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    Im Lizz. 19 y.o naughty girl from Russia 😈

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    Pee (sometimes not only pee 😈) on other people's things, or just destroy them, if I want. Like to be lazy. Do not wash my pussy for several days, naughty pee anywhere, do not wipe myself after using a toilet (or use something instead of paper). Like the smell of my dirty panties after a week of wearing without toilet. Like to a smear something with my periods. I also like to dominate men and humiliate them
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    Piss on the whole ex's apartment and car because he was staring at my friend.
    I have a lot of stories, it’s hard to choose...

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  1. Enough often. I also scratched cars of my ex’s and couple times random cars. Usually it was a revenge
  2. As always, very cool! I really liked that she scratched the car with the keys. It would be cool to walk into someone else's room and piss on everything. One might as well just ruin it, when they don't want to go to the toilet
  3. I was allowed several times and several times it was my initiative))
  4. Peeing at home is not a good idea as for me. I see peeing more as an element of domination. If I pissed on the floor in a hotel (or bed) or in a restaurant I chose not a toilet, but a chair next to it, this is more of a reason to say: I am cool here, and you will clean it! Same with guys. I also really like to take revenge, even for the little things. Scratching the car of a rude taxi driver for example. Removing urine is a sign of weakness. And why spoil your things, you can spoil something for which nothing will happen. Alternatively, you can hire a housekeeper and watch he
  5. During these 3 days, I did not go to the toilet at all. I slept on the bed, and he was on the carpet. In the morning I just relaxed and urine gushed like a fountain pouring over the bed, the carpet around it and the wallpaper. During the day, I pee wherever I found myself. On the floor, on the couch. He was very upset when I pissed the couch for the first time.
  6. Traces remained for ever. Tear them is pretty hard)
  7. peeLIZZ


    I don't know how personal the question is. It was always interesting for me what salaries are in other countries. Internet statistics are difficult for me to evaluate. It is not necessary to show YOUR income. What are they like in your country? After taxes, how much do people get on average? For example, in Russia it is $500/month. Although in Moscow about $ 1500/month. As far as I understand, there are no such salaries at all in decent countries.
  8. Yesterday I had enough adventures on the street, so I'm not going anywhere today. I have been wearing white cotton panties since last night. They will stay with me until tomorrow. What to choose for your first morning hike? The sink in the kitchen will not fit, the jet will not hit forward. I decided to get up in the bathroom and just pee through my panties. The urine was bright yellow as always in the morning and flooded my feet and the whole bath. I got out and dried myself with a towel. What to do with the panties, they are wet through and through. Sitting in them somewhere is a
  9. Once I met a guy on the Internet who agreed to completely become my slave. On my first date at a restaurant, I took his plate a few times and spat my chewed food into it. He reacted normally to this. When we arrived at his apartment, I went into the room without taking off my shoes, leaving dirty marks on the carpet. He plaintively asked me to take off my shoes, because it would be difficult to launder it. After that, I went to the wall in the living room, leaned my back on it and, looking at him with a sorry look🥺, ran my sole down along the wallpaper. Then the second... It was superb
  10. She made me unnoticed publicly nude, pee in dangerous places and do something with my and other people's things. I stripped naked in the cinema, peeing under the table in a restaurant. She messed up my clothes and things, and the things of my guys. By the way, there were a lot of guys too because she told me that. It's funny that I liked it so much that now I continue to do the same and be friends with her. She is a psychologist and deliberately introduced me to weak men with a thirst for submission. Anyway, it's hard to resist when you are seduced by an attractive 18 year old girl)))
  11. She has no desire to pee, but she loves to manage people ...
  12. Once she had my intimate photos. After that, for some time I did everything she said. It influenced who I am now. She was at my home and my boyfriends’.
  13. My family is unaware of my oddities. Let it stay that way. As for friends, I have a girlfriend (she will appear later in my stories). She loves to make fun of me, sometimes cruelly.
  14. I think it's very hard to be with me... Apparently I decided to live in this parallel universe now 😸
  15. There are more than one car behind me ... I understood the excitement and will try to write not only light stories from the summer, but also something more hardcore. 😼 It is a pity that this forum has some restrictions on topics...
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