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    Im Lizz. 19 y.o naughty slut girl from Moscow 😈

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    Pee (sometimes not only pee 😈) on other people's things, or just destroy them, if I want. Like to be lazy. Do not wash my pussy for several days, naughty pee anywhere, do not wipe myself after using a toilet (or use something instead of paper). Like the smell of my dirty panties after a week of wearing without toilet. Like to a smear something with my periods. I also like to dominate men and humiliate them and be humiliated by other girls
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    Lived a month without a toilet.
    Piss in boyfriend’s car and crash it.
    Destroyed the apartments with piss, mud and my periods.

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  1. I want to live with a guy who obeys me in his house. When I wake up in the morning I can just piss into bed and then get up. In the evening, when we watch the series, just piss on the couch so that the urine flows down to the floor. When we meet with his parents, we will come to their house and when he introduces me, I will start pissing on my legs down floor. When I go to the toilet, I either do not dry myself or wipe it with clothes from a container with dirty clothes. As a punishment for minor offenses, I would piss on his things. Must piss in car seat I would enjoy the w
  2. Someone here has a fetish of destruction? Destroy objects in a variety of ways, not just urine. I read about crush fetish, but there is often something like crush clams. I do not like this, I feel sorry for any living creatures. Especially large ... I am very excited by the idea of destroying houses (furniture, decoration), equipment, cars, personal belongings, clothes, computers I find quite a bit of content on this topic. Forums, videos, stories. For example, I want to find stories about how a girl was angry and destroyed her boyfriend's apartment. It's cool to see a person suff
  3. I like it. But I would have appreciated more if Claudia went upstairs and urinated on Tom's wife's belongings. Purely my opinion ...
  4. Now Im writing a new big chapter of my story
  5. Part 3 Ever since that girl destroy my apartment, this has bothered me. As soon as she left, I started fiercely fingering my clitoris and powerfully finished twice. Only after that did I start cleaning up and assessing the damage. I called the furniture dry-cleaner and began to clean up gradually. I started with the kitchen. She scooped up all the pieces of glass into a large bag. I have almost no dishes left, I will have to buy a new one. But I was more sorry for the refrigerator. There are two large dents on its door. Okay dishes, but the refrigerator was really expensive and could not
  6. I open doors with an antibacterial wipe, so not wash. I think So even cleaner
  7. You can start by peeing in a restaurant toilet. Just go to a restaurant, order a coffee, drink it, pay and then go to the toilet and piss it all over. You can close the rat and just pee everywhere. It's perfect if you're afraid. You can also sit in a mask and order a coffee with a straw or a cocktail. Masks are ok now. And pay with cash)) Most of all I liked going to expensive restaurants. The cocktail won't hit the budget anyway. In these there are even armchairs in WC. I have found such. I think these chairs are just for those who do not like the toilet. It was so cool. I'm in
  8. peeLIZZ


    I would piss on the dashboard and glove box...I would not have pee the day before on purpose
  9. peeLIZZ


    I sometimes scratch random cars with my key when I walk by. It's good that now people are wearing masks. I didn’t try to rip the seats, but I pee in the interior of my ex's cars. After a quarrel, I could kick the door with my foot, leaving a dent or a couple of scratches 😈
  10. Now it’s time to start writing a little. I hope the story came out colorful. This is just the beginning of the story P.S. Did you know that in Russian “to write” and “to pee” this one and the same spelling word «писать»
  11. The refrigerator began to squeak due to the fact that it was open for a long time. She turned sharply and kicked the door with all her might, closing it. There was a crash inside. I looked at the refrigerator. There were noticeable dents on it. She grinned. -Well, how long are you ready to endure me? -I said, that let you go to me, do what you want. The last words were hard for me. I've already been assessing the damage. Cleaning the sofa (if possible), refrigerator, almost all dishes, broken tiles on the floor ... why did I just agree to this ... but for some reason I could no
  12. Waiting for a story about home
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