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    Pee (sometimes not only pee 😈) on other people's things, or just destroy them, if I want. Like to be lazy. Do not wash my pussy for several days, naughty pee anywhere, do not wipe myself after using a toilet (or use something instead of paper). Like the smell of my dirty panties after a week of wearing without toilet. Like to a smear something with my periods. I also like to dominate men and humiliate them and be humiliated by other girls
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    Lived a month without a toilet.
    Piss in boyfriend’s car and crash it.
    Destroyed the apartments with piss, mud and my periods.

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  1. She does this intentionally, but as casually as possible. As for sex, she usually makes it clear that she wants it. Flirting look, foreplay...
  2. Everything is under complete control. Both mine and Sarah's. We clearly discussed the limits so as not to return to them later
  3. I have limits, but they are still significantly further than my actions. For example, destroy all my apartment or send my car to a landfill. It would turn me on, but the emotional pain would outweigh that. Although in my fantasies I can easily imagine this I like to treat my girlfriend like a goddess. This is not a mistress-slave relationship like in BDSM. She does not humiliate me with words, but she behaves as selfishly as possible.
  4. I like to submit, not rebel. Besides, if I ruin her date, I think we should expect something like a MacBook smashed against the wall or at least a crashed my 80 inch TV. She already smashed my PlayStation once, tearing out the wires and throwing it on the floor. I'm excited, but it's too expensive for me 🥵
  5. Yes, I came home from work the other day and found my makeup and some clothes on the floor. It turned out that Sarah was in a hurry to go on a date and threw things out of my bag to take it. Eyeshadow palette crashed on the floor and stained a blouse
  6. The fact is that I immediately went to clean the floor precisely because otherwise she could have wiped it with clothes from my closet. She's done this before. And I don’t really like putting on wet clothes. Besides, this was not a prelude to sex. It's more like our everyday behavior together.
  7. No, she does all this in front of my eyes. She may put on my hoodie and get it dirty with berries and cream while making a cake. She loves to cook sweets. One day she was cooking in my sweatshirt and leggings while I worked in the living room. She didn't want to be distracted and peed in my leggings. I had to pause to wipe the floor around her.
  8. When Sarah and I first started dating, she was surprised that I wanted her to act like a bitch. We live together in my apartment and she began to wear my clothes more and more often. For example, she is cooking something and doesn’t want to get dirty. She knows that she can wear any items from my wardrobe for this. This is so selfish and turns me on so much...
  9. It’s a music for my ears, hah Really I was rude with uninvolved people previously. I grew out of it.
  10. I like it when my girlfriend wipes herself with my top, left in the bathroom instead of paper, and puts it back. Or when she wipes herself with paper, but throws it on the floor near the toilet so that I can clean it up later. it's very romantic 💝
  11. I'm currently in a relationship with a girl who shares my fetishes. Her name is Sarah. We’re together for 4 months, and we met on a dating site. She is 19 years old, 3 years younger than me. The day before yesterday we were walking around the mall and when we were in the fitting room, she said she wanted to pee. I offered to be patient a little, but it was clear that this was a challenge to me. She pulled up her hoodie and I saw a small wet spot on her jeans. She pulled them down and took my leather Michael Kors bag, put it on the carpet and began to pee inside. When she finished, she w
  12. Hi everyone who remembers me. I decided to return to the forum after a long break. I hope you will be glad to see me. During this time, changes occurred in my life, both sexual and casual. I changed my role in sexual games from dominant to submissive. But this makes me want to write even more! Tell me, are there still people here who like to have their property destructed by another person? The forum had restrictions on harming other people. I guess now that I'm being harmed and I don't mind, it won't be a problem.
  13. Perfect story! I wanna read more…
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