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  1. It's good to see you again here. I'm one of those who also enjoys pee and destruction.
  2. This story is so hot, I loved both parts.
  3. I know, could be expensive to make content about that. is a rare fetish, I guest. I published a fictional story about pee and destruction, abd I would like to write more. I can't wait to read your stories,
  4. The story contains: Sex M-F, destruction, dirty talking. This is a fic story I posted in other sites, but now I decided to share it here. Claudia was a pro gamer who wasn't going for a good moment for her and the team. Claudia and her teammates were feeling pretty bad, very sad, as the CEO of their team was pretty upset with them for the lousy performance they were having recently. They feared they would be kicked off the team. As they were discussing the various possibilities, they saw Steven, the CEO, enter their office without even looking at them. They
  5. I have that fetish too, and same as you I don't like when the crush is about living creatures. It's a shame that is so hard to find content about that. Other similar fetish for me is when the people is fucking over something and the things falls down.
  6. That was so hot, I love that smashing stuff. I used to write stories too, I will try to post them.
  7. I love that too, when girls destroy things, specially expensive ones like cars, computers, tv.
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