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  1. I just used my backseat for the first time this year and took a video but the video maximum is 5mb and even edited I can only get it down to 35mb but I don’t want to post on pornhub bc I really only trust it here, i know someone could copy it and post it but i #1 im not too worried about that and #2 I figure most of yall save these videos to yalls personal albums like i do. (Some of my favorite videos have been moved from free to $ so I’ve been screen recording them while they are free just in case)
  2. UPDATE: im drinking a ton of water so i can do a full bladder on my backseat. Hopefully have a story up no later than tomorrow night
  3. Probably 12, my dad went inside for a meeting: “i will only be 5 minutes” he said. About an hour later i was really desperate and this event is probably why the car is my favorite spot but basically i squatted and peed underneath the backseat and i was super nervous and about 15 minutes later my dad came back out and said something like “it wasn’t supposed to be that long”. 5 minutes to my dad was the same thing as 1-4 hours many times. Another time i was in like 6-7th grade and my bus stop was the last stop but we passed my house first and doubled back and i had always in my head threatened t
  4. Im currently living back at home and my sister threatened to out me to my parents if she caught me doing anything pee fun related so for the past few months I’ve been doing very little, some diaper pees, some jerk and driving, some peeing in the sink or shower but nothing too fun except that my family is going out of town soon and I will be the only one home, im not exactly sure what im gonna do but i want to use my backseat like old times or buy diapers and use them. Im open to suggestions, also just a question i know this isn’t a dating site but how do yall find people that are into waterspo
  5. IRL: my parents went out of town for a weekend so i drank mostly coffee, alcohol and water. When i needed to pee i went out to the backseat of my car, hovered over the backseat, pulled my shorts down and peed on the backseat. Did that the whole weekend and spent the majority of that Sunday night cleaning my car and making it smell better. It took probably 2 weeks to fully get the smell out but it was worth it.
  6. I pee on my leather backseats every now and then. Sometimes a lot of times a day, sometimes as I need to go.
  7. Its a girl that is driving, she says next time she needs to pee she will show us how she pees during road trips. Next scene she is sleeping on the backseat, the backseat has a clear plastic sheet over it and a towel on top of that, she wakes up, slides over, pulls her shorts down and pees on the seat.
  8. Ive peed on my backseat 3 times so far today, being honest really helped yesterday. I know im addicted to my kink but oh well. Gonna go many more times tonight.
  9. Basically, my pee kink is like a drug. Im extremely addicted to my pee kink and at least 60-70% of everything i posted is what i wanted to be true. Fact is, I haven’t had a girlfriend since high school, and while i do pee in my car I haven’t in a few months. I’ve been trying to get “clean” (from my pee addiction) for several years now and it keeps getting harder and harder to keep myself from doing kinky pees. Im ashamed to admit it but I’ve even convinced my mom that i was having bladder problems and wore pull ups for about 2 months before getting back on track, I recently peed on a chair and
  10. Yes, she loves peeing pretty much anywhere and to be completely honest i don’t remember the last time she used the toilet. We try to use diapers out in public or try to make it back to our car.
  11. I know its been a while since I’ve posted on here, my girlfriend and I have been very busy these last few months with my side of the family and also work. A few things id like to say is: even though im not posting as often anymore i still love and embrace my pee kink, i still wear diapers to work and pee in my car and my girlfriends car, she bought a used suv recently, only thing I don’t like about it is it has power adjustable seats up front so she says no peeing on them since they can die unlike my jeeps manual seats. I’ve discovered that while pee is my strongest kink, when it comes to cars
  12. Some turn out good and some not so much, most of the soup recipes have turned out ok and pee pancakes (i got that idea from a porn video a few years ago) be decided that peeing in dry milk mix or dry drink mix in general wasn’t too tasty. Open to more questions if you have them.
  13. My gf and I have been experimenting with cooking with pee or pee drink mixes and one of our favorites is adding sugar to our pee, we call it sweet pee and we keep it in our fridge too, we also substitute pee whenever water is called for in a recipe, unless it calls for more water than we can replace then we have slightly watered down pee.
  14. Im considering roleplay ai, does it allow pee conversations?
  15. Anyone know any good ai chats they are ok with kinky conversations? I want to have pee kinky conversations with my phone when ether my gf is at work or im at work on break.
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