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    straight male but can be curious at times
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    Easy going guy

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    self pee and pissing with other female amd male
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    Peeing in the woods naked and being seen.

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  1. tompee

    Yellow piss

    All fantastic piss pics
  2. tompee


    Go for it Mark.. We would all love to see.you
  3. tompee

    Crystal-Clear Piss

    Drench Like you I prefer clear pee if pissing over myself and if people pisd on me.. Less bitter tasting
  4. tompee


    I might have to join you Drench...and post pic
  5. tompee

    panty pee

    Yep good bit of pissing there
  6. tompee


    Great self pee pics
  7. Great pics.. Love self pissing too
  8. Nothing better thàn a shot of your own piss
  9. tompee

    peeguy peeing

    Love the pics peeguy. Great cock and piss shots
  10. tompee

    I got an idea

    Wonder his much piss it would take to fully soak shavings....few more cock's required...
  11. tompee

    Cup piss

    Great pics all
  12. Also nice feeling if you rub cock against wall peeing..done that on a building being built...
  13. tompee

    Drenching a Towel

    Good stream. Nothing better than just letting it go
  14. tompee

    Very unique way of using my piss fetish

    Must have another soon.
  15. tompee

    b2939's Picture Collection

    Thanks Dr P..You like same things then??