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    Im new here, I tried a dating website but all people wanted to do is shame me. Im strongly into pee i love to wear/wet diapers, my favorite thing is when a girl pees or in general uses my car as a potty im 20 so I have only had one girl pee in my car but it was amazing. Im ok with basically anything pee related though. IMPORTANT: i do want to potentially meet fun partners here but i live at home so anything needing a room cant be done at my house and im not a fan of taking nudes of myself so pls dont ask.

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    Idk it just turns me on.
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    Senior year in high school, had a watersports three way in the backseat of my car after school. Btw we were all 18 18 and 19

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  1. Technically this site isn’t for poop play but personally i don’t mind, i had to skim read but overall i really liked it. I wish in irl a passenger of mine would fee freely or #2 if they needed without telling me. Very good story 👍👍👍
  2. Ive only gone in diapers in my moms tesla. But I would think so.
  3. Nice story but I would have just let go in her car 😅 I understand that some people enjoy the embarrassment of being caught but I hope im never caught in the naughty act personally.
  4. no they dont know and you cant see the stains because i go between the cushions,
  5. Im home for the weekend and need to pee pretty bad so im just going to go on the chair in my old bedroom. I’ve used it as my toilet a lot over the years.
  6. Id drink a ton of water and take those durilict medicines that make your bladder work more, i pee on the seats, dash, center console, air vents, under the seats, and if you have potty friends (doesn’t just have to be pee 😜 invite them for a little road trip) personally I only use my cars for my toilet, I haven’t slashed the seats but if it makes you feel better do whatever you want. Id love to pay a group of women to sit butt over the seats through the window and let go in my car, thankfully I have a wonderful girlfriend that hates the toilet as much as me 🙂 hope this helps:)
  7. I decided to wear a diaper at the dentist, as usual when i go out in public i wear a diaper and plastic pants. I had an early dentist appointment and decided not to use my car on the way. I grabbed my diaper bag and went inside I checked in around 8:45 and sat in the waiting room for about 5 minutes before getting called back, I decided I wanted to try to pee loudly and possibly overflow my diaper which would be easier without plastic pants so I asked if i could use the restroom and took my plastic pants off and put them in my diaper bag, filled my diaper about halfway by pulling the front und
  8. Id recommend not leaving the site; sometimes i go about a month without posting or even visiting it, you could do what you need to do and maybe a few months if you decided to come back you would still have your account. Just my suggestion, hope it gets better 😙
  9. About a week ago i peed in a diaper and decided not to throw in away like usual, since I’ve moved in with my girlfriend we have been indulging in our pee kinks, for the most part we don’t use the toilet, we ether use diapers, pee in the sink, drink the others pee or just pee wherever. I prefer it when she uses my car and she prefers it when i go in bed, when we are in public we use diapers. Well about a week ago i used a diaper while shopping at a wawa (large florda gas station) when i got in my car i did as i had in the past, i took it off and threw in in the back, I actually forgot about it
  10. The diaper feels dry near the top of tge back and front but in my experience even with the quality diapers the middle is still wet to the touch. Since I don’t live at home anymore (I live with my girlfriend) i have just been leaving the wet diapers in the back floor until im home or actually cleaning unless the diaper was used more “thoroughly” then i try to throw it away asap.
  11. My gf and i love to pee freely, honestly humans are the only species that hold our bladders. We go in diapers when were in public but when we are driving or at home we go freely. I do clean on the weekends just to be sanitary.
  12. Im thinking about buying one of those training urinals (the plastic one that looks like a frog opening its mouth) i want to put it on the back of the passenger seat so my girlfriend and i and maybe someday someone else can use it. I like the urinal because unlike a regular plastic potty there is bound to be splashback and once tge stream trails it won’t have enough force to reach the potty, especially for girls. let me know if yall have ideas. In the past I’ve just peed in the back pocket.
  13. Ive read a LOT of piss storys over the years and watched hundreds of videos thousands of times. My favorite story is one that i read once and have never been able to find again. Im going to re write it as best as i can remember (if yall recognize this story please please let me know the original writer and title/link. its two girls who go clubbing and one girl is interested in freely pissing and the other isnt into pee at all, their night doesn’t end there because they need a cab because they are to drunk to drive home. During the ride they both need to piss and its a while until
  14. My girlfriend and I are currently at Disney and decided to have a relax day yesterday, it has been a blast. We have both been enjoying our abdl lifestyle, i called the front desk and asked for matters protectors so if we have an “accident” they will be fine. Thursday when we went to the parks we both wore diapers and plastic pants. (my girlfriend doesn’t want me to use her name (understandable) so im just going to call her kate so i don’t have to type “my girlfriend” so much). Kate wore a green and black shirt and blue short shorts that barely covered her diaper, i wore a blue t-shirt and khak
  15. Wetseat


    Did thisvid delete all of their pee in car videos? Ive gone to the website a couple times today and it keeps saying no data. A couple days ago on safari when I searched porn video it also blocked the cover of the videos but only that one time. Anyone else try searching car pee on thisvid let me know if it is just me or not pls.
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