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  1. Went to Cardiff for a couple of days with my wife to celebrate our wedding anniversary last week. We decided to eat at a steakhouse that was recommended by a co-worker. The urinals in there were illuminated, and cycled through different colours as you used them. Though that was pretty cool.
  2. A bloke I used to work with made our manager his first coffee of the day, and everyday he would piss in his cup to about 1/3rd full and then fill with coffee. This went on for years. When we heard he was retiring he stopped pissing in his cup. On our managers last shift he looked up after taking a sip from his cup and said "I don't know what coffee we've changed to, but it isn't the same......" But to answer Chrissy's question, definitely piss in his chair, stand up, and give a big f-you as you strut out of his office.
  3. That's the ultimate question.....are we supposed to take it easy, or take it to the limit....
  4. Been in my head all day after my wife said she was putting the washing machine on "the long cycle"
  5. Woke up with this in my head this morning.
  6. At work we have a unisex toilet located right next to the stock room. We recently had a new girl start, and she certainly doesn't try to be quiet. Can hear her pee so clearly!
  7. Clapton's guitar tone is fantastic on this song. Been going round my head for days.
  8. REBob


    Typically 18 for me, 20 in the summer
  9. I feel honoured to be one of the collective to have egged you on, and praised you afterwards! May it be the first of many!
  10. Listening to the whole Rubber Soul album, but this song shouts out at me.
  11. I've been pegged a couple of times by my wife. Using a strapless strap on like this - https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/strap-ons/strapless-strap-ons/p/lovehoney-posable-strapless-strap-on/a44358g79965.html Needs a lot of lube and plenty of time at first, and tried a few positions until we found that me on all fours with head down ass up worked the best. But I can honestly say if was the biggest orgasm of my life!
  12. I pretty much only use incognito mode on my phone, so don't have to worry about deleting history.
  13. Every time I go to the seaside (which is three times a year max) I have a pee in the sea through my swimming trunks. However if I'm at the swimming pool, I'd rather piss in the communal showers afterwards.
  14. Welcome! Wonderful story, thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more in the future.
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