looked at a sign that had phone numbers and addresses on it that led me to believe we were in texas, so I yell to my sister as I catch up to her that “I guess we’re in texas!” And she just replies with “come on, let’s keep walking.” We eventually make it into the c
  5. Both, only a couple of times each though sadly. It’s such a lovely feeling both ways though
  6. I surprisingly haven’t, just seen some very trashed ones. But if I did come across one like that, I’d be incredibly tempted to add to the puddle. It’d make me feel a bit less guilty knowing I wasn’t the first to go for it haha
  7. I don’t physically press on my bladder to check, but will kind of do a push as if I were going to try to push a little bit of pee out, but without actually letting any out. Then depending on how it feels when I do that, will make my decision on whether to go or not. For instance I just peed a few minutes ago before getting into bed for the night. So when I just did my “push test”, I felt absolutely no pressure or anything. Other times it will be just enough pressure to say “yeah, I could go for a pee before I go.”
  8. Absolutely love this 😍. Such a long, strong stream! And the different camera angles are such a great touch too!
  9. I’ve reached another pee milestone for myself tonight! 😆. I went to the movies with my mom, and I pretty much finished the large soda I had by the end of the movie. I didn’t really feel much of an urge to go pee, but because we weren’t 100% sure if we were going to stop anywhere else before making our way back to my house, I decided to use the restroom at the theater. I also decided to go because I noticed they had two separate family/unisex ones, so I wouldn’t have to go through the stressful situation that is trying to use gendered restrooms being transgender 😪. Anyway, I got into the roo
  10. I definitely enjoy going out in my yard, whether on the artificial grass, in the gravel, on the patio chair, or on the pavement. The naughty feeling and marking definitely plays a big part in it, plus I love hearing the sound difference of my stream splattering on the varying things.
  11. I would definitely say I base what I would pee on/in around the inconvenience of others, because I also think to myself- if I were to come across someone else’s pee, whether a puddle on the ground or soaked in a seat etc, how would I feel about it in that situation? So in terms of outdoors, if it’s anywhere I can’t be seen doing it, I’d go for it whether that’s out in the woods or more public at a park. As you mentioned, at least outdoors it can just be washed away easily. Indoors is where I definitely have to put a lot of thought into it. I wouldn’t mind going on any types
  12. I’m definitely into it to an extent, though I haven’t done it myself yet. But I love the idea of going into a stall and just peeing onto the floor or against the walls rather than in the toilet or urinal. But that’s about as far as I’d go personally. Wouldn’t want to soak the roll of tissue or the handle to flush since I don’t like to inconvenience others so much and wouldn’t want to deal with it from the other side myself if that makes sense.
  13. My ex boyfriend got to that point a couple of times around me. Each time was when I’d be out delivering with him, and there’d be a long stretch of time where there were no restrooms around or available, and no sneaky place to go publicly just due to the areas we were in (plus he wasn’t into pee- let alone public peeing). He usually ended up having to chug down his sports drink or coffee and then pee into it in the back of the van and throw it out later
  14. I’m always a big fan of seeing things get soaked like carpet, clothes, furniture etc. would definitely love to see any of that if it’s something you’d like to do 😁
  15. Car pees are one of- if not *the* most favorite of mine to see videos of. Whether it’s an old or dirty car, or a newer and cleaner one. it’s just so lovely seeing someone spray their stream up on the dash, radio, steering wheel, etc.. Needless to say~ very hot video!
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