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  1. Some old wisdom is just simple truth.
  2. I wish my life could be so confusing 😂
  3. The view from the bottom of the Grand Canyon ... 9 hours from rim to river to rim, but well worth it.
  4. On the pavement outside a restaurant full of people. I was walking home from a pub crawl and just lost control. Started peeing my jeans so whipped it out as quick as I could. It came out spraying and since the road looked pretty empty I just let it go ... then I noticed the huge window full of diners about 10 feet to my left. Oops 😂😂
  5. Outdoor peeing has been normal my entire life. I and my friends would always pee outside when playing. Going inside would interrupt whatever we were doing so we didn't. My family was very outdoorsy. We were less obvious about it but just stepping behind a bush or tree was completely normal. I'm not sure where the idea of naughty indoor peeing came from but I started indulging when I was probably about 8. It was always a secret thing, the risk being a big part of the thrill. I don't remember doing it much in high school but did a fair amount around the dorms in uni.
  6. Yes ... went on a walk in Wales with my girlfriend. We stopped for lunch at the top of a hill with stunning views. A little wine, sunshine and good vibes and before long we got frisky. We fucked standing up with her leaning against the peak marker. We could see for miles so it was a very public display of affection... but the sheep were the only ones watching. Question: Describe the strangest situation you had that turned into sex
  7. @Kupar and I posted at the same time so I'll answer his question, too: Swallow Next to the garage, visible from the road ... yes 😱 If two is company is three a crowd or a party (sexually speaking)
  8. I can't wait to read about the real event ... this was hot but reading about the real thing would a scorcher
  9. I feel the same way. So many people here seem to have found someone to share with and here I sit, cock in hand. Feel free to DM me anytime. Happy to chat and never bite (unless requested). Who knows what might happen.
  10. First, you are a lucky guy. I can only see your wife from the waist down but she looks like exactly the slim, sexy type I like. Instant jealousy that this beautiful lady also peed on you. Kudos to you, my-friend. Second, even more kudos that she let you take pictures and share them. You have officially fucked up my life. I will always be jealous of you. Thanks for nothing. 😎 (Just kidding, obviously)
  11. I've never seen your face (though I'd love to put a face on our chats ... and I'd obviously share mine in return) and I don't know what a pee pee girl looks like so ... yeah, you look like a pee pee girl 😎😂 Great story. I imagine most people would struggle if hit with something like that. Could be interesting avenues to explore if you're inclined to take up the offer. Wish I worked at your place ... no sign of pee fetishes at my office, sadly.
  12. So many options ... after all, what is "morally wrong"? Like others before me, I've peed in a church. Once was when I was helping with general cleaning and I was alone in the back of the building where they ran bible classes. I was completely alone and knew I would hear anyone waking down the hall, so I took advantage of the moment to pee in the corners of two or three rooms. Another time I was in the building by myself so I sat in a pew and peed onto the carpet. I no longer think of churches as "sacred" so this isn't morally wrong to me now, but I guess it was then. I wish I'd taken
  13. They must be very special socks, indeed.
  14. Sometimes, it's not what happened but what might have happened that really makes for a special memory. It's easy to imagine a thousand ways it could have played out ... and therein lie the images that bring us to the edge and beyond when we think back. Thanks for sharing
  15. Getting lost is never fun. Been there, done that. But an important lesson was shared ... when you've got to go, it's ok to take advantage of whatever "facilities" are available. Even if it's just a tree or bush. Your daughter will thank you for that someday. 😎
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