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  1. I don't really know if there is any other forum similar to peefans. As long as I can tell, there is no other forum in foreign language that mainly discuss the topic of urination, but I do know that some women in Chinese speaking circles (China,HongKong or Taiwan)do discuss urination on other internet forums. Their posts are distributed in many different Chinese websites and forums, but there is no main website that mainly discuss this topic. some of those webpage with Chinese slang words are very hard to translate. I had answered to you another post: which I also posted a link of a
  2. not only for little girls, some Chinese younger adult women also feel good to have forward stream. see the Chinese webpage below: https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/281955295.html?qbpn=2_3&tx=&word=女人小便时,尿很有冲力的吗,还是慢慢流出来的?&fr=newsearchlist also, google translation of the page:https://zhidao-baidu-com.translate.goog/question/281955295.html?qbpn=2_3&tx&word=女人小便时,尿很有冲力的吗,还是慢慢流出来的?&fr=newsearchlist&_x_tr_sl=zh-CN&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp the page above is a thread posted by a Chinese woman in a Chinese forum. She is a downward pee
  3. this is a issue only happen in kindergarten, because there are no partition in the bathroom of kindergarten. other than that, long troughs toilet in public bathroom, even in elementary school, have partitions between stalls, even though there is no door. forward stream is no issue even if someone squat in front or behind you, since there is a partition between you and the person in front of you.
  4. this is the same reason why some women (in some cultures,with ladies room have only squat toilets, with no door, no partition)like to go to bathroom together (squat next to each other and pee)with their same sex friends. this is a way to express intimate friendship by showing each other one's own privacy in a non sexual way. In such culture,if a woman have a lot of friends pee with her,it mean that she is sociable and popular. otherwise,if a woman often go to bathroom alone or squat far away from other women, it mean that she is shy or she does not have so many friends. inside such bathroom,wo
  5. I think this is because our society consider female public urination to be taboo while male public urination is considered to be normal. but any way, I wish each of those two statues can be put in front of each gender bathroom to be used as gender bathroom signs. maneken pis should be in front of men's room while jeanneke pis should be in front of women's room.
  6. There are many things I hate about most of peeing porn. first, a lot of them mainly focus on stream and female genital. The female genital rather than upper body part of the woman became the main focus. this just treat the woman as a sexual object rather than a person. Also, most of those women in pee porn, pee in unusual places, in unusual clothing or in unusual postures that are very disgusting. The way they pee is very different from the way they usually go to bathroom as they normally would. they sit on chair and pee rather than sit on the toilet, or squat on the carpet rather than a squ
  7. in my parallel universe, there would be a peeing beauty pageant which is called "miss piss". The ten women who in that beauty contest squat side by side and pee. Three of those ten women that considered to be the most attractive while peeing will win the prize.
  8. honestly,I don't know why those websites die out either. I don't know any other sites that focus on such topic,but I do have a list of such movies names. do you just ask for the names of those movies, or the websites that list those movies names.
  9. this is the first poll I make that ask questions from men's point of view.(other polls that I made so far,only ask women) this poll is about how female urination became attractive from male point of view.
  10. Peeing into a urinal feels so empowering, doesn't it? Almost "F-ck you, Patriarchy! You can't stop me relieving my full female bladder into a device designed for men to pee quickly and easily!" I hope you'll try it again and enjoy the sensation of your pee gleefully escaping your sensitive urethra into a device that was never intended to provide relief for women. Either squatting or standing - piss on the patriarchy. how about the female urinal in the picture below? This semi-squat urinal,for outdoor urban environment, was invented in Denmark,(probably,by danish feminists
  11. the urinal that used that way already exist. the picture below is a semi squat urinal for women.
  12. just as the article which I cited suggest,for western women above 40,their squat ability may decrease as aging. For those who above 50,very few of them can make full squat. if you only interview the women who above 40,you may find that their difficulty to squat will increase as they get older,but if you only interview the women under 40,the opposite might be correct, if my suggestion of peak age is correct. also,if you interview women in some colonies in Asia, you may find that younger women tend to prefer western toilet, while older women prefer squat toilet. there was survey in ladies r
  13. some western women do feel okay with this version of squat toilet. The picture below was taken by a female traveler who traveled to china. she praise the convenience that she can squat to pee without sitting on a dirty toilet seat. she pointed her thumb upward in the picture.
  14. this is not entirely true,some Chinese ladies rooms in Beijing do not have series of wall or partition. It allow five women who don't know to each other squat and pee at the same time. when a famous Taiwanese actress gynoy first travel to Beijing four years ago in 2018, she feel so scary when she had to squat to pee with other four women. she prefer to squat to pee outside than in lady's room. Now,she have already got used to it. the picture below is the picture that she took in Beijing's lady's room four years ago.
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