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  1. Ah ... nothing better than holiday puddles. Sun, fun, and a sneaky wee. Have a great time
  2. I had the chance to go to Caltech but stayed in Texas to hang out with my dopehead friends. Adds up to a whole world of "might have been".
  3. As the old saying goes "Don't assume malice when stupidity will suffice." You don't need to be a racist to be an idiot. Trump is definitely one of the two.
  4. Sometimes I really wish I was a woman. It's just so hard to casually get your cock out in such situations. And if I did, I'd end up pissing on my bosses shoes. That might classify as a "career limiting manoeuvre " ...
  5. This is an interesting topic. We've all seen the comments or complaints about poorly made piss porn, be it photo or video, but how often do we recognise the skill of the photographer, videographer or editor. I think there is a lot of pee-related material out there that many of us would consider artistic. And there's a lot that shows real talent that much of the world would consider "just porn" because of the subject matter. Personally, I think there's a lot of rubbish out there that the world considers "art". In the end, it's the viewer that decides. Many of the pictures here show a level of expertise that would be automatically defined as art if it didn't show urine and genitalia. I'm often confused by the refusal of society to recognise talent just because it depicts something the majority deems inappropriate. I'm guilty, too. There are subjects I don't choose to look at, but that doesn't mean it's not well crafted or intelligently made. Talent is talent ... you may not like the choice of subject but that doesn't mean it's not art.
  6. I've got video of some of these ... need to grab some interesting frames
  7. Hope your friend enjoys it as much as we do .. lol @Lilipee if I can pee in your living room, I'll be your friend for life. Obviously, you can return the favour any time you like.
  8. You could start the convo by just saying "This showed up in my feed ... etc,". The timing doesn't really matter since you only noticed it recently. Then you can move on to the "why" question.
  9. You could try pissing on a hanging towel. Another towel on the floor could catch anything that drips down. The floor is safe but you still get the pleasure of watching your pee soaking the towel. You will end up with two wet towels, though. lol
  10. No apologies needed ... you are who you are. I, too, hate hot climates. I just sweat and that's just nasty. But, like you, it's how I was made so I moved to cooler climes. I used to live in Houston (Texas) and tried to run in the afternoon. My shirt was literally dripping sweat and I was physically ill. Lesson learned & never repeated. I hope you don't have to suffer the heat too often. As for the blond/redhead debate, I say pick your own colour and run with it. I had a coworker many years ago who candidly admitted she was "only blond on top". She was quite a sexy girl so that comment definitely got our attention. Sadly, I never got to find the truth for myself. Hair colour is like fashion or jewellery ... you just find what works for you and everyone else can go piss up a rope (as they say in Texas). Never apologise for who you are, Riley. You're a shining star and you need no other justification. But were you only red on top ... or everywhere? Just kidding.
  11. Oh no .... thank YOU! I really liked how real the story felt. Having abused a hotel hallway or two in my day, I can relate entirely to the situation and the outcome. The best part was when she realised her pee was pooling under her feet so she simply shifted and sprayed out across the hallway. Don't worry about the massive puddle, just don't get those sandals wet! Delicious.
  12. I just hate the artificiality of so many videos. The contrived situations, fake desperation, the dozen camera flashes as soon as she starts peeing, and, top of the list, the cameraman telling her how to pee. Give me a good old fashioned iPhone video of a chance moment any day. Agree also on peeing in containers. Just let it go, girls ... just let it go.
  13. Goose is right ... I think the statement you want to make is the most important consideration. That said, my personal preference would be trimmed though I have no issues with a full bush either.
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