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    Im Lizz. 19 y.o naughty slut girl from Moscow 😈

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    Pee (sometimes not only pee 😈) on other people's things, or just destroy them, if I want. Like to be lazy. Do not wash my pussy for several days, naughty pee anywhere, do not wipe myself after using a toilet (or use something instead of paper). Like the smell of my dirty panties after a week of wearing without toilet. Like to a smear something with my periods. I also like to dominate men and humiliate them and be humiliated by other girls
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    Lived a month without a toilet.
    Piss in boyfriend’s car and crash it.
    Destroyed the apartments with piss, mud and my periods.

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  1. Recently my boyfriend was at work and I was at his house. I was lying on the couch and watching TV. I was too lazy to get up and I pissed on the sofa. There are stains on it. I also recently pee on the bed when I woke up at night with a full bladder. There are stains both on the mattress and on the sheet. And of course this is intentional. I specifically choose guys who are willing to put up with me.
  2. I graduated from school quite recently. There were such fetishes back then. Once I wanted to take revenge on a classmate for sleeping with my boyfriend. We have a wardrobe division in Russia. There are paid and free. She hung things up for free and it is not guarded. I threw her coat on the floor and stomped with my boots. Then I pissed on it a lot. By the way, it was cold outside and she had to go home in it. The next day there was a physical education lesson. I am released and sit on a bench or in a dressing room. I decided that it would not be enough for her and I felt sad because o
  3. When I’m at home all day, I sometimes wear mini shorts or pajama pants over my panties and just piss in them all day. It's nice when it's warm at home. I likes to feel wet clothes on themselves, but it's probably more comfortable in shorts
  4. In the summer I went to another city on business. I just pissed on my jeans. It was in the middle of the street. Others could see that I pissed. I was wearing a mask and this is a city where no one will recognize me. So there was no problem
  5. 3,4,5 yes 1,2 no Everything related to the demonstration of a dominant position. Piss on someone's things or piss yourself on your own to show that you can do this in public. Piss on your own house to show how little it matters compared to you Ideal scenarios are when someone cannot resist you and you destroy what is dear to him/her As always, reading this forum I got excited. Better to do than read ...
  6. I recently fucked a guy my friend liked. Nothing terrible, we just met at a bar, we both liked him. We are both not looking for a serious relationship and we are in competition sometimes. It's kind of a sport. He was supposed to meet her, but said that things were at work. The next day she found out that there was no work, I just called him to my home and we fucked. A friend decided that it was a foul play. Usually we just respond to the advances of the guys, and do not immediately behave like whores luring him home, but I decided to cheat, because I really liked him. She stayed alone
  7. Я действительно не чувствую себя виноватым. Мне приятно нанести ущерб. Это демонстрирует мое превосходство. Если бы не было повреждений, откуда я писаю, было бы не интересно
  8. Enjoy your stay at the hotel. And if you are a sexy girl. Find a guy on the tinder, say that you are looking for an apartment now and ask to rent a room for yourself for a couple of days. Say that you are afraid to do it yourself. Men love to help us with little things. Rarely has anyone objected in my experience. But if the hotel is not registered with you, you can have fun. Now, because of wearing masks, no one will ever recognize you.🤤😎 Who needs personal advice, write me in Messages on forum 👩🏻‍🦰❤️
  9. When I check in, the first thing I do is close the toilet lid for the duration of my stay. I do not need it. There is always a tile in the bathroom and by going there you can piss anywhere. On the floor, on the toilet lid, on the walls, on a table with a sink. It doesn't even need to be hidden in any way. The urine will just dry out on its own. If moisture remains on the floor at the end, you can throw a towel and wipe it with your foot. Too obvious yellow spots can be poured by shower and left to dry. In the room, I always pee on the carpet under the bed, on the wall that will be covere
  10. The room is even more fun. I did all this even when I was staying under my own name. As already mentioned many times, you can move furniture. There is usually so much dust under it that no one except you will move it. I always rearrange how I check in. The bed usually has 2 castors, if you are a weak girl. The carpet under the bed is 3-4 square meters for which you can piss unlimited.
  11. Pee in the hotel is pretty easy. Firstly outside the room. I usually wear a black miniskirt and ga heeled shoes. You can just walk along the corridors and let out little trickles. Usually the hotel corridors are not very crowded. There are usually no cameras on the stairs, they are not interesting to anyone. You can go out there and just let all the pee out onto the floor and walls, and then go out into the hall on any other floor.
  12. The guy will have to wash it and the stains may remain forever on his car. But it's more convenient for me than going to a public toilet, so I'll do it like this.
  13. On the seat. I like to dominate. The fact that I can pee wherever it is convenient demonstrates this.
  14. Perhaps it would be cool not to become someone else, but to be yourself, but having the ability to save as in the game. I could behave as I please, and even if something happened, it would not matter. I would just go back to an earlier checkpoint. I would like to piss in front of friends or in a public place, such as on a date at a restaurant. Do not worry about the safety of your belongings. If you like an idea and it resonates in your heart, I will write a story about it. As soon as I write the previous one (I've been working on it for a long time) 😘💦
  15. I was just thinking about such a fictional story. I would like to temporarily swap bodies with another girl, also beautiful. Nothing that I already didn't have. The point is to do whatever, because the body is not mine and I can do what I want to. It is also possible to mentally control another body. In general, the transition to fantasy.
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