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    Im new here, I tried a dating website but all people wanted to do is shame me. Im strongly into pee i love to wear/wet diapers, my favorite thing is when a girl pees or in general uses my car as a potty im 20 so I have only had one girl pee in my car but it was amazing. Im ok with basically anything pee related though. IMPORTANT: i do want to potentially meet fun partners here but i live at home so anything needing a room cant be done at my house and im not a fan of taking nudes of myself so pls dont ask.

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    Idk it just turns me on.
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    Senior year in high school, had a watersports three way in the backseat of my car after school. Btw we were all 18 18 and 19

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  1. I agree with what your saying but id like to elaborate a little, was was still dressed and wearing my diaper underneath my clothing. In my opinion wetting a diaper on purpose isn’t too much different from someone who is incontinent, I think it might be easier if I identifyed as incontinent. But i agree shes a much better therapist and i do not want to loose her.
  2. I’ve actually peed in church, i was wearing a diaper but i was there with my friend and his family and I don’t think they noticed
  3. Great story I would love it if i were driving and heard a water splashing sounds from girls behind me, i think id like it even more if it were a surprise.
  4. When i first started wearing adult diapers I would hide them behind the toilet in restrooms because i was afraid of what others would think if they saw me throwing it it the trash.
  5. For me it was in my car in the high school parking lot after school in 12th grade. it was my girlfriend, boyfriend and myself (i was in a three way relationship then, all of us into pee play) my boyfriend was in the front seat and girlfriend in the backseat and i peed in his mouth while he was sucking my dick, note that cars were passing up to exit the parking lot. interested to hear yalls.
  6. Middle school was my first real naughty pee, I didn’t do it for sexual pleasure because I don’t think that was a thing for me at the time but the reason why i peed on the school bus floor was the bus drove right past my house and so i was the last stop every day and it didn’t matter if i went before school because I always had to go by the time my bus got to my drop off and I still had a quarter mile walk to my house. What i ended up doing was waiting for everyone else to get off, then i had about 4-6 minutes to my stop, i peed once in a bottle and twice on the floor. Never ended up getting in
  7. I was out late with friends that aren’t part of the pee community and i didn’t wear a diaper incase things got fun, however that ment i had to ether hold it or use a toilet and I haven’t peed in a toilet in about 8 months and i told myself id go somewhere around my friends house before id use the toilet. Anyway we drank and played games and i was about to have to find a spot (probably would have been the bathroom sink) when we decided It had been long enough. I drove home and the rest of my family was already asleep and i went to my room and pissed in my drawer. i was so horny i took
  8. Not yet i wanted to wait for advice from the community. I might try it ether tomorrow or Wednesday.
  9. Ive seen a couple porn videos where a girl pees on her noodles and eats it, i knida want to try that but I don’t know if I should cook them then pee into them or micowave my piss and pour it onto them and if i do microwave my piss will the microwave smell like urine? open to advise/suggestions
  10. I hate the toilet, a sentence that I’ve said a lot lately. Usually i pee in my diaper or in my car when i can however since i live with my parents. I don’t get to do as much finding new spots as I want to and I can’t use my car as much as id like to. The nice thing about cars is its not nasty like public bathrooms and if the seat is cold I can turn on the heater and all I do for the smell is spray it after with pet urine remover and i keep cinnamon bundles in my car. Anyway i drank a lot of tea today and a friend drove me home and as much as I wanted to let go in the passenger seat or backsea
  11. I did an update if you wanted to read it 🙂
  12. Im not sure, the main reason i peed around my other therapists office is because i knew I wouldn’t be going back to him. Id like to but I don’t want to ruin a good thing.
  13. Yes, but because of how shameful my last therapist was i felt like i needed to be completely upfront with this one. I told her that i hate toilets and love my car and diapers and I enjoy finding new places. But i needed to know that I could have an accident in front of her without the bs of my last therapist. Next time im thinking about bringing ABDL clothes to change into during our chat and of course peeing.
  14. (Im not going to use her real name, i will call her Sally) there were two ways i was thinking about doing our little date; the first was to just lay on the backseat and she go in my mouth. The second is a kink fantasy of mine of driving my car with a girl in the passenger seat (it wouldn’t matter front or back as long as its a surprise) and for her to have a vandalism kink and spray my interior with her piss like a sprinkler system, and no matter what i say (ex: stop, what are you doing) she would keep going and even wipe with whatever she would want. i ended up going with the first fanta
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