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  1. I'd be inclined to combine peeing on his chair and on the carpet by leaving a nice puddle under his desk. Two hits in one go ... But mostly I'm just wracking my brain for a reason to be in London next week. To have you so close and not even try seems wrong. 😎
  2. This sounds like my dream playground. Have fun, don't get caught ... and tell us all about it. 😈
  3. They're not gone ... but they are restricted to eroprofile members only. Just trying to take at least a small step toward preventing underage access.
  4. @Ivy1989... I think you and I are a bit similar in our attitudes. Any adventures or stories I share are because I think there's something special or new about what happened. Though @gldenwetgoose is correct that sharing of more run-of-the-mill activities does get a positive response, I don't find it personally interesting to write about them. When I'm in a rut or think there's nothing more, I rely on the randomness and spontaneity of daily life. Eventually, something will come up and I'll think "Hey, I haven't tried that before!" Life is full of unexpected opportunities and challenges
  5. I second @Sophie's comment ... Maybe we should have a PeeFans day at the stables. I've ridden a horse before, but don't remember it having that effect. More testing is obviously needed.
  6. As the saying goes ... accidents happen 😉 And if a toilet is not available and you don't want an accident, well, you'll just have to be sneaky. Hehehehe
  7. As a follow up, would you ever put yourself in a situation where making it to the toilet was simply not possible ... and just risk it?
  8. The body becomes accustomed to normalised behaviour, but this sounds like an occasional event so is unlikely to "train" the bladder. However, it may train you to think a pee is needed when it really isn't, so would there be any real difference between a trained bladder and a trained awareness? Sounds like some proper experimentation is needed.
  9. Great story. I love reading stories about things I wished I'd been brave enough to do. Go Kelsie ... do it again!
  10. That sign seems kind of obvious. Why else would I pee in front of a camera if not to put it online? Just a normal day for me 😎😉
  11. Well damn ... I've pissed in cinemas before but never quite like that. Kudos for taking on the challenge.
  12. Based on that last post: Do you consider yourself devious, open, assertive or "depends on the situation"?
  13. Off topic, but ... Read a really interesting article yesterday on why women started removing body hair. Basically, it boils down to a combination of body shaming and societal pressure driven by men. I'm all for a return to the natural look.
  14. I knew a girl back in university with similar artwork (but a tiger instead of a butterfly). She took my breath away the first time she showed me. Thanks for resurrecting a very fond memory. Surprises like that are one of the best things in life.
  15. I love carpet pissing, but my home situation doesn't allow for it. My answer? Hotels. Thank god for business trips. 🤣
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