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  1. I like trimmed , gives a natural look without being too bushy.
  2. Number one for me, both sound good though
  3. Hello Jayne what’s the longest time you have held your pee before you had to go?
  4. Very good to hear thanks again for sharing your pictures
  5. Great photos Jayne thanks for sharing, look forward to seeing more
  6. That’s sooo hot who have you seen piss?
  7. That’s really hot. I do still piss on my bath mat
  8. Have you ever been out without pants when wearing a skirt or dress
  9. Chicklover99


    Very nice additions Audrey thanks for sharing
  10. I am always desperate to piss in a morning
  11. What’s the longest time you’ve held it in before you had to pee?
  12. And why not lol I swear quiet a lot too !
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