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  1. Do you have carpet in your Bedroom and does the wall already have stains?
  2. My Room used as Toilet 6 My sister has been invited today to a party by Sina. That's why Sina's mother comes to pick up my sister. I heard a car pull into our driveway. It could only be Sina's mother, she was really dressed up, wore a dress and high heels. You could see that she is pregnant, she had a big belly. My mother greeted her as Katie. Katie then came up and went to my sister's room to pick her up. Katie:" I have to pee, then we can go" Linda:"just use my brother's room, sina does that all the time too." Katie:"Sina has already told me where she is pissing here,
  3. My Room used as Toilet 5 The brunette who left me the note after showing me her pussy, is called Sarah. I texted her on whatsapp, She is very interested in me and would like to come over soon. While I was texting her, my mother's friend came in my room. As she came in she was already pulling down her jeans, she said "Hello" as she passed by and went straight to my couch. At that moment my mother came in, she complained to me that I should clean up my room, she also went straight towards the couch. While my mother was pulling down her leggings, her friend was already pissing. They b
  4. The naughtiest? In a restaurant, we were already done eating and my mom said we should wait a minute. She had drunk several glasses of wine that evening. She sat with me on a bench, then pulled her Dress out of the way. Then she lifted her ass slightly and all I heard was hissing, from her pussy. While she was peeing, she looked at her cell phone and smiled. After a few seconds it started bubbling, my mother noticed and stopped for a moment. She checked to see if anyone noticed and then continued pissing. The noises she made were really not quiet. 20 seconds later she was
  5. I picked her up with the car and we drove to my Home, after 2 hour we arrived. I live on the 3rd floor at the top, when we got upstairs I first had to find my key. While I was looking in my pocket I heard her zipper, looked over at her and saw her pulling down her jeans and thong. She then took a step back and stretched her ass towards the neighbor's door. Without warning, she started pissing. It was a thick, yellow beam that hit the floor and the doormat. She peed with such a pressure that it splashed a much, then she took another step back while pissing. Now it just hit the doormat
  6. My mother, sister, and I went to a clothing store. I was dragged to hold bags. After 1 hour my mother had to go to the toilet and gave me the handbag that I should hold. The toilets were in the basement. Shortly after she left her cell phone rang. I quickly went to the basement to bring her the cell phone. There was a black carpet in the basement and there were mirrors on the wall. When I opened the first door to get into the basement, I saw my mom right behind it. She crouched in the hallway and pissed on the carpet with a thick beam. I handed her the cell phone while she relieved her
  7. I worked in an (tax) office for a few days. To get to the technical rooms you had to go through the storage room, It had full shelves and was very full of cardboard boxes and all kinds of office stuff. On the second day, when I wanted to take a lunch break, I went through the storage room. And then a woman crouched in front of the cardboard boxes. Slightly curvy, from age shortly before 40 and black hair. I could see her pussy from the front and the powerful stream flooding the grey carpet. When I walked past to the exit (5 meters away of her) she said: "Just ignore me, the toilet
  8. It was around the time my mother was pregnant. We were in the shopping center, after about 3 hours of shopping we wanted to drive home. I was wondering why she didn't piss in the changing room in the last shop, she usually did that before left. We had to go from the first floor to the fourth floor where the cars were. I've hit the elevator before, but my mom walked right into the stairwell next to it. Mom: There's a carpet here, that's convenient for my piss. She crouched 3 meters behind the door and pulled down her Leggings. In the middle of the hallway(She could have squatted und
  9. My Mom and Sister Short stories from the past Sister in the clothes shop We went to a shop and looked for clothes, I was already finished and then I helped my sister keep the clothes to the cabine and back. Then she looked carefully to see if anyone was nearby and sat down on the edge of a box with panties in it. Pulled her skirt back and her panties to the side. Without hesitation, she pissed a loud stream into the box and grinned. I moved a little to the side and saw the yellow stream shoot out of her crack. She soaked the panties and e
  10. Brazen family pisses everywhere without shame Part 4 The bus picked us up from the hotel and we drove to the airport. I pissed myself empty on the floor of the bus, which was covered with a dark carpet. Lisa and Chiara pissed empty on their seats before getting out. When we left the bus, there was a small puddle in both seats, decorated with tissues. When we were through all the controls and finally got on the plane, my wife need the toilet. We were the first on the plane and had our seats in the back. Leah then walked 2 rows in front of ours and pulled up her skirt. W
  11. It depends on where I pissed. In my apartment I mostly piss in the toilet or, at most, in the shower. I don't have to clean anything. But in the hotel if I piss somewhere like a stairwell, elevator, in a corner then I leave it that way. It's not my apartment and the mess is not my problem. Even if I'm at a party and piss in a room there, I'm not the only one doing that, I don't clean anything. And in public, everyone probably leave the mess.
  12. Where has she pissed? When shopping, she always pisses in the changing room or in the elevator / stairwell, sometimes even behind a clothes rack in the shop. In the furniture store, she often pisses in hidden corners. In general, she likes to piss in stairwells and elevators. And the classic places like parking lots,in the sauna on the bench or hidden corners in side streets. Pissing off your seat in the cinema might be something special. But meanwhile i piss in these places also just not so obviously.
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