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  1. Sexismygod

    New ways to pee

    Clearly a man who thinks like I do. Ive found over time that you can pee almost anywhere in public if you're careful. I've peed under tables in restaurants and fast food joints, in changing rooms, in elevators, in cinemas, at the zoo, even on the escalators at the mall. The trick is to check your surroundings carefully before doing anything. Spyware is right, there are cameras all over these days so hunt them out and avoid the places they cover. Most times the cameras are just recording, not actually being monitored in real time, but why take unnecessary chances? Of course, peeing in public is, from my perspective, a necessary risk ... lol. The second trick is to chicken out a lot until you really know the environment. This depends on your risk tolerance, but I'd rather miss an opportunity than get caught. The opportunities are there if you are patient. As Alfresco says, there are lots of opportunities at home ... sinks and showers and your sister's closet (oops, did I say that?), the list goes on and on. There are even more places outside. One of my favourites is to let loose as I get out of the swimming pool. There can be people all around you and they will all thinks it's just water running down your leg. You can piss a flood in full view and no one would bat an eye. Be careful and have fun out there.
  2. Sexismygod

    Question for people who pee on carpets

    I peed on my bedroom carpet as a kid. I would spread it around a lot because I was very aware of the wet patch on the carpet. Of course, I didn't think about the smell and the room did develop an odor. Luckily (?), I also used to pee on myself whilst lying on a towel. My mum picked up on the smelly towels and assumed that had caused the room odor. My carpet peeing went undetected, but I did take some heat for the towels. A good lesson for my future adventures. I have to agree with Pauly and Zooey ... water. Lots of water. Beer will make you pee sooner (natural diuretic) but if you're drinking lots of water, your pee will come out clear with very little odor. I did it that way today for a naughty pee at the cinema (and yesterday, too, lol). I was already peeing clear before I went and was quite desperate before the film even started. I emptied my bladder repeatedly with no whiff of odor. A very satisfying film My three cardinal rules are: Drink lots ... but if you have the chance, test your pee before you flood the carpet. You're looking for very pale yellow to virtually clear pee. Spread it around. Any place that gets used repeatedly will develop an odor, even if it's just from being wet all the time. Have fun and don't get caught. The first two will help with that. Let us us know how you get on. Pictures are always welcome, just make sure to load them to the right place. Best of luck to you.
  3. Sexismygod


    This lady has always been an inspiration for me.
  4. Sexismygod

    Arranging Meet-Ups

    I need to get to know you better so I can join that august company.
  5. Sexismygod

    Arranging Meet-Ups

    Haven't seen any discussions here for a while. Still up for a pint but my manic schedule means it'll probably be a last minute thing. I'm just south of oxford but have my own transport. I'm willing to meet one to one as long as everyone is clear that it's a pint and a chat ... not a date, not solely about pee, just a pint and a chat.
  6. I so want to go on a pub crawl with you, Pauly. It would be the wettest crawl in history ...lmao
  7. Sexismygod

    Cinema rules

    Due to the increasing number of cinemas with assigned seating, I need to add a couple of new rules: 13. Arrive close to the start time so you can find an unoccupied seat with a buffer zone around it (unless you're feeling particularly risky that day ) 14. If possible, sit one or two seats away from your assigned seat. A wet spot in another seat obviously wasn't caused by you. I like to use a variant of Rule 14 and deliberately pee onto the seat next to me. When I leave, I lie my empty drink cup on that seat and, voila, spilled soda. One time I took a gamble and peed onto the seat next to me with a girl in the seat next to that. I hid my activities with my popcorn ... then had a panic when my stream actually hit the popcorn making a loud drumming sound. Luckily, she couldn't/didn't differentiate that sound from the noise of the film ... but I was a lot more careful after that. ️
  8. You make a valid point ... other questions might be: "Are you looking for somewhere unusual?" or "Do you prefer public or private?" or "I have an idea ... do you like being naughty?"
  9. At the cinema last night. Two nice loud scenes allowed me to relax and let go with full force against the back of the seat in front of me. Each time was 20+ seconds and I left empty, in spite of the large drink I had just before the film.
  10. Sexismygod

    I think i understand at last.

    My enjoyment in seeing girls pee is a combination of two personal desires: to see naked women and to pee in naughty/public places. Seeing a pussy in full flow in a public or naughty situation gets me off. A naked girl sitting on the toilet really doesn't do much for me. It's missing the naughty factor. A clothed girl pissing in public still gets me off. I guess the naughtiness is the dominant fetish.
  11. I'm going with Sierra ... it just reminds me of "wild & free". We should all have a little wild & free in our lives.
  12. Being an American, it saddens me to see such vacuous reasoning for sticking with archaic systems. "We should not follow ..."? What a load of rubbish. The simple truth is that everything would be easier without ounces, cups, Fahrenheit, and all those other nonsense units. Manufacturing would use a universal language, we'd all know how far and how fast we're going, etc. Measurement systems should be simple and understandable, something the imperial system isn't. Hell, the imperial system used in America isn't even the same imperial system used in Britain. They modified it to make it unique. I have lived with both systems and metric is easier in every sense ... and I live in England and yes, I DO go to the grocers for a kilo of spuds. I'll never understand why people want to use pounds and ounces. But hey, we all make our own choices. I just think counting in tens is the easiest way to do it.
  13. Sexismygod

    Crystal-Clear Piss

    I prefer very clear pee also. I rarely taste my pee but I do find myself peeing in, um, unorthodox locations, often involving carpets, furniture, etc. Not only does darker pee have a distinctive taste, it also has a distinctive door. A simple key to getting away with peeing on someone else's carpet is to make the pee as dilute as possible. Of course, this has the added advantage of producing lots of pee to make nice big puddles. When I'm feeling naughty, I often "test" my pee in a glass or cup first. If it's not clear enough I'll release a cup full and get back to the water.