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    Desperate women accidentally peeing their pants
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  1. Have you ever accidentally peed yourself? If so, how and where?
  2. Canadian here, love when women are desperate to pee and slowly leak, especially in their jeans. Who else loves that?
  3. I'm just curious as to the ladies here who like to be desperate to pee, then slowly wet themselves
  4. Supposed to reach 37 on Saturday. It got to 40 at the beginning of June. It was -40 in Feb! Damn you, winnipeg!
  5. Better question: has anyone here even heard of manitoba?
  6. Well, I've been into women desperate to pee and to pee themselves for as long as I can remember. I don't know how I just found this site now, but it seems like it will be fun
  7. I was just googling girls peeing themselves and found this. Seems like fun
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