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  1. Shows it’s still available on my account, give it another shot. Thisvid can be problematic
  2. Video 1 is up on my thisvid https://thisvid.com/videos/guy-piss-trashes-a-porsche-911/
  3. I’ll take a video. I’ll probably just do a short one tonight but I plan on this being a series until the car is destroyed😈
  4. It’s leather but perforated, so hopefully the piss will seep through.
  5. Hey all, 21M here, and I just wanted to start this thread because tonight I’m gonna piss trash a Porsche 911 and want to know what needs to be soaked! Tell me what you wanna see done to the car 🙂
  6. I’ll pick up some relief bags from work and make a demo video 🙂
  7. Some racing drivers do pee in their suits. I think there’s a thread about that on here. fighter pilots use “relief bags” a shaped bag filled with diaper powder, we sell them at my work.
  8. I think next time you should just go in the car 😉
  9. I recently bought a new project car and before I make it nice I need to fine a girl to use it as her toilet 😕 no luck with tinder.. damn
  10. Give me a few days and I’ll actually get around to writing it
  11. Here’s a story that I wrote to fulfill certain niches I like, everything is fiction. Cecel had invited over some friends to hang out at her and her boyfriends house, it was a girls night so her boyfriend went to bed early. The Story is told From the perspective of the boyfriend, being told the recounting of the events from the night before. ”good morning” said cecel, overly exited and enthusiastic for it being 7 AM “How did last night go, have fun with the girls?” I said ”yeah we had such a good time! sorry you couldn’t be their babe” said cecel. “It’s alri
  12. Long time lurker first time commenting, this series has been great @rann, I absolutely love it when they involved the car. I cant wait to see what you have in store next, hope to read it soon 🙂
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