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    New to pee , Am working out what i like , Enjoy most aspects of pee

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    naughty peeing, wetting ,Pantypeeing
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    Peeing over myself and feeling the warmth

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  1. Perfect pairing of panties ,bra . And your magnificent body !!!
  2. Reading both comments above has me thinking how exciting this could be ..
  3. timeexx


    Very sexy upskirt !!! Love you taking your panties off in such a public spot !!!!
  4. Here is my contribution
  5. Any suggestions for some outdoor peeshots? I need some ideas for new pics .
  6. I always vote for panties , White bikini style are nice
  7. Maybe a plunge pool? Either way it felt nice ..
  8. I held as long as i could , Love the little spurts that happen ..
  9. Felt a bit naughty (Again) Needed a pee.Again
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