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  1. I needed to pee real bad
  2. Chicklover99


    Me peeing in the sink
  3. Chicklover99

    Puddle On The Path

    Good piss stream
  4. Needed to pee so I peed on the bath mat
  5. Felt the need for a piss so used a saucepan.
  6. I wanted a pee so thought I would piss in a glass, and also on the floor
  7. Me peeing in a bowl
  8. I was bursting for a piss so thought I would piss on some towels
  9. So desperate for a piss I thought I would piss on the floor
  10. Just needed to piss so went in the sink
  11. Isnt your avatar,the insignia of the now defunct Messerschmitt aircraft company,of Me 109 fame?

    1. Chicklover99


      Yes it is well spotted 

  12. Chicklover99

    Suggestions for me?

    How about going to a parking lot and squat between two cars and pee
  13. Chicklover99

    My absence

    Welcome back Sally , keep a look out for yellow snow lol