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  1. Sexismygod

    How large is your bladder?

    I have no idea, so I've gone with average. I know I can pee more than 500 mil in one go, but I have nothing to compare it to. And, for the record, I want to take @Riley out drinking ... and watch that tiny bladder in action. Once we've both had a few and both need relief, we'll, that's when the fun starts.
  2. Sexismygod

    At work and a weird experience last night!

    Nice one! Never had a dream like that but it sounds like a lot of fun .. lol
  3. Sexismygod

    I wish more people used chat.

    Interesting discussion ... most of my own thoughts are already covered so I won't repeat. I'll just give a +1 to the idea of actually chatting. That said, I'm usually not here for long periods so I do find it difficult. If no one replies to a hello message in 5-10 minutes, I'll probably be gone. Like FW, I find PM often works better, thought it's obviously less of a community activity.
  4. Sexismygod

    Friend's Mom and I in the Living Room

    Nice setup ... and lots of potential for more.
  5. Sexismygod

    What part of peeing are you most into?

    I think @Paulypeeps said it all. I'd love to be out with friends, peeing when and where we wanted, etc. I also love carpet & furniture peeing. Just something deliciously wrong about it
  6. Sexismygod

    Question for everyone

    1 Either out in public or on carpet/furniture 2 In public, it's the adrenaline rush of risk-taking and the idea of being in public but doing something no one else is aware of ... it's like being invisible. Indoors, it's just the pleasure of pissing where I shouldn't. 3 A couple of possibilities here: on the escalators in the mall or off a balcony onto the road below with people in the vicinity. 4 I don't have any specific targets ... definitely a "need and opportunity" situation for me. 5 I've always wanted to spend a day with a woman, out and about, pissing in all the naughtiest places we can think of, encouraging each other and enjoying watching the pee flowing
  7. Sexismygod

    Omg like this is really happening!

    Nice ... and I thought -13c and 7" snow was wintery. England has nothing on Canada ... lol. Sadly, I didn't get a chance to make any yellow snow.
  8. Sexismygod

    Bedroom Challenge

    It was only my bedroom for a couple of weeks, but ... In my hotel, I sat at the desk and started working. I worked for a couple of hours, drinking water steadily. When I couldn't take it any more, I just let it out all over the floor under the desk. My cock, as usual, stiffened as I peed, and was sending an arc 4-5 feet out across the floor. Such lovely, horny relief.
  9. Sexismygod

    Suzanne's Naughty Pee in the Archives

    Great story, Lesley. Looking forward to the next instalment. Land welcome to the naughty pee fan club.
  10. Sexismygod

    What would you do?

    #1 - been there. I took the easy route and we found some cover behind a few trees and bushes. She wasn't completely hidden and, yes, I sneaked a peek, but didn't really see much. #2 - I'm with @Lilipee ... I'd say and do nothing, but I would definitely be paying attention ... to her, not the film #3 - I'd ask, as if joking, "you mean here in the bed?" and see what she does. Who knows, I might get lucky. #4 - definitely just pull over on the shoulder. If she wants cover, I'll open the fron and back doors so she can hide between. If there are trees next to the road, I'd suggest she use one. #5 - because I'm a horrible human being, the first thing I'd do is burst out laughing ... there's no pretending it's not funny. Then I'd wipe the tears from my eyes, find something to help cover her situation and head for home. #6 - she can have the toilet, I'm tall enough to use the sink. I'll make sure to "flush it" with plenty of water. Need is need, you gotta do what you gotta do.
  11. Yeah, I've often considered the pee valve but never did anything about it. In warm water, I almost never wear a wetsuit ... I'm pretty cold tolerant and just wear a thermal top (thermocline or similar) if needed. Diving in 28c water, I just pee when I want in my baggy swim trunks. Sadly, UK diving tops out at about 17c and the suit is needed. I should get the valve but I'm a miser and I can probably hold on for the hour and a half needed. Watching others with less control is hilarious. Some people get onto the boat and the only thing on their mind is the one small loo at the back. Great fun to watch. I enjoy and take my turn when they're done, but my relaxed attitude doesn't change the innate amount of faff involved.
  12. Sexismygod

    Riley's Modeling

    I can see we have some work to do here. Point one ... you're not fat. Done. Full stop. Finis. We all have fears, doubts, uncertainties, etc. but seriously ... you're ... not ... fat. We'll just keep saying that until you start to believe us. No matter how long it takes.. Point two ... that's actually a very sexy photo. Teasing, suggestive, flirtatious. I really like it. Point three ... since you have a nice figure, the only way you'll improve the images is to start wetting ... but it's quite alright if it takes a long time to get there. Modelling your outfits for us gives us a glimpse into your personality, which is a rare and wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your next post.
  13. Sexismygod

    What is your naughty piss spot?

    I must admit, the office is the one place I hesitate to pee. I admire your bravery and adventurous spirit. I hope you left a decently sized puddle to dry overnight.
  14. Sexismygod

    Ask me anything!

    So ... where's the one place you think would be sexy/hot/crazy to pee that you haven't tried? Let's assume you can find a moment where you won't get caught so you have absolutely no restrictions. Where you you leave your puddle?
  15. Hotel room ... pee.  The two just go together. 😉