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    I am interested in studying public bathroom sexology, which study people's relationship in communal urination environment, and what the role of relationship and sexuality play in public bathroom in a gender segregation environment, while consider urination as a form of sexual release in subconscious level.

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  1. yes, it is true that it is very interesting to analyze fiction, and it is no harm to discuss the cultural perspective of urination rather than just fetish by itself, although I don't think the story in the novel reflect any Chinese cultural value, since the story involve peeing contest between people of opposite sex, which I had never seen before. I was highly uncommon for one boy and one girl peeing side by side outdoor in china, not to mention peeing contest. I only seen this twice before I came to united states. once was in China. another time was in Hong Kong. none of theme had peeing cont
  2. The novel did not explain what stone chair mean, but I think it was most likely in outdoor environment. chairs that made of stone are commonly used in park or garden in outdoor environment in China.
  3. This story came from a Chinese love/ romance novel called "I have been to your world". the author's name is Xue ying shuang hun . the story mention the Chinese couple remembered their past experience of peeing contest when they met each other for the first time as children. the main female character's name is Bohe, while the main male character's name is Xi Ruinan. They met each other for the first time when they were six years old. They dated each other at fifteen years old, but their relationship did not keep very long. after they broke up, they had not see each other again for nine years. w
  4. Joey Meng, an actress in Hong Kong is one of several persons who I most like. She got second place in Miss Asian beauty pageant in Hong Kong, but what her most famous for is not her face, but her legs. her legs is considered to be the most beautiful legs in Hong Kong. The most successful TV series that she took part in was the "my date with a vampire" TV series. when she act as the main female character, Joey ma(a Chinese female exorcist), she wear short skirt most of time in the TV series. many male stars chased her, and many female stars were jealous of her because of her attractiveness. I r
  5. does anyone know how policewomen pee while on duty?I heard that policewomen have more issues than policemen when it came to urination while on duty. some European countries have stand urinals on the street for men who work outdoor, including policemen. all they need to do is unzip their pants to pee while stand up without take off their pants, sitting down and dealing with their gun belt,but police women cannot use them. I saw that in some eastern Asian countries, including japan and Hong Kong, police women wear skirt rather than pants as uniform during summer, and gun are less likely carried
  6. it is very common and normal for children from three to six years old to be interested in urination. I think this can be explained easily and accurately by using Freudian psychology. Urination is actually one of most primitive form of sexual expression in human.I don't consider this to be genetic, because most people at least had this kind of feeling at certain age, at least at unconscious level. this kind of feeling usually began around 3 years old, and it being repressed around six to seven years old,but it remain in a unconscious state. most adults who without urination fetish are actually
  7. I think it maker more sense if the teachers don't want their female students to go to bathroom together, because they don't want their students spend too much time to talk in bathroom, but I don't think the male students will spend as much time to talk in bathroom as female students. according to some researchers in London in Uk, including Sarah Moore,a professor of criminology at Royal Holloway, University of London,women generally feel more relax,pee slower and spend more time to talk in bathroom when going to bathroom with same sex friends. men, on the other hand, would feel more anxi
  8. I don't think Chinese have any official term for a forward stream. they just use the term "yitiaoxian"(一条线), which literally mean "one straight line".
  9. This is came from a internet novel in China. The author's name, Duan Yu is probably a fake name,not a real name. (the term "Duan Yu" means quench of desire, in Chinese language) since this is not a famous author outside of internet circle, I don't think there is any hard copy of such novel. honestly, I don't really interested in reading novels, and I hardly even read any. I only use google search engine and use the Chinese idiom as keyword to found such novels. there are people in several Chinese internet forums who discuss about the idiom about forward stream, almost all of their knowl
  10. This Story came from a Chinese novel, which called "things in wild village" written by Duan Yu. I translated this story from Chinese to English. most of the translation are paraphrase rather than literal translation. this story including scenario of eleven Chinese women desperate squat side by side while peeing. it discuss how women of different personality and relationship status relate to each other inside bathroom. it mention how women support and protect each other in group, in a less safe bathroom environment. it especially mention how women with more dominant personality trait can m
  11. last week,my younger sister told me that she feel inconvenient to pee in western toilet while wearing long skirt, because she need to pull up her long skirt and hold it while peeing. I told her to tie her skirt a knot in front of her, so she would not have to hold it.my younger sister began her transition at the mid of last year. she is not used to go to bathroom like other female do. it is not convenient for a transgender female to go to bathroom in public. she did not know if she should go to men's room or women's room, therefore, she had not use public bathroom for almost half year. she see
  12. I read your another post in another thread which your wife mentioned that in Chinese agricultural society Women would pee and socialize together outside which naturally led to observing pee streams. (they came up with a idiom that virgins more likely than non virgins to have forward stream) I feel her idea was interesting, because according to my research in Chinese history and anthropology, in ancient China, although communal urination was common for single women, they were hardly mix with married women while peeing. single women usually did not pee with married women(unless they were
  13. I have never heard that any parents were annoyed when their daughters have forward stream(other than in this forum). it is quite the opposite in China. it is common for little girls to squat to pee together outdoor in playground or amusement park in public, and their parents may compare the stream of their daughters with other girls. some of those parents may feel not normal when their daughters have downward stream while seeing other girls have forward stream. I read some Chinese forums and saw some parents who saw others girls pee further than their daughters would ask doctors whether it is
  14. according to my experience, public urination is more common in mainland china, and less common in Hong Kong "I am not sure about Taiwan, because I have never been there) , more common among younger population, and less common among older population, more common among male population, less common among female population. in Hong Kong, public urination is illegal, but there is a lot of parents still let their children to do this. their parents need to pay the fine if they were seen by the police. for adults, public urination would be even more serious, because they can be prosecuted for indecent
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