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  1. Yeah, that's me. I've closed my PH account because it was too much effort to get verified and recover/replace everything I'd loaded. I'll try to load more to eroprofile again ... I liked the PH platform but they've gone puritan for financial reasons and I can't be arsed with them any more.
  2. I can definitely relate to this. Pretty much everything sexual is mood based and pee is no exception. Some days, the effort involved in just peeing in the sink seems just a bit too much. Those days, I just do what the rest of the world does and I pee in the toilet. Other days, I so desperately want to pee somewhere more interesting but the opportunity isn't there. Those days kinda suck because I have a nagging feeling of frustration. And then there are the magic days when I want to pee somewhere fun and the stars align and, voila, there's a puddle on the carpet or under a table in a restaurant or under my chair at the cinema. Those are the good days.😉
  3. And getting verified doesn't bring it back. It seems the "under review" messages were a smokescreen. Content from unverified members was scrubbed. If they get verified later it seems they'll have to upload everything all over again. I think a lot of content will never be reloaded.
  4. Pee sex with one or more others is on my bucket list but I expect it to remain there. It's not impossible but highly unlikely. That said, I'd love to fulfill that particular fantasy.
  5. Your present has turned into a "magic pee bottle". Enjoy all the wet results ... and please do tell us about the naughtier moments. I'll have to get one myself ... see if it has the same effect on me. 🙃
  6. Thank god that when you're in the mood you don't just share it with your husband (lucky so and so, he is!! lol) ... you share it with all of us so we can enjoy the moment with you. What a lovely way to start the evening. 👍🥰
  7. @puddyls - Just loving your almost daily pee diary. Thanks for sharing the fun with us. 😍
  8. I started peeing on the floor in my room as a kid, then vividly remember seeing my female cousin peeing one day whilst playing outside. Then it went kind of quiet until my teens when it became something sexual and I got very interested. Now it's just part of my day.
  9. When I'm feeling in the mood, I quite often allow myself to get desperate then go out to find a naughty, public place to piss. Twice, this has resulted in at least a partial wetting as I lost control before I found a place to pee. Both times I was in a foreign city for work ... business travel is a great way to piss around the world. Someone else pays for you to be there and if you're spotted, well, you won't be back any time soon. Anyway ... The first time was about this time of year. The trip was two weeks and over the weekend I decided to treat myself to a pub crawl and some fun. I dressed appropriately, i.e. commando. Beer makes everyone pee and I'm no different. After visiting and marking a few pubs, I decided I was drunk enough and started making my way back to my hotel. I was pretty desperate but thought I could make it. I was wrong. Whilst walking down a quiet road I lost control and started flooding my jeans. I was able to get them open (thank god for button fly jeans!) and got my cock out before I got a complete soaking and then stood for 10-15 seconds just peeing on the side of the road. Then I noticed that I was standing in front of a restaurant window full of people ... I will never know if they saw me but I beat a hasty retreat. When I got to my hotel I peed in the lobby bar, on the stairs to my room and in my room. I'd had a lot of beer. 🤣 The second was in the summer. I'd been to dinner with work colleagues and we were, again, walking back to the hotel. The walk was longer than I remembered on the way out and I could feel myself losing control. As you might expect, a warm, wet patch soon developed. I continued to try holding on for the next 5-10 minutes but I knew it was a losing game. There were three of us, two male, one female. I slowed down a little and started walking behind the others and allowed the inevitable to happen. Within seconds my crotch was soaked and after a few seconds more I could feel the pee going down into my socks. I was again commando so there was nothing to impede the flow and I just walked and talked and peed for the next minute or so. The other guy was at a different hotel so he left us to finish our walk. We went into our hotel and shared the lift up to our respective rooms. Did she notice my jeans were wet? I don't know, but she didn't say anything. Once I was on my floor, I let my cock out and peed onto the hallway carpet on my way to my room. Strangely, by the time I got to my room I didn't need to pee anymore. If I ever pee myself in public again, I'll be sure to post an account of it here.
  10. I don't really remember where or when I first peed in front of my partner. I think it was probably something really simple like using the loo whilst she was in the shower. She's done the same in reverse. But this isn't one of her turn-ons so it's just peeing. That said, she's not uncomfortable with it and I've peed on her whilst taking a shared shower and she's held & pointed me whilst out walking in the woods. Just random events, nothing sexy.
  11. That's definitely "making the most of the situation." And the old phrase about making lemonade also comes to mind for some reason. 😉
  12. 8. In general, I think body fluids & functions are more acceptable for discussion amongst women than amongst men. Men tend to avoid these discussions ... my partner says we're just squeamish. lol
  13. @Paulypeeps - That's just hilarious ... and incredibly risky. Absolutely superb!! I wish I could do that but girls have the advantage there. Fully agree on the concerns about absorption on brand new carpet. I've made that mistake before. 🤣 But there's nothing better than walking into a hotel room and finding a pristine carpet. I'm right with @Bacardi on that one. I now test the carpet before peeing in the middle of the room, but if I can then there's nothing better than leaving a big puddle on a fresh clean carpet.
  14. My family was quite outdoors-y and active so I learned to pee outside from an early age. Usually this on camping & hiking trips so no issues with crowds, getting caught or finding a convenient spot. Just step away and take care of your business. We didn't have the interaction described by @Specter, just an understanding that it was ok to step away from the group when necessary. The idea of doing with/in front of my family never occurred to me but we all grow up in different environments. The level of comfort and and acceptance he describes is intriguing.
  15. You forgot to include an "All of the above" option. 😉

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