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    Female, bisexual
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    Health care worker (supervisor) + stripper
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    Toronto until recently
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    I work in healthcare, as a supervisor, also I love to dance and was a stage stripper till recently, now I’m teaching =}
    I can do the splits, and In good shape! I have a pee fetish (wetting) and lingerie, naughty combo, im also brunette and typically in skirts these days

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    The way it makes your clothes wet, the naughty adventures it can lead to, pressure build up, peesplosion all over my poor clothes as I desperately “attempt” to regain control by making it that more obvious
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    “I was facing the wall with my back away from the door way and I was removing some decor and I felt myself being pressed up against the wall and a hand ran thru my hair then grabbed my ass really hard, and held, it was my bf and he decided to give me two hickies for each side of my lower neck, and I was daring and peed, it rolled down my legs some and caused a semi visible pee streak“

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  1. Years ago, cherry and I (cherry from this forum lol) went to a mall, holding hands peeing as we walked, she wore pants of all things lol,I wore a skirt, I'm shy
  2. Not the worst that happened lol, but not by me lol, I got a tiny bit of class, lol
  3. When you pee b4 you enter the pool and ppl see that..lol
  4. Got caught once at a star bucks, definitely at Walmart...mall...the pool lol, so many other places too rofl
  5. Ivy1989

    A thought

    Yep, plus my best friend is getting married in the summer, can't say I didn't at least try lol Obv If some of my boudoir pix I made for hubbys calender that I sent her and one of me in the nude wasn't enough lol, I know when to quit lol
  6. Ivy1989

    A thought

    I'll stick with dick lol
  7. Ivy1989

    A thought

    Hubby is good and amazing and he puts up with my crazy antics lol
  8. Sunday afternoon, after church, my hubby decided to take me on a drive. We went to Tim Hortons for coffee via drive thru and he was taking me maybe 30min away. It's still a bit chilly here, we had +5 Celsius though, but the wind chill made it feel colder. So he takes me by a place called midway and we went on a side road close to private property. Trees and snow for the most part, the temperature there was +1 Celsius. It was beautiful, then he placed our emergency blanket on the hood, bent me over and took me, he grabbed my chest and I arched back and kissed. I was so turned on by the spontane
  9. Ivy1989

    A thought

    Is it okay, or normal to love my husband where I'd give everything for, but also to love a woman as well like that? I'm bi, she's straight, hubbys straight. Is it bad that I would even think of leaving him for her ? Just a thought in the back of my head. If it's a guarantee and I could choose, no hurt feelings, I'd be split down the middle, lol. Any thoughts?
  10. Hey, welcome. Hopefully you find like minded people with your kinks:)
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