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  1. Also we don’t have to worry about cleaning fees because we saved a good amount of money so that we could do anything.
  2. So my girlfriend and I are leaving for a weekend to go visit some friends out of state. We have a very nice airbnb booked and she chose to rent us a basically brand new mercedes for the trip. We do not plan on using the toilet at all during the duration of our stay. Anyone have any ideas of what we should do? Public or otherwise anything goes!
  3. if i could’ve taken it further i would have. i don’t know how i could’ve done anything worse
  4. i think the worst thing i’ve done was pee into an open convertible. all over the front seat and steering wheel. you just get a rush of adrenaline knowing that you’re doing something you shouldn’t. it’s so much fun.
  5. feel free to send any ideas to me
  6. i just picked the car up today and immediately peed all over the front seats. will definitely keep all of you updated
  7. Lmao. I'd put them on other people's cars that's so funny
  8. I absolutely love that idea. The whole car would be used as a toilet. Now I just need to find some forward thinking friends.
  9. So my grandfather is willing me a 1969 Camaro and I'm not a fan of old cars. Destruction is a huge fetish of mine and I'm wondering what you guys would want me to do with it. I'm open to anything and everything. What would you do with it?
  10. When my bathroom is occupied I’ll just go out back and pee in a corner.
  11. I feel that there are two people in this world. People who pee in the shower and liars.
  12. Back in college the girls would clog the toilets in our bathrooms. So we made them pee outside. You’d be extremely surprised as to how many people are more than comfortable peeing in a random backyard. I’ve also had to kick people out for letting loose on our floor. I’d always let the girls finish before kicking them out.
  13. Brian777


    Hi I’m Brian and I love all things peeing. Especially the naught aspect of it. Feel free to private message me at any time. I have a lot of stories from my fraternity days!
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