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  1. Goose is right ... I think the statement you want to make is the most important consideration. That said, my personal preference would be trimmed though I have no issues with a full bush either.
  2. I have done it ... and it is very naughty
  3. I have no idea, so I've gone with average. I know I can pee more than 500 mil in one go, but I have nothing to compare it to. And, for the record, I want to take @Riley out drinking ... and watch that tiny bladder in action. Once we've both had a few and both need relief, we'll, that's when the fun starts.
  4. Nice one! Never had a dream like that but it sounds like a lot of fun .. lol
  5. Add me to the list of "I'd love to do that but ..." Changing rooms used to have carpet ... I hate the new all-tile or wood or otherwise hard floors in changing rooms. It's not fair to those of us who want to or need to pee.
  6. You're a star, @Sephora oh to find an anonymously wetted carpet at the office. Sadly unlikely but I now know it's not impossible
  7. Yeah, a hug emoji would be good ... need to get that into the list. Its a shame you couldn't enjoy the second event due to the circumstances, but fully understandable. Congrats, though, for keeping your shit together and finding a workable solution. Quick thinking in tight places is a good trait.
  8. Looks like you found a potential keeper. Good luck with it.
  9. Also not a girl ... just to be clear. The naughtiest places are either under the table in a crowded restaurant or sitting on a bench in the mall and just pissing on the floor. The first is relatively easy as the table provides cover. The second obviously requires a temporary gap in traffic, but it's achievable.
  10. Like @Jayj751, I just found this thread ... probably because jayj bumped it, lol. So first, I echo the many responses about looks. My motto has always been to do what pleased me. If others don't like it or think I'm not smart/sexy/pretty enough, well, fuck 'em. I obviously didn't do it for them. If you want to share (and I seem to remember you have now shared at least one pic or vid) then go for it. You have a thirsty audience here, pun clearly intended. As for the actual filming, it can be quite hard to get the shot you want, especially in an impromptu moment. I've taken quite a few videos of myself in public situations and it's almost always an opportunistic decision. The surroundings, a gap, a need to pee (d'uh .. lol), etc. The key is to be mentally ready for the moment and practice with your camera so you can use it with 5 seconds notice. And, yeah, a fair number still come out looking shite. Be willing to bin the bad ones .. that's the best thing about digital photography, just delete what didn't work and try again. With practice, you'll be able to spot the opportunity quicker and respond more efficiently. It almost feels easy after a few (hundred) tries. Can't wait to see what you create.
  11. Brilliant thread ... I hope you don't mind if a guy joins the fun. Time to make my list ... and find a xylophone
  12. Interesting discussion ... most of my own thoughts are already covered so I won't repeat. I'll just give a +1 to the idea of actually chatting. That said, I'm usually not here for long periods so I do find it difficult. If no one replies to a hello message in 5-10 minutes, I'll probably be gone. Like FW, I find PM often works better, thought it's obviously less of a community activity.
  13. Nice setup ... and lots of potential for more.
  14. I've done this a few times in hotels but only if I'd "tested" to ensure I wouldn't leave a big, visible puddle. Never tried it at home, but in the right situation, with the right motivation ...
  15. Glad you remembered before it was too late. I hate getting most of the way through a sneaky wee before remembering the camera ... lol. Thanks for sharing
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