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  1. Security cameras in hotels are usually in the entrances (lobby, service entrance, etc), lifts, and sometimes staircases. They don't usually have cameras in the upstairs hallways except around the lifts due to privacy concerns. I have been to places that have cameras everywhere, but checking for them is easy and if they're there, don't wander naked. Pretty simple really. The point of security cameras is deterrence, so they tend to be quite visible. Hidden cameras would be suspect and could lead to lawsuits. Avoiding easily identifiable cameras is not a problem.
  2. I volunteer ... other volunteers will have to queue up behind me Even if I didn't have wood before I start, I'm sure I'd be hard as steel by the last drop
  3. Rainy days are great for a discreet pee. A raincoat will usually extend to just below crotch level allowing anyone, even us guys, to take advantage of the existing puddles. I've even managed to do it standing next to strangers. I agree with @gldenwetgoose ... I often take my iPad with me to hotel bars and public areas, and it's fun to surf or chat with people all around. And, of course, a good walk in the countryside must be celebrated with an outdoor pee. I try to do it openly if there's no one else around.
  4. Whenever I travel, I look for interesting places to pee, and carpet is my preferred surface to pee on. My favourite moments include: Peeing under a desk in an open hotel hallway ... fully exposed from all directions but no one noticed Walking down a carpeted staircase from the mezzanine level to the hotel lobby ... again, very exposed but no one to see Sitting naked on a chair in the lift lobby (upstairs, not in the hotel lobby) at 3am and just letting go ... I love hotel hallways in the dead of night Peeing on a wooden post in the middle of a hotel hallway ... like p
  5. Now I'm insanely jealous of @Maclir
  6. That's got to be the finest portable toilet I've ever seen 👍
  7. Do we get to pick which associate provides the demo? I'm sure we'd all have different favourites. 😛
  8. I've recently gone back to my old hobby of model building. I did it a lot as a kid but always thought I could do better. As an adult, I have more patience, focus & understanding ... and my recent efforts are some of the best small models I've ever done. Currently working up to a major project to be started in the new year.
  9. Let's find a hill and have some fun ... I'll gladly do it your way 😈😈
  10. I know what you mean. Whenever I'm peeing in my hotel room, I can't help but wish @pop-a-squat or one of the other lovely ladies here was with me.
  11. I don't suppose you could give me a lift sometime. Preferably a long distance with lots of water. 😎😉
  12. Damn ... I love that kind of hard, uncontrollable piss, especially onto a hotel carpet. Do you ever try to piss elsewhere in the hotel? I've got a couple of trips coming up and now I just can't wait to leave some puddles.
  13. Welcome to PeeFans ... I hope you enjoy the time you spend here. I look forward to seeing your contributions to the various discussions around the site. 😈
  14. I think this calls for a Fallguy holding challenge ... to provide an equal playing field, so to speak. Can @Bacardi beat @pguy2981 in the game before she loses bladder control? We're all curious.
  15. Definitely 20 ... why on earth would I get dressed for bed? 😎
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