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    Active, try to stay fit, work too much .. about sums me up

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    I've had some great fantasy moments but sadly only in my imagination. Maybe someday :)

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  1. Sexismygod

    I got an idea

    Who knew that hamsters were such a perfect pet? I wonder which came first ... felching or pissing in the bedding?
  2. Sexismygod

    Carpet pissing - members' experiences.

    Why dream about peeing in the corner when we can go out shopping and pee in the mall ... or go to dinner and pee under the table while we chat over a nice glass of wine. Yeah, sure, we'll pee at home ,too ... but there are sooooo many other places to pee. C'mon, let me show you around
  3. Sexismygod

    Snapchat pissing!

    My name here is my name there ... look me up
  4. Sexismygod

    Carpet pissing - members' experiences.

    I’ve pissed on many carpets, mostly hotels or the cinema but a few restaurants and other random locations. I’ve never had the pleasure of sharing the moment with a like-minded lady but I always hope. obviously I’m just a guy so not Steve’s cup of tea, but if any ladies here want to help me live out a fantasy (never hurts to ask)
  5. Sexismygod

    Favourite surface to pee on?

    Iced pee, anyone?
  6. Sexismygod

    Where should I go?

    I am honoured to be of service. Wish I could’ve been there.
  7. Sexismygod

    Riley's Pee Lottery

    I’ll happily throw my hat in the ring for this. But I’ll have to think of something interesting in case I win
  8. Sexismygod

    Cinema rules

    It is every bit as enjoyable as you hope, @Riley @Illpeeforyou I like your style. Would love to join you for some cinema fun some day
  9. Sexismygod

    Where should I go?

    A lot of people might say to piss the bed but you probably have to sleep there .. so why not pee out the window instead? video evidence would still be welcome of course
  10. Sexismygod

    Favourite surface to pee on?

    I love peeing on carpets & upholstery but anything surface will do if I can get away with a sneaky pee in a public place
  11. Come on over ... I’m happy to go first
  12. Sexismygod


    I like it when I’m alone in a lift going the “wrong” direction. That is, going up in a multi-storey car park or hotel, or going down to underground parking. People rarely join the lift in those situations so there’s an opportunity for mischief. I’ve left many a puddle .. on carpet, metal and tile ... and always walk away smiling with that little buzz.
  13. Sexismygod

    after my massage

    It’s amazing the massage table doesn’t get wet more often. Massages always make me want to pee but I’ve resisted the urge. Maybe I should try a different massage parlour where it might be more acceptable. They always do your back first, so I’d wait until I turn over. Then I’d relax as they work, slowly peeing into the modesty towel, almost certainly with a nice tent from a healthy semi as the wet patch grows. Mmmm, lovely fantasy, I wonder if it will ever happen.
  14. Sexismygod


    Fold-out beds are an oft-missed opportunity. You get to piss the bed ... then fold it away and out of sight. Just your dirty little secret. It would love to spend a night pissing and fucking on the fold-away bed, then tuck it away and use the main bed for a little sleep, time permitting of course.
  15. 20. Angela, of course, was the obligatory redhead. Every night out needs a redhead.