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    Female, bisexual
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    Health care worker (supervisor) + stripper
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    I work in healthcare, as a supervisor, also I love to dance and was a stage stripper till recently, now I’m teaching =}
    I can do the splits, and In good shape! I have a pee fetish (wetting) and lingerie, naughty combo, im also blonde and typically in skirts these days

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    The way it makes your clothes wet, the naughty adventures it can lead to, pressure build up, peesplosion all over my poor clothes as I desperately “attempt” to regain control by making it that more obvious
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    “I was facing the wall with my back away from the door way and I was removing some decor and I felt myself being pressed up against the wall and a hand ran thru my hair then grabbed my ass really hard, and held, it was my bf and he decided to give me two hickies for each side of my lower neck, and I was daring and peed, it rolled down my legs some and caused a semi visible pee streak“

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  1. Why does your profile cartoon pic have a guy with a tiny cock?
  2. I love medieval but never occurred about combining the fetish, my insights are more open and diverse really well done
  3. Sure if this particular forum was advertised in personals I’m sure ppl would be a little curious especially ones with the fetish
  4. Just play rock music, it's filled with sexual energy and spells
  5. March 16th 2018 He initially went up to me and put his arms around me kissing my neck , telling me he wants to be bad if it’s okay, he wanted to try rough play, if I was up to it, was very lusrful in his voice, it was kinda hot, I told him he can guide me and we can do a good practice if he wanted to play too, he even asked (shyly) if I’d wear certain things lol I told him I’m gonna drink coffee and water and to pick out my wardrobe, no limitations =} He picked out a blue satin gstring with a black Lacey bra, natural colour nylon pantyhose, black button top, red school
  6. I'm not cold i just wasn't sure how appropriate it would be on a pee site lol
  7. So I like to mix in wetting and sex but what is it acceptable level of sexual content? Should I try to skip the sex and focus on the wetting if all possible?
  8. The chair didn’t yesterday, it was used well, I’m still sore a bit , I was so wet, he was like the thickest ever it gutted but omg it was still amazing, I took him a while to cum which was nice after I came he kept going almost making me cum again, after he blew his load and peed again lol I brought him to tbt shower and shoved his head down to please me, don’t tease me =|
  9. Mid February 2018 It was on a Saturday night, my husband took me out on a nice date, a nice enough place where I wore a Dark purple satin dress, with a matching Vstring and bra and black nylon pantyhose, he took me out, we went dancing, he was so romantic, it was a turn on for me and it was awhile since I was naughty last, We got back to our place and it was dark, no one was outside, he put his arms around me and nuzzled his nose into the back of my neck, I could feel that he wanted to do much more, He fondled my chest outta know where and began to rub my
  10. gotta love music, the back masking and spiritual energies, and all that stuff that follows, Anyways!
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