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    Create recipes and onlyfans
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    Peelover and i have been like forever! I love to film myself while peeing and masturbating.

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    Desperation, wetting, peeing in naughty places
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    I once had a boyfriend who liked to get really drunk - sometimes when he had too much to drink he would just start to pee his pants, pee in the sink or sometimes on me while he was almost unconscious from drinking.
    I like when a guy piss with his dick inside my ass

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  1. It's brand new, so if you'd like to follow go to: https://www.reddit.com/r/Peefans/ 💛 💛 STAFF UPDATE: Not connected to peefans.com
  2. Yes you are absolutely right! Should have thought of that argument 🙂
  3. So i am a really good girl with the best behavior, i am being polite and nice to everyone and trying my best, not to do anything wrong. But i really enjoy peeing in the sink and most of the time i get away with it, but once i got caught: Was at a festival in Denmark and i had like 4 mojitos, so i was a little drunk. I had to pee badly, so i went to the toilet - but the line was like 50 people and my bladder was about to explode! After a few minutes I couldn't hold it and i skipped the line to run to the bathroom and started peeing in the sink in front of 10 people. When i was halfway do
  4. Sometimes he did - i had to stop him from peeing on the dancefloor at his sisters wedding 😮 That was a little to much, but still horny xD
  5. So this is the reason for my pee fetish: I lived with this guy who smoked a lot of weed and drank way to much alcohol, way to often. Sometimes he would come home with wet pants or he would take out his dick and just start peeing on the floor, in the sink, the trashcan or out the window. My pussy got instantly wet and i always felt the need to masturbate right away (he was too drunk to use his dick). It was so kinky i can't stop thinking about it even 8 years later. Once i was asleep when he came home and i woke up because he started to piss on me in the bed. Sometimes he would also
  6. My tiny butt just before peeing.. Picture from my onlyfans 😉
  7. You are welcome to join my onlyfans - it's soaked in pee 😉 Go to my profile to get the link
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