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    Love girls trashing cars, denting, scratching and just all out destruction

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    Girls pissing on cars whilst damaging them
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    Seeing my ex slice the her drivers seat whilst peeing with her heels

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  1. Fuck it trash the Camaro, rip the seats up
  2. Does anyone know any girls on onlyfans who are willing to smash things up? Like a car, destroy a sofa etc? Or any porn videos where girls do this? I have a few videos but I can't really find a girl on onlyfans who'd do it, if anyone knows please let me know 😄
  3. C1D2

    Crush fetish

    I have that fetish, the thought of a girl destroying things turns me on a lot!
  4. Fictional story about a 21 year old girl called Jessica who purchased a mint condition black 1985 Porsche 944 as a daily driver... but on the drive home she realised it wasn't what it seemed and destroyed it Jessica had always wanted to own a Porsche. She didn't have enough money to get herself a 911 or a 928 but a 944 was well within her price range. She also had a fetish for damaging cars, after coming across a group on Facebook and seeing multiple videos online of girls ruining their car for fun. After looking for a few weeks she found an advert online for a mint condition 1985 Porsche
  5. C1D2


    It wasn't too much, she ran her keys down a few cars and did kick the door of a Porsche once, more for fun really
  6. C1D2


    I'm happy to do it on here, she did it a lot to her car. She had a Vauxhall Astra which she hated and quite often to take her frustration out she'd kick the seats and dashboard, they were shredded up. She got seat covers so nobody could see but the car wasn't worth anything so she didn't care, it turned her on a lot. She ran her keys down it almost each time she got out of it, didn't do it to random cars all that often
  7. C1D2


    My ex did and that's where I got my fetish from 😆
  8. C1D2


    Ok by mad sorry about that 🙂
  9. C1D2


    Has anyone on here ever dented a car on purpose, scratched it or ripped up the interior? Or destroyed a house? Destroying the living room etc? I know it's unlikely but I'm just curious
  10. Fictional story about a girl called Charlotte (19) who has had the fantasy about smashing up a house for the past few years and now has the chance with her own house After years of living with her parents Charlotte finally managed to find a house she could rent and do whatever she wanted to. She'd had fantasies about destroying furniture and using a house as a toilet for years and she'd finally been able to have that opportunity. Every night she'd masturbated on her bed wanting to piss all over it, but knowing she just want able to do that whilst living at home... but she no longer lived
  11. This is a story about 18 year old Amy who found an abandoned 1971 Boss 351 Mustang, and she was doing to destroy the interior, exterior and pee all over it It was a standard Friday night and Amy (18) who worked a standard 9-5 job had just finished work, she walks home as it's only about 15 minutes from the office to her house. She'd been feeling sexually frustrated a lot recently due to being single and not finding anyone to have sex with. She'd also found a new fetish which involved smashing up houses, furniture and cars. She'd sit at home every night masturbating over videos and picture
  12. Maybe next time you could put a small hole in the seat 😉
  13. I'm sure I could do that, I wanted my next one to be with a classic car so that can be done
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