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    straight male
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    Hi. I'm looking for like minded people that love piss.

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    Naughty pissing, wetting, and messes
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    I met a girl online, and spent hours driving around and pissing all over my old car. We pissed so much. The seats were so stoked they were dripping to the floor below.

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  1. I also love pissing in cars. The nice and more cared for the more I want to ruin it. I turned my old civic into a toilet. It was pissed in so many times I wouldn't even think twice about pissing anywhere in it. I was also lucky enough to let several women piss into the passenger seat.
  2. This is my biggest fantasy. I would let you break anything and do whatever you wanted with no limits.
  3. It's my biggest fantasy to meet someone on the internet and allow them to ruin my stuff with no limits. for thier own pleasure, with no concern of the consequences for me.
  4. I would love so much if you trashed my house and car
  5. I love pissing in my car. Its my favorite place to piss.
  6. Hi. I'm a 36yr old white Male from Boston. I'm new here and hoping to meet people close enough to me. I love wetting, nonchalant pissing, naughty pissing and piss vandalism. My absolute favorite place to piss is the car, and I really want to meet people that will piss all over the inside of my car. So if that sounds fun hit me up, I would love to chat.
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