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  1. Yes I agree Alice , I would like to piss on a Porsche
  2. Yes I would agree a tape measure with brass ends
  3. Chicklover99


    Welcome to the site Elo I’m sure you will enjoy it on here. I love your photos
  4. Yes I fill up at night and hold it til morning and have a strong piss in the bath or sink
  5. Great story. I like the idea of peeing in a bucket, might try it myself
  6. Welcome to the site plenty of like minded people on here. I’m sure you will enjoy it
  7. That sounds good and really hot to go on the carpet. Look forward to hearing how you go on pissing outside
  8. That’s a good piss stream . I’ve pissed on my kitchen floor in the past when I feeling naughty
  9. You must have made a big puddle after pissing that long thanks for sharing
  10. Welcome to the site I’m sure you will enjoy it on here
  11. The thought of using the toilet does not make me nauseous to be honest, but I do sometimes go elsewhere and often piss in the sink, on the floor next to the toilet or piss up the wall outside.
  12. Welcome to the site Wendy.
  13. Yeah I would love to be under her as well pissing on my cock would be good
  14. Making good use of a bin , comments appreciated

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