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  1. Glad some of you like it. 😊 Part 3: When Sam noticed Lara's movement, she began to smile. "You get turned on by all this reckless destruction, do you?". "No," Lara lied in a soft voice. Sam slowly and tenderly ran her hand between her legs. "But why are you getting wet then?", she whispered softly in her ear. "Listen," said Sam. "We'll make a deal." Have a nice piss yourself on our command at a location of our choice and give in to your desires and have a hot orgasm in front of us. Then we'll stop messing around with your stuff and your house and get out of here." Lara agre
  2. Thanks! I really loved your fictional and real stories. Huge inspiration! 🙂
  3. Part 2: With a throbbing heart Lara made her way upstairs to the bedroom. She couldn't think straight. What the hell were they planning to do with her and her property? Arriving in the bedroom and rummaging through the wardrobe drawer to find the credit cards, she found herself drifting off into fantasies. Sure, pee and vandalism had always been a kink of her, but it had been years since she had indulged in it. And this was her house, her possessions, her money. She grabbed both of hers and the credit card she shared with Ethan and made her way back downstairs. As she peered dow
  4. Warning: Story contains: vandalism , naughty peeing, destruction of property, blackmailing I would like to share the first part of my story. Not a native speaker, so please excuse spelling and grammar mistakes. Lara checked her make-up for the third time in the mirror of her walk-in closet. She wanted to look perfect for her guests. The 28-year-old brunette hadn't seen her two old friends for seven years now. A lot had happened since then. She had made a career as an architect, was about to get married and had recently bought a small mansion with her fiancé Ethan, which ha
  5. I can understand that very well, are fictional stories that contain aspects of pee and destruction (of course without illegal actions) generally not welcomed? Then I will refrain from publishing a story containing this content in the forum.
  6. Very hot story. That was a very special first night. I love pee and destruction fantasies. Ever thought of writing something similar again?
  7. Hot as hell. Unfortunately, the user no longer seems to be active. I would love a sequel to this story. In this area, piss and general destruction of objects or homes of submissives, you don't find much unfortunately.
  8. True. I am also very into it. The combination with peeing adds another great twist. It seems to be a rather rare fetish. Production-wise in terms of content understandable because it's expensive and in the worst case illegal. But there don't seem to be many fictional stories either. I've come across some very nice ones here in the forum. For example: https://peefans.com/topic/19726-peelizz-return-back/?tab=comments#comment-269942 https://peefans.com/topic/19756-charlottes-house-smashing/?tab=comments#comment-270478 I would be happy
  9. I recently discovered this forum by chance. Please excuse grammatical errors, not a native speaker. 🙂 Personally, I keep the pee-fetish in private and never have any public experience. But I am fascinated by the reports and fictional stories. This place is the only one so far where I have found a combination of the pee- and object destruction fetish. Fictional stories about it are a huge turn-on for me, but I understand if not everyone enjoys it. I will probably contribute a fictional story of my own in the near future, according to the forum rules of cour
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