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  1. Outside up a wall or fence
  2. I sometimes pee outdoors, when I’m at hone it’s usually in the sink or shower
  3. In a bowl, bucket , on a pile of towels
  4. I was desperate to go yesterday morning and had a good piss in the toilet
  5. Great pictures thanks for sharing
  6. Great pictures good to see watering the post and your puddle, great work
  7. I love watching porn for both the visuals and I like to imagine I’m in the same room etc sharing the action
  8. I have peed outdoors up a tree and walls with other guys many times, but not as yet with a partner .
  9. Welcome hope you enjoy the site
  10. You could have a naughty pee in a Public car park or stairwell
  11. Always good to pee in the sink, I’m sure you will be doing it regularly !

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