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  1. Where's the "groan" emoji? 🤔
  2. Private conversations with others on the site have often led to explicit fantasies. I won't name names but the fantasies have included: Spending the day shopping and peeing Wandering in the city and marking our progress Eating dinner together whilst peeing under the table And, of course, multiple fantasies about pee sex, including peeing on and in each other I sometimes think the fantasies generated by the stories & conversations here are the best part of the site. It's all in my head but I have a vivid imagination 😈😎
  3. The list of things I'd change is endless but boils down to a few simple principles: Have confidence in yourself and don't listen to the naysayers ... things might not work out but then again they might Go with your gut & follow your heart ... I missed so many things I wish I'd tried because it was inconvenient or I was uncertain or whatever waffly reason I had Dont do anything halfway ... if you're going to do, then do it with all your energy & focus Life is short ... live it fully
  4. As advertising, it seems to have worked. The last quote says it all: "Came for the pee ... stayed for the music." Was that one of us? 😎
  5. As busy as London tube stations are, I probably wouldn't try that one. Must be late at night when clubbers are finding there way home. Interesting, though, that it happens enough to cause maintenance issues. Next time I'm walking up a broken escalator at Victoria Station, I'll know who to blame. 😂
  6. I remember being that age (vaguely) ... but never had the opportunities Colin is having. I'll just smile and nod and pretend I had similar experiences. 😎 Great stories
  7. Great idea. I'd expand on that and have a "piss art" installation that lets you piss into it from multiple points and has various pipes and pumps and channels so your pee can circulate randomly within the structure. All made of clear plastic, of course, so you can watch the display. I'd obviously include carpets, and carpeted stairs, since I enjoy peeing on carpet. But a robotic carpet cleaner is a must have ... I pee, the robot does the clean-up while I sleep. Last item ... channels around the rooms that connect to the guttering so you can pee on the walls and your pee drains nat
  8. I think one of my favourite naughty pees was actually a collection of small pees. I spent several hours at one of those mega-malls. The mall had 5 levels and about 6-8 escalators between levels. I never visited the loo ... I just wandered around and when I was on an escalator by myself I'd leave a quick puddle, just 5 seconds or less each time. This kept me nicely needy and I probably did it 10-15 times while I wandered. I also peed in a couple of changing rooms but it's the escalators I remember most.
  9. Thanks for digging that up @Alfresco 👍
  10. I can think of two school incidents, one bad, one good. The bad one was when I was very young. Similar to other stories here, it was a classic "Please keep quiet and don't disturb me" situation. I was in first year so I tried not to disturb her ... and wet myself as a result. I think the embarrassment put me off wetting for the rest of my life. The good story was in university. I'd come back to the dorms late after being out drinking and desperately needed to pee. In my inebriated state, I decided to just piss down a back stairwell. The sound of my piss splattering on the concr
  11. @jahman22 I didn't know that about free-diving suits. I guess the tightness reduces water flow even more for better thermal protection. Scuba wetsuits are usually not that tight. For me, being in the shower only makes me want to pee if I already need to go. If I don't need a pee, the shower doesn't really cause any additional need. But the shower is warm water. Maybe there's a physiological response to being immersed in "cold" water for a prolonged period. Cold in the sense that it's more than 5c below body temperature. Most of my diving friends say the urge hits after about 30-45
  12. After a a pub crawl, walking alone back to my hotel, I was so desperate I started pissing myself. Being drunk, I whipped it out as quick as I could and pissed on the pavement. It took at least 10 seconds to notice the enormous restaurant window 10 feet to my left, full of late night diners. Oops
  13. Meeting a female version of me would be wild. And I wouldn't have to explain my interests. I'm right with you on this one @Ms. Tito
  14. I had a girlfriend once who was similar. Even untrimmed, her pubic hair was somewhat sparse. It made oral sex much easier , as well as allowing a clear view of her labia and clitoris. This was a contributing factor in me deciding on my first trim/shave.
  15. As a diver for almost 20 years, I've noticed a common phenomenon countless times: When the divers get back on the boat, there's always a mad scramble for the loos. I'll skip the joke about peeing in your wetsuit or lying about it ... the truth is, most divers do not pee in their wetsuits. They don't really want to swim in their own pee for an hour (I'm in that group, too). There are some that do and that's fine, but you can always identify their suit after 3 or 4 days of diving. To be blunt, it's smells like piss, especially if you're diving somewhere hot. Surprise! The interest
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