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  1. I was at a hotel today that had the pool drained for repairs. It hadn't been drained since 2016! Imagine all the people that had peed in that water....
  2. Thank you to everyone who has replied! This has turned more interesting than I expected. There are probably other threads that get into this - But of the members here how many enjoy doing the peeing in some form, and how many get nothing out of doing it, but like to see others? How many like both? For me as I stated earlier I don't get anything out of doing, but seeing women pee where they aren't supposed to is probably my #1 fetish. I don't mid seeing a woman pee in general, but if it isn't "naughty" its not a huge turn on for me. I'm very specific. Others here seem the same. Some s
  3. I have somehow never considered that for some it may be a non-sexual pleasure. I feel dense for this. Its valid. 100%. For me its a sexual thrill, and is usually presented and glorified as such and I never was aware enough to pause and think about that aspect. This would dramatically shift how it would feel to share stories and experiences if for the author it is NOT a sexual thrill, or not the type of sexual thrill that is complimented by horny people hounding and being pushy and rude. Thank you for that post. Is there anyone here that likes the idea of something, and li
  4. I have been doing a lot of pondering lately and am kinda interested in what others may have to add. There seem to be more an more girls on sites like PH adding pee content. How many do you suppose really enjoy it vs. are doing it for views? Not judging because as "performers and content creators" they have to do what gets the views. I feel like its exceedingly rare that women are into pee stuff. There are some here that seem to genuinely be into it, but this forum covers the globe and we have maybe a few dozen or so women who are active? How many women (and men for that matter)
  5. Glad you chose the carpet! also glad youre so active posting here!
  6. how many places on the carpet have you gone? All over or do you have a certain spot you use? I love carpet peeing
  7. Welcome! I just got back from visiting Dublin a month ago!
  8. Welcome! Also not a lady but there are plenty here!
  9. Cool! I was going to say we need some pics but thats too much personal info to post here. Too many numbers and shit on a commercial truck.
  10. Oof! You're even more north than me! Aww thanks! :)
  11. I've actually never driven a 18 speed. What do you have for trucks? Are you doing heavy haul? Thats where I see a lot of 18's still. I have driven a lot of 13s and 9s. Bucket list item is driving an old 5x4 twin stick. They are getting super hard to come by now.
  12. So I thought today I would. I'd like to try and be a little more active here and try and meet a lady into the same things as me for a long distance friendship. Reason being I haven't ever got to explore someone with the same fetish as me and genuinely connect. I am male, 35 and live in Minnesota where its cold and snowy half the year. 😞 My name isn't John. I don't recall how I ended up picking my username but I have used it on various pornsites for years. I work in the construction trade. I do electrical work. I like plants and gardening. I have no pets but like cat
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