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    Female, bisexual
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    Health care worker (supervisor) + stripper
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    I work in healthcare, as a supervisor, also I love to dance and was a stage stripper till recently, now I’m teaching =}
    I can do the splits, and In good shape! I have a pee fetish (wetting) and lingerie, naughty combo, im also blonde and typically in skirts these days

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    The way it makes your clothes wet, the naughty adventures it can lead to, pressure build up, peesplosion all over my poor clothes as I desperately “attempt” to regain control by making it that more obvious
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    “I was facing the wall with my back away from the door way and I was removing some decor and I felt myself being pressed up against the wall and a hand ran thru my hair then grabbed my ass really hard, and held, it was my bf and he decided to give me two hickies for each side of my lower neck, and I was daring and peed, it rolled down my legs some and caused a semi visible pee streak“

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  1. It’s been awhile 

    1. gap


      Yes it has welcome back 

  2. Ivy1989

    Ask away

    Why does your profile cartoon pic have a guy with a tiny cock?
  3. Wetlook is fun especially if the wet look was from actually wetting, which I’m guilty of a lot 🤫
  4. I love medieval but never occurred about combining the fetish, my insights are more open and diverse really well done
  5. Sure if this particular forum was advertised in personals I’m sure ppl would be a little curious especially ones with the fetish
  6. Just play rock music, it's filled with sexual energy and spells
  7. March 16th 2018 He initially went up to me and put his arms around me kissing my neck , telling me he wants to be bad if it’s okay, he wanted to try rough play, if I was up to it, was very lusrful in his voice, it was kinda hot, I told him he can guide me and we can do a good practice if he wanted to play too, he even asked (shyly) if I’d wear certain things lol I told him I’m gonna drink coffee and water and to pick out my wardrobe, no limitations =} He picked out a blue satin gstring with a black Lacey bra, natural colour nylon pantyhose, black button top, red school girl skirt, I told him I’ll go change and then he said as he grabbed my arm gently, bring a full bladder =O!!!! But to wait closer to tbt end, to release the contents, I got dressed in what he wanted , he asked if I could put my hair up a bit in , I shrugged and did my best, he asked me to put on a selected dress shoe and he opened the door and went silent for about 3 minutes?? I heard knocking so I went to see what he was up too and he covered me mouth and whispered to me to struggle , so I did , I even tried using my feet And legs, against the door way to br picked up and tossed onto the bed with him getting on top being so forceful, I was really excited and wanted to get into character =} I put my arms up only for him to over power mrband omg he never told me about shirt ripping!! He tore my shirt opened so I let some pee out , as I struggled, he was a little rough with my chest then he flipped me on my stomach and laid on top rubbing my pussy thru my clothes making me pee a little more, then and he rolled us about so he can cover my mouth with his free er hand, (I was so turned on I wanted anything if I could cum lol) his hand was up my skirt and down my nylons and he told me to be a good girl! Lol I nodded and acted afraid for him and he moved me to thr table and bent me over! He was rubbing his hands over my body telling me sometimes when he lusts so bad like right now he wants what he knows he can’t have, I asked him what and he said my butt looks extremely inviting =O!!!! But we can pretend, (I was thinking pretending how??) He ripped my nylons from tbt back and got me to spread my legs and lifted and angled my butt and he went into my pussy and god!! I nestle swooned lol it was so big I was so tight, I can pretend he’s doing my butt so I fake cried as he ravaged me!! He was so commanding and forceful, I didn’t know he had this in him I LOVED it!! He put my head into the bed to “scream” especially when I came so hard I came and peed a little lol then he pulled out and I for a second i thought why? Then I felt it on my ass and waste, he Jizzed on me , ew lol but he wasn’t done!! He Lifted my skirt and told me I was a naughty school girl by wearing seductive lingerie then he forced me to crouch as he waved his giant cock in my face and got me to suck till he came again as I peed myself , I almost gagged he came a lot he held my Head till he finished and till I swallowed, I fell on the bed and was in a sex coma, though I had peed myself he made me cum orally, it was hot and amazing, never the less, he tried to apologize for being all bit rough, I told him he can go as rough with me as he wants <3 He cuddled and even apologized about my shirt, I told him as long as my lingerie is spared I’m good, we cuddled and he was touching me and my wet parts of my clothes, b4 our shower, lord knows I wanted his jizz off my back he told me he wanted to to rip off my pantyhose and to even rip a skirt, I told him we can go to the store and pick me up a designated set, anything goes , and we finally got into the shower and he was a little stiffy so I was gently cleaning his man tool and I told him if he can cum a 3rd time I’ll suck him or he can pretend to use my ass again ( haha ) but no cumming for him, good lol I was sore and kinda wanted the taste of his .load outta my mouth, then we went to bed =}
  8. I'm not cold i just wasn't sure how appropriate it would be on a pee site lol
  9. So I like to mix in wetting and sex but what is it acceptable level of sexual content? Should I try to skip the sex and focus on the wetting if all possible?
  10. The chair didn’t yesterday, it was used well, I’m still sore a bit , I was so wet, he was like the thickest ever it gutted but omg it was still amazing, I took him a while to cum which was nice after I came he kept going almost making me cum again, after he blew his load and peed again lol I brought him to tbt shower and shoved his head down to please me, don’t tease me =|
  11. Mid February 2018 It was on a Saturday night, my husband took me out on a nice date, a nice enough place where I wore a Dark purple satin dress, with a matching Vstring and bra and black nylon pantyhose, he took me out, we went dancing, he was so romantic, it was a turn on for me and it was awhile since I was naughty last, We got back to our place and it was dark, no one was outside, he put his arms around me and nuzzled his nose into the back of my neck, I could feel that he wanted to do much more, He fondled my chest outta know where and began to rub my private area, “Pee for me Ivy” he whispered, he was teasing and tormenting me, I sighed “oh mister..” and allowed myself to pee slowly as he rubbed me, My breathing was getting harder, but it wasn’t the only thing I noticed getting harder lol, I could feel he wanted to get a little aggressive as he teased me, I remember he stopped and escorted me inside where I suddenly heard a crashing sound lol, he cleared the table literally, shoved everything off and picked me up where my legs met around his upper body, he placed me on the table and really showed me how eager he was, he tore my nylons and almost my gstring just to get inside, it was a very hot night of passion, one experience I wouldn’t mind repeating <3
  12. I took a shower with the hubby and peed in the shower and it was hitting his foot he decided since we were in the shower to pee on my leg 😢

    men with penises think they can aim so much better 😭

    1. Ivy1989


      I’m kinda curious about golden showers especially when I get really really horny, maybe in the shower as it runs I’ll ask him to ?? Only in the shower it self, I’m curious, I dunno if I’d enjoy it or hate it, what if some gets in my mouth?? Bla

  13. gotta love music, the back masking and spiritual energies, and all that stuff that follows, Anyways!

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