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    Slim chap. On the beach like to wear speedos or thin short baggy shorts to pee thru. Nylon dries quickly. Have peed my pants in jeans. Would be nice to share experiences.

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    letting out some pee when talking to a stranger

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  1. Hi there from southwest england. Who likes to pee their pants on here??? Please let me know!
  2. Thanks Adyguy, good to see plenty of pics & vids. I've only one real live experience of being with another peelover (a lady in her 60s) in public. Will never forget the experience!
  3. DorsetP


    one word ........ Wow!!!!!!
  4. Hello everyone, hope you are keeping well. I'm wanting to meet someone who also likes to wet themselves. Don't mind if man or woman. Am not an exhibitionist but do like to feel the warmth of pee around my cock and balls. In the summer I wear short nylon shorts so that the sun dries off the pee quickly so can keep peeing a little and often. Let me know what you think.
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