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    Pee (sometimes not only pee 😈) on other people's things, or just destroy them, if I want. Like to be lazy. Do not wash my pussy for several days, naughty pee anywhere, do not wipe myself after using a toilet (or use something instead of paper). Like the smell of my dirty panties after a week of wearing without toilet. Like to a smear something with my periods. I also like to dominate men and humiliate them and be humiliated by other girls
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    Lived a month without a toilet.
    Piss in boyfriend’s car and crash it.
    Destroyed the apartments with piss, mud and my periods.

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  1. It turns out the keys to the apartment were in the Porsche glove box that my friend pissed on so thoroughly. She didn't bother to see what was inside before that. There were still some papers lying there, but it is no longer clear what it was. The car smelled like urine. For some reason I thought it was evaporating, but no. There was a small lake in the back seat. I sat in my own puddle, opened the windows (maybe this will help evaporation) and drove to the address from the SMS. When I was standing at the red light, a couple of times people from neighboring cars looked into my open win
  2. He will be late for work for a week. And offers to live in his apartment! Before that, I lived with a friend (another, not liked peegames). I am not in my hometown now and I have to live somewhere to wait him. I've been with my friend too long. …looks like a new quest is about to start…
  3. Just in front of him, I'm not ready yet. Actually, he's not ready. I build an innocent image of myself
  4. This is a very fine line, if I take the car to the carwash and there are traces and smells left, I can come up with something. It happened by accident, a long traffic jam. Was very hungry. Cola spilled by accident. He is unlikely to endure the special destruction of the machine. But maybe I'll wait a day...
  5. I don’t want to destroy fully, not sure if he can handle it. But I think I can leave marks in his new car that are not removed never. the main thing is not to go too far.
  6. While there are no ideas, I decided to have some fun. The day after tomorrow the guy is coming. My friend (girl) and I drove around the city by car all day today. She loves about the same as me. We drank a lot of water and cola all day. About 6 liters for two. And every time they peed in the car. Usually just sitting in the front seats. I flooded the dashboard a couple of times, and a friend filled the glove box a lot. We took food from fastfood and ate in the car. It was cool not to think about the cleanliness of the cabin. My hands were covered in sauce, but that didn't stop m
  7. But that’s what I done today… I wanna smth new…
  8. Guys, what I should to do next? I have no cool idea 😿. I have couple days when he will be abroad 😼. No criminal, but interesting. I’ll do idea, which take more likes. Wanna return to this forum
  9. Still, it's fun to pee in new places. Just peed a lot in the new boyfriend's car. He let me ride while he's at work. I went shopping, I hate public toilets. After a long day and loads of shopping, I put my things in the trunk and sat in the driver's seat. I haven't gone to the bathroom since morning. I was wearing translucent panties and a burgundy summer short dress. In one of the stores, I let a trickle down my legs when it was hard to endure, but continued to hold back. Today I wanted to test myself. As I got behind the wheel, I turned on the ignition and just let the stream fr
  10. There are stories from this site. I enjoyed reading them. You can read them through a translator. I also sit on this site with google translator. English is my weak point http://pornoslon.me/index.php?board=40.0
  11. In general, I drink a lot. And my urine is usually light. But if I specifically want to piss on something, then it's not so interesting. Better then more bright yellow. For example, I played cards for wishes with a guy. 1: 1 He asked to wake him up in the morning with a blowjob. And I didn't want to use the toilet until the end of the evening. He did not know about my fetishes yet and thought that I wanted to endure the whole evening. And I pissed him on the carpet. Without the yellow stream, there would be no stain. And why then all this ...
  12. I am pissing to the left. When I sit on the toilet at home, there are no problems. When I don't want to sit down somewhere, everything flows down my left leg. It is often easier for me to sit down on the floor right away. The lips are parted wider and the stream goes down. My anatomy is like that. At home, too, lately, more and more often I just go into the bathroom and piss on the floor. Dries up pretty quickly, my floor is washed by a cleaning lady twice a week. There is tiles everywhere and there is no damage
  13. I met several times guys who were ready to rent a hotel room in their own name for I could piss there. Conditions have usually been such that there is no sex. The guy looks and at the end I leave or stay for the night without him and leave in the morning. He can clean it up the next day or leave it as it is. There are two keys and I can just lock the door in the morning. Fortunately, you can find anyone on Tinder or VK (Russian Facebook) I pissed everywhere, especially when I was alone. At night on the bed, on the floor, walls, chairs. On a closed toilet. In the lobby when
  14. Recently my boyfriend was at work and I was at his house. I was lying on the couch and watching TV. I was too lazy to get up and I pissed on the sofa. There are stains on it. I also recently pee on the bed when I woke up at night with a full bladder. There are stains both on the mattress and on the sheet. And of course this is intentional. I specifically choose guys who are willing to put up with me.
  15. I graduated from school quite recently. There were such fetishes back then. Once I wanted to take revenge on a classmate for sleeping with my boyfriend. We have a wardrobe division in Russia. There are paid and free. She hung things up for free and it is not guarded. I threw her coat on the floor and stomped with my boots. Then I pissed on it a lot. By the way, it was cold outside and she had to go home in it. The next day there was a physical education lesson. I am released and sit on a bench or in a dressing room. I decided that it would not be enough for her and I felt sad because o
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